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Former Brunswick Sheriff Sentenced

READ MORE: Hewett sentenced

Former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett is going to prison.

Saying he betrayed a precious trust, a federal judge in Raleigh gave Ron Hewett 16 months behind bars on three counts of obstruction of justice, while also hitting him with a heavy fine.

Judge Earl Britt began Hewett's sentencing by saying it was a tragic day for Brunswick County and the state of North Carolina. He said he has seen far too many public officials facing jail time.

It has been a long road for the former sheriff. After being named the youngest sheriff in the state when he started serving at age 31, some supporters say he did all the right things for Brunswick County.

Frank Hewett, Ron’s cousin, felt that Ron did better that just good.

"Ron Hewett has been the best sheriff Brunswick County has ever had," he said.

After pleading guilty to three counts of obstructing justice, Ron Hewett received his sentence: 16 months in federal prison, a $10,000 fine and two years supervised probation after his release.

Leland resident George Cooper said that is not enough.

"I'm here today to see him get sentenced," Cooper said. "I was hoping he would get about 10 years, but it didn't happen that way. I was shocked."

Cooper said Hewett and other deputies shot him seven times last May. He came to the federal courthouse in Raleigh to see the sentencing for himself.

While some like Cooper think Hewett is a corrupt man, in the eyes of his family and friends who surrounded him on this fateful day, he was a good man.

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Love to be a fly on the wall

Love to be a fly on the wall in his prison cell when his cell mate ask...."What are you in for...sweetie?"

another good ole boy gone bad

to the one that thinks people are just putting rumors on here on what has been going on saturday night at, brunswick county jail.well you should look at captain kevins comment page and maybe you might learn more.

My two cents

Ok, 16 months active in federal prison for obstruction. Whether you like it, dont like it, dont care, deal with it. That's what sentencing laws are for. What most people fail to realize is this was a plea agreement. I am sure some people here understand and can also explain what "housecleaning" is when it comes to a court docket. Instead of spending thousands of dollars in tax payers money for a lengthy trial that will end in a guilty verdict, the defendant is offered a plea to get it off the calendar. He pleas to charges, he is sentenced. Its over. It saves money. I dont agree with it. It happens. Whatever else he was going to be charged with goes away. Case closed. That's the real "criminal justice system" folks. None of us like it but that's the way it goes. Now, I see people commenting on how "wonderful" ron is and how great of a sheriff he was. Let me put this nicely. You never worked for him. PERIOD!! Yes I worked there. I loved it initially and then I got to see what he was really like. My first Sgt gave me some advice when I started that helped me along. I did my job, kept my eyes open and mouth shut. I saw people get the shaft for absolutely no reason. One officer was called and fired over the phone while on vacation, just after the birth of a child because someone complained on him. Another officer was contacted just prior to coming to work and transferred to another division without any notice. When asked why they were being transferred, the response was "we dont have to tell you that." Ron is great. Sure. That office is filled actions just like that at the hands of ron hewett. I left because I lost respect for the man. I saw him for what he was. I had a gentleman just tonight come up to me and thank me and another officer for just being out here in a thankless job and doing what we do. Maybe some of you should do that next time you see a deputy. Just say thank you for hanging around and being strong enough to tolerate all the BS that took place and having faith that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Thank for being there! I think that was 3 cents worth.

To Fozbot 98

I agree with your commentary 100% So much so I believe it is worth repeating, we should take the time to thank our upstanding officers of the law, State, County, or City for an outstanding job. Few seem to understand there is no such thing as a routine call and an officers life may be on the line or snuffed out at any given moment. Dirty cops should be removed from the ranks of the decent. After all, those dirty cops bring a pall over all that live by the oath of their duty. It only makes a decent officers life harder to have them within the ranks. The discovery, prosecution, and conviction of Hewett was just one more step in policing the police and shoring up their ranks. In this case, the system has worked. I would like to ask you, if an officer used or was using a patrol vehicle for personal and/or family business would that not be wrong? Would the use of gas plus the mileage, wear and tear on the vehicle for non-town and non-work related purposes not be steeling? Would there be any real difference in an officer using $5 worth of gas for personal use or taking $5 out of the petty cash drawer? There still exists today at least one in the area that is or has been guilty of steeling if you believe the answers to the above are yes. If any officer has knowledge of this or, as far as that goes, any town official, should that officer(s) or official(s) not come forward? I can only hope that one does. Lastly, to you and your comrades in law enforcement. Thank you for your diligence in an often thankless job. Thank you for being that "thin blue line" between the public and the lawbreakers. Thank you for keeping both your eyes and mouth open.

