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Sheriff Ingram switches political parties


There was a political change Wednesday for Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram. Sheriff Ingram has switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. The Democratic Party recommended Ingram to be Ron Hewett's replacement in the spring of 2008. Wednesday, Ingram announced his intent to seek the Republican nomination for sheriff in 2010. In a statement, Ingram said, “Serving as Sheriff includes leading a team of dedicated and outstanding men and women. I am honored to work with this group of fine officers who strive daily for excellence. The Sheriff's office is not about partisan politics, and some may ask why change parties. As I embark upon this season of Thanksgiving, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my life and the opportunities and blessings bestowed upon me. It is after much reflection and contemplation that I have decided to join the Republican Party. Though my career in law enforcement as a Democrat has brought me to this place in time, it is my humble choice to live free as my conservative principles and discipline desire. It is my hope and belief that all of the citizens of Brunswick County, Democrat, Republicans and Unafilliated voters will consider my service and re-elect me as their Sheriff.”

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Looks like there were more reasons than just to bash the libs.Like you said its not about the party its about being truthful.I like it when people like you say there not rep.but I'm sure you vote for them most of the time.I'm not going to argue with you about that because like Joe says you can't argue with a sick mind.

Voting is truly a difficult decision

I find modern Republicans to be incompetent and devoid of common sense, but find Democrats to be completely dedicated to the destruction of the American way of life. So I vote for individuals based upon how closely they align themselves with my views. Perhaps Libertarians, Conservatives, or a Constitutional Party will use the current nightmare this nation is living to finally offer a viable third-party choice.

not bad

I don't agree with your take on Democrats,that said thoughtful reply.

How can you NOT agree with that assessment?

With Pelosi, Obama, and the village idiot Reid all working hard to take over private industry (or at least loot them three ways from Sunday) while defecating on the Tenth Amendment, how can you believe that any semblance of America as it has existed will remain? Only 52% of Americans pay federal income taxes now - the rest get a pass. THAT is America? THAT is equal protection under law? Don't misunderstand me - No Child Left Behind is just as unconstitutional as the proposed healthcare reform will be. Republicans enjoy big, over-reaching government as much as Democrats. What we need more than anything is a group of strong governors who will tell BOTH sides of the aisles in Washington to go to blazes. "You're not pulling that nonsenese in my state. I and my legislature will regulate insurance (or education) in my state." That's the way it's supposed to work, and the way it DID work for about 145 years....

One problem

I agree with you but the one item the "daddy" federal government ace in the hole card it holds is federal funding. Remember when the states were "asked" to raise the drinking age to 21 or lose federal highway funds? That way the feds didn't force the states to change, they did it voluntary. With so many people holding their hand out for that government money the states are in a catch22.


When people are paid a salary they can live on maybe more would be required to pay taxes.Republicans would pay one dollar an hour if they could.Bush's sec. of labor didn't think there should be a minimum wage.This could be why people would rather get handouts than work,it pays better.I don't want to hear people can better themselves by learning and all that,because somebody still got to cut you yard,clean your house,etc.