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Ron Hewett to enter plea Monday


A week after learning his sentence on federal charges, former Brunswick County Sheriff, Ron Hewett, will be back in court. Monday, Hewett will enter a plea in a Brunswick County court on state charges of obstruction of justice and embezzlement. The former sheriff was the subject of a state investigation involving alleged sexual harassment of female officers, showing up drunk at crime scenes, and interfering with investigations involving his own relatives. Earlier this week, Hewett was sentenced to 16 months in prison, two years probation and $10,000 in fines on a federal felony count of obstruction of justice.

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Just curious! With

Just curious! With everything going on with the former Sheriff Hewett why hasn't any other news source than the sun news reported about Captain Holden being suspended for doing the same things that he accused the former Sheriff for? Reporting to work drunk, cursing employees, and something about him pulling a gun on an employee? Inquiring minds want to know. The people of Brunswick County deserves to know!

Just too funny.

Have to laugh. Or cry. So much thought provoking wisdom I could post here but I will sum it all up with one nonsensical word: Heeeeee-Haaaaaaw!


If Rex Gore even attemps to dismiss these charges I will personally call the NC DA and file a law suit. This is bull, Hewett, like Gore is nothing more then a are the men who turned in Hewett. This new sheriff needs to step up to the plate and get rid of the good old boys at the County Complex

Oath of office

I don't live in your community, but my family does. I don't know the people involved in this story or the incidents that brought it about so I will not comment directly to that. All law enforcement officers, no matter what agency, no matter whether they are local, state or federal take an oath of office. In that oath, we pledge to protect the Constitution of the United States and in the case of state and local officers, our own states constitution. We also pledge to serve our whole communities honorably and faithfully to the best of our ability. To fail to do so brings disrespect no only on yourself, but the fellow officers you serve with, who risk their lives everyday fulfilling that oath, officers who have served before you and have given their blood, sweat, tears and sometime lives in faithfulness to that oath and the officers that will follow you who must overcome your shortcomings and disrespect. To fail in this oath while serving to the best of your ability is honorable. To fail in this oath through willfull act or failure to take action is unacceptable. No excuses, not even "kin" can correct that. If you can't fulfill the oath, don't take the job.

To Out of Stat Cop

Thank you. It can not be said better or simpler. In a couple months people will be listening to a person take to oath of President of the United States. With the exception of the job title, it is the exact same oath that ever LEO takes in this state, word for word. That oath is a pledge on the bible to the country and to God. People need to listen to that oath. More importantly those that take that oath should live by it. Ron Hewett broke that oath. End of story. The "Thin Blue Line" is storng because of honest cops like you!


16 month huh if it was me i would have gotten 20 years. Now more charges this is a joke..Why even bother when they will slap him on the hands and say dont do that no more ok.. Yes maybe he did do good for brunswick county but he still did a CRIME... But once again just like some DETECTIVE in LELAND i know that has alittle cover ups and things but yet again nothing will ever be done with him because of his daddy.. We need to stop hiring peopel because of who they know and hire people that have the exp. and the education..... Sorry got carried away..

"I won't tell on you Rex!'

Ha, ha, I wonder if part of the "plea" agreement is, I won't tell on you Rex Gore! Now that Brunswick has cleansed itself of Hewett it is time to do the same with Gore. Are we ready for some more cleansing?

The Sun Newspaper

I read in the Sun Newspaper,where Kevin Holden was out on leave because he came to work drunk. Hummmm...I guess it's now time for me to say, Whoppie. It was only a matter of time. I knew that he would have his day soon. Hope he wasn't going to testify in court Monday. I personally don't think he would a good character witness. All the back stabbing he did. Boy, how does it feel Kevin?


Did you not listen to all of the audio tape evidence??? You need to, you will learn that the most damaging info was from his "right hand man", Mr. lt. Gene Allen Caison. there were FIVE TAPES OF MR. CAISON GETTING HIS GOODS. Gene Allen Caison------------- 5 tapes. Keivn Holden --------------- 2 tapes. Furthermore, Mr. gene allen caison drinks and is known to be a drinker, right along with the rest of the "GOOD OLE BOYS". Wonder if Holden was given a breathalyzer test, or just maybe he had been drinking the night before and it was the night before alcohol breath, or do you not know anything about that??????????? MAYBE THE ALCOHOL IS TO CALM THE STRESS OF ALL THAT HAS TRANSPIRED IN THE BRUNSWICK COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPT.

What a Joke this is.....

