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Welcome to WWAY’s 3 Degree Guarantee!
We pride ourselves on bringing you the most accurate forecasts in the area, which is why our weather team is putting our forecasts to the test with the launch of the 3 Degree Guarantee.

Here’s how it works. Every weeknight, during the 11pm newscast, Stormtrack 3 Chief Meteorologist Lee Haywood predicts the next day’s high temperature for our area. The following night at 11, we’ll find out whether we were within 3 degrees of the predicted temperature.

Our goal is to always be within 3 degrees of that temperature. Every night we get it right, Mattress Furniture Liquidators will donate $20 to a chosen non-profit in our area.

Again, the more times we’re right, the more money we raise!

Each week, we’ll update this webpage to show how accurate we were and how much money we’ve raised. So don’t forget, tune in weeknights at 11pm for WWAY’s 3 Degree Guarantee!

If you have a suggestion for a local Cape Fear non-profit or charity you’d like to see featured for a month, send an email to LHaywood@wwaytv3.com.

3 Degree is brought to you by:

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