Another one

Just another criminal in a cop costume. What's really funny is the quote... "Ron Hewett has been the best sheriff Brunswick County has ever had." That may be true. LOL.

Soon to be Puppies!

I bet after 16 months with "the boys" those "basset hounds" at home are sure going to look like "Puppies" when Ron gets back! Yoweeeeeeeeeee!

when ron gets back?????? are

when ron gets back?????? are you speaking of getting back to the sheriff's department? do you honestly believe that there are enough idiots in brunswick county to vote a convicted felon back into public office???? i think when he gets released from prison, he'll take up his "marbles" and move off to a land far, far away. hopefully to another galaxy. he's an embarassment to the people of brunswick county, especially his supporters. i'll give him enough credit to say that i'm sure he realizes that fact.

Ron Hewett

Why not, Rex Gore has a job!

No Stupid!

No, I do not mean when he gets back in as Sheriff! A convicted felon can not hold that office. Duh! I mean when he gets back home! The "bassets" at home will be welcome "puppies" after 16 months of, the "boys club".


that right gore has not been convicted yet...but the day is still's coming.

16 months????? what a joke!

16 months????? what a joke! a public official gets a slap on the wrist. the courts should have made an example of him. alot of foolish people still carry a torch for old ronald. he may have done some good for the county, but all of that is blemished and overshadowed by his stupidity and greed. those who are lamenting his shameful misconduct should take a look at how the department is being run now. deputies are actually doing what deputies should do. the administration is less of a dictatorship. there are no shrines to the new sheriff adorning the walls of the sheriff's department.

What a joke? You said a

What a joke? You said a mouthful then. Most especially with what happened Saturday night at the "Sheriff's office" Once it all hits the news lets see then how great everything is being run now and what you have to say. Less of a dictatorship???? I don't think so!

you don't know what you are talking about

You think things are going great at the sheriff's department.Well before you tell things you don't know about. Wait till what has been going on up there this week hits the news.Boy you will feel like an idiot.There is still curruption up there by some of those GOOD OLE BOYS'..Just wait it is gonna hit the news stations.

i will never feel like an

i will never feel like an idiot for expressing my opinion. it's simply MY OPINION. why do i have to wait for the news? why don't you just "bring it"? apparently, you're waiting for confirmation to rumor and innuendo started by the sorry hewett supporters who just can't let go.


was phil norris at hewetts sentencing as a pastor or a commisioner?? heres the answer...I was at the federal courthouse and heard norris say "it's a injustice", so does that mean he agrees with the laws hewett broke? hey phil, what about the people he treated like dirt? and took their jobs away, when some did nothing at all, except for not collecting enough money... or missing a function..explain that... sounds to me that norris is for does that mean he doesn't practice what he preaches....norris, bill sue and marty lawing need to go....

Ronald Hewett saved

Ronald Hewett saved Brunswick Co. You people that are saying bad things about him don't know him and probably aren't local. Get a life and find something better to do. More than likely he put away someone you know and that's why you are bitter.



No..... most locals thought

No..... most locals thought he was a joke.


What boring reading. The Sheriff messed up and was charged accordingly. And now we bring God and bad grammar into the picture. What in the world is Brunswick County comming to. Lets all attempt to get along and try to make this place better. Do you part and help clean up a community or help someone in need. Maby volunteer your services with the Sheriffs office. Find something better to do than post your opinions of Ronald Hewett and checking grammar. We all have gotten the point.