What a huge joke this is; Ronald goes to court on Monday for other charges here in Brunswick County; excuse me if I am wrong but how many times have we people of Brunswick County opened the newspaper (Brunswick Beacon) and seen all the cases for that week in court that the charges are so serious and should serve jail time; such as DWI's, Possession,etc. and something like what Ronald Hewett is facing and then it says; Case dismissed. Excuse me what a huge WASTE of our tax dollars.....Or they get unsupervised probabtion; oh yeah that really does a lot! GREAT job Rex Gore; you are such a winner!

Ronald is the Joke!

Ronald is the Joke! But it ain't funny! But, there are many more jokes in Brunswick County. Cousin Frank and all the other "but he was the best sheriff ever" clan. They are nothing more than jokes and I have to admit, reading their remarks is kind of funny! Stupidly sad but stupidly funny at the same time.

just shut up.

every one keeps forgetting that this was his 2nd term. so he must have been doing something right. every one voted for him. and personaly i liked Ron. he did his best to be a good cop. but when you got your kin to think of. well blood is thicker than water. and belive me they all do it. show kin favortizem. look around blind man. all in all ron was a good man. but like every one else he is human. like i said before he who is born with out sin let him cast the first stone. he has never been in trouble with the law before untill now. cut him some slack.I hope they do drop the charges. at least let them run with the time he allready has. the man has no real job skills other then being a cop. now he has to start all over. I think that bad enough.

Lived in Brunswick County

Lived in Brunswick County all my life, yes...feel sorry for me...I voted for Ronald the first time, but didn't after that...."Blood" is thicker than water"..? mmmm...didn't know the law was that way...Hoping "if" my "kin" gets into trouble, they will be ok.....since Ronald's "kin" is above the law......Not without sin here, so throwing no stones........rme...

Does that include "out of wedlock too"?

When you want to forgive him for taking up for "kin", are you speaking of the in wedlock kin or the out of wedlock kin too? And, would this be all races or just white?

shut up

look your crazy. I can see that. im not saying Ron should not pay for his wrong doing. just not the way the law is going abought it. he wanted to put all the cops to work on our dime. and for that he is going to daddy day camp. when you could keep him home and let him work for us. with out pay. look ive been to prison, back in 1980 min. coust. it was like a day camp. all it lacked was a woman. if they would have allowed me a woman i would have stayed for ever. hot showers, great cooks, serving great food,all the white or choc. milk you could ever drink. free tobaco. lots of people to talk to. and to play games with.trips to the movies, trips to the pool.ect.and where he is going is way more lax than that.unless you go to a felon camp. prison is a joke. and fed is even more lax. he will get to visit his wife every week to have fun. and if he does go in as a felon. hell probly get houner grade right from the start.wy do you think that their are so many repeat offenders in the usa? wake up.

Spelling, grammar, punctuation...

All missing from the posts in support of this convicted criminal. So here we go. 1st; Not "everyone" voted for him, very few of the eligible voters voted for him. 2nd; Who are the "they" that "all do it"? do you mean bad people? Next; It was actually Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John chapter 8 who said: "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone...". Also; since Adam & Eve, no one has been born "without" sin except Jesus. And lastly, my favorite; "the man has no real job skills other then being a cop". It seems like he kinda muffed that up too. Now you know.

spelling, grammar ect...

I know that im not the best speller but im not stupid.all these non vilont people you send to prison. all it does is take money out of our pockets. i say keep them home and at work. if they cant find a job. find one for them. make them give up 4 hours a day for us and six hours for their self. that way they dont get on welfare. and we pay less taxes. and they pay for their crimes. its win win for every one. ya i say just fine the heck out of them. let them work 4 hours a day for the people to pay the fines off. when they no longer get to go to daddy day camp. the crime rate will lower. especialy drug dealers. they hate working wy you think they sale drugs in the first place? no need for misterminer camps or houner grade. just put their butts to work. that will break the cycle.

kool2handle... Ron did a

kool2handle... Ron did a good job, for a while, and then the power got to his head. Excuses like, everyone does it don't cut it. Also, what is this comment about, "He who is without sin cast the first stone?" by that logic no one on this earth should ever be held accountable for anything they do. By that logic bin Laden could never be brought to trial. Stop using quotes from the Bible to defend Ron Hewett. It sounds like in the end of his term Hewett couldn't have been living a life any farther from the Bible's message if he tried.

you look in the little box like every one else...

You sir just dont understand. prison is going to be like a day camp to Ron. he will just lay around and get fat on our tax dollars. It would be far worse for him to be out. faceing all the folks that look down on him. doing services for his people. washing cop cars, fire trucks, scrubing buildings, painting for the people. not allowed to move from brunswick county for 4 years.and to do services for the people for 4 years. that way he helps the people. mabe he can redeam him self. he has no hope for redimtion in prison. we are so fast to lock people up in this country. I can understand rape murder killer, but all non vilent we should let them stay home to pay their bills so they dont loose there home. let them go to school or work. but also let them work at least 4 hous a day for the people.that will save our tax dollars. and save us money ...

Guilty again, out of his own mouth!

"Monday, Hewett will enter a plea in a Brunswick County court on state charges of obstruction of justice and embezzlement." Now folks, there are 100 counties in NC. And the fact is one or two have former sheriff's either serving time or have served time. The most recent I can think of was up in Davidson County. Another ego maniac, former SHERIFF GERALD HEGE (a republican for those of you that would claim I am playing partisan politics) and now our Democrat, Ronald Hewwett. You know this blog is going to fill up with the blind faithfull's that will say, "Ron was the greatest sheriff ever". Well he and his ego partner from the right can share stories while the other 98 do the business of law enforcement! Justice has been served. One more dirty cop off the streets. Good for the Cops, good for the citizens, and good for the streets. And never forget it will be Hewett himself that faces the court and out of his outh comes the words, "Guitly, your Honor!"

Pepto Bismol May Help

Judging from your bitter and direct disgust for anyone with a point different from yours I would imagine you are somewhere between despair and neglect for attention!! When it came to Ronald you have and are right, others of us have and will be disappointed in Mr., Hewett but, please take your attitude and Gloating and find another hole to stink up. We are really sick of you being right. it’s sort of like eating apples you may love them at first but eat to many and they leave you with a little stomach ache. So take your literary victories, sobering inclusive digestive and spherical conclusions and shove them up your righteous apple pie hole. We will be weltering with our disappointments. Almost makes us all wish he could be innocent just to shut you up…

Hey Southern Born!

Are you not the pee pee whiny boy that started up the failed "save our sheriff Hewett" or what ever it was called web site? It must not have done to well cause I don't see you telling us all about how much support you got! ROFLAMO One last question, was that you playing banjo on the porch in the movie "Deliverance"?


Yes it was me playing the banjo, that way i could stay on the front porch did not want to end up like you Squilling like a pig.


That was a good one. :)

Need some anger management there, son?

I am disgusted with a low life that would swear to uphold the constitution and the laws of this nation and state and while putting people in jail would break the laws himself. Factually, I admire and believe in our constitutions and the right of "freedom of expression and freedom of speech". That by the way is what gave you the right to spill out your idiot remarks. Look, if the truth hurts you so much, don't key up your computer and come in here and read the truth. But, do not even think that your whiny "shut up" means a thing to me or anyone else that wants to express an opinion different than yours. So, while I am thinking, shut up stupid, I will just say, type away more of your rants on what a great guy Ronald was. And WAS happens to be the operative word by the way. Yada, Yada, Yada. BTW, born in the south myself. 1948 most likely long before you!

Born In South

1946, wrong gain son, stomach starting to hurt keep talking so everyone can get what you are all about,

1946? I doubt that!

To be honest. From your writings, I think you probably were born much closer to 1976 than 1946. You just have that juvenile way of speaking. Gene sounds much more mature. BTW, you ignored his other question. Were you not the "webmaster" of that failed "support Ronald" website?

Bet he did not go past 3rd grade!

Hey Gene, he may be two years older than you but I bet in all his 62 years only 3 were spent in school! The rest must have been on the porch pickn' his banjo!

Keep trying very hard

Most seen to already understand. Keep trying real hard and I am sure it will come to you too. Or, maybe not. BTW, mind putting up the address to your web page again? I need another good laugh. I think even all the failures on wall street surpasses that. BTW, it does not surprise me at all that you would be the one to recall the "squeal like a pig" scene in that movie. Do you watch that a lot?


I never started a sight, but you keep claiming I did. I did however refer to the sight another blogger started. If you will go back you will find the original blogger who sarted it or u can just keep claiming that I did, I dont care. I really dont care how many times you insult me the truth is simple I was a Ronald supporter Ronald pleaded Quilty, Ronalds Going to Jail and you are still thumping your chest.. Maybe this shows mature behavoir. I feel sure that I will recieve another lip bashing, so like always I will wade inn. But I must say that I was fooled by Ronald like many others, but enough is enough.