Which one are you?

Nice to have such a well educated person respond on this blog. Which Hewett are you? Another cousin maybe?



I did not live in Leland,

I did not live in Leland, but I will say this My Hat Off To You Hewitt. You cleaned up Leland!!! I am from Wilmington and Leland was a place you would not go if you did not live there. You made alot of changes for the good. Everyone makes mistakes. But for the most you were Productive. They should have been glad to clean up or do anything becuase you cant catch anyone sitting at home, sleeping with everybodies wife and eating. So you may as well have went to work. I hope that you come out and run again...


Ron Hewett did not clean up Leland. LAPD did that. Ron Hewett did not come north of Mill Creek unless it was a political function or a TV camera was on. Any cleaning up that did take place outside the Leland city limits was done by patrol officers, detectives and vice officers. They did the work and he took the credit. Also, he cant run again because he is convicted felon and felons cannot be law enforcement officers in NC.

Did you know?

Did you know that in most cases the human brain can read and decipher words if the vowels are in the correct positions, regardless of what position the other letters hold. Most of the people that post here really just would like their opinions to be heard and are not looking to be deminished and degraded by some English professor wannabes. The worst part of it is that most of you that have commented on others posts concerning there spelling or word use have had some typographical or grammatical errors in your corrections. Get a life. If you are going to further post, please stay on topic. Adn htast all I vahe to yas atoub htat.

Did you know?

LOL! That last sentence was hilarious!


good one. lol

Ron Hewitt

Wow Jerry Springer! Or is this rant @ raves on craigs list? Very interesting.

non bone digger or closet searcher for skeletons

people be prepared that just goes to show when you get elected or work as a high official for the tax payers , dont even think about j walking .

bada bing

What ya gonna do. I thought we had a great Sheriff. Looked good on TV. Sounded good on radio. He made mistakes, and he's going to do his time. But the Department on the whole is a fine department. The Brunswick County officers have always appeared to be professionals of the highest caliber. The Leland police are friendly and efficient. It's a crappy job, but service to the community is their reward. We're lucky enough to have these men and women out there dealing with people we wouldn't want to have any contact with. They do it knowing that in an instant it could be gone. His life, wife and children lives destroyed so quickly. On a dark highway, middle of the night these people put it all on the line for us. And they do it for peanuts compared to other professions salaries. These officers deserve whatever we can give them to make the job easier and give them the edge they need to go home safely at night. Actually, I believe there should be two officers patrolling in one cruiser. If you've seen COPS you know how violent some of the offenders are. We in Brunswick County would gladly pay for more officers, there are other areas to cut and trim in the county budget where it would not be missed and the priority wouldn't even come close to the protection afforded by our Deputy's and Police Officers. We have to make it right by them, and in doing so we're making it right for us. Business, property owners, students, retirees and seniors. Restaurants, convenience stores, could help fund raise for the departments to acquire whatever tools, technology, or tactics to help us defeat crime in our areas. Judge Earl Britt began by saying "he has seen far too many public officials facing jail time". It's a shame they have to be elected. I understand why, but when we turn people into politicians, it messes up even the nicest people. When it comes to politicians, Sooner or later they're all crooks. Choose your flavor When it comes to voting for Sheriff, But always stand with your Law Enforcement Officers, they're standing next to you. Remember, IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND THE ONE EYED MAN IS KING

Let God Be the Judge

It's really nice for everyone to add their two cents but Ronald's wrong doings are between him and his God. Some of those people who claimed to be his friend have not been perfect either. You know who you are! There may be people commenting on your article one day. I support his family and him in this process. We all need to acknowledge that people do change and can be humble. I guess the other lesson in this is that people may not be able to trust who their friends are. It is sad that in a world like we live in today that there has to be back stabbing and people trying to start trouble. Ronald is a good person, maybe he has made mistakes but I have not meet a person yet who has been perfect. The next time you get a speeding ticket, remember not to go to a friend for help because you would be expecting to be helped out of something. It might be interferring with the law!