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Police waiting to charge speeding deputy

READ MORE: Police waiting to charge speeding deputy

UPDATE - 2/26

We would like to clarify - that we requested the accident "investigation" report from the Shallotte Police Department Thursday - and they told there wasn't one. In a news release from the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office earlier this week it said SPD was conducting an investigatioon of the accident.

There was also an "accident report" that we did get a copy of earlier this week. It showed where the accident happened, who was involved, and how fast she was going.

Our question for SPD is - if the department is conducting an investigation into the accident - why isn't there documentation to show what it found?

Scott Pickey
News Director


New information about the Brunswick County Sheriff's deputy who wrecked her car going 100 miles per hour on US 17 in Shallotte last week.

Today we learned that not only was Samantha Lewis doing 100 where the speed limit was 60, but she was also talking on her cell phone to one of the deputies she was trying to pass. At some point the off-duty deputy lost control of her new Mustang, ran into a ditch and flipped her car for more than 400 feet.

A lot of you have written in on-line asking why Lewis hasn't been charged yet. Shallotte Police Chief Rodney Gause explained why.

"I've been doing this for 27 years. I wouldn't write nobody a citation while they're on life support or got oxygen," Gause said. "My heart goes out to her. My prayer goes out to her. And we're going to treat her like anybody else. She's not getting any special treatment. When the time's right, that's when we'll do the citation."

Gause says Shallotte Police will likely charge Lewis with careless and reckless driving, which could mean she'll lose her licence for at least 60 days.

Lewis had to go back into surgery today. Right now her fellow officers in Brunswick County are focusing on her recovery.

The case apparently remains under investigation. We will stay on it and bring you additional details as we get them.

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Wasn't there a Deputy fired

Wasn't there a Deputy fired for traveling an excess of 100 mph in Boiling Spring Lakes a while back in his patrol car. How is termination excessive?

Not racing my a**. I f that

Not racing my a**. I f that had been someone in the general public they would have to look at the charges while on life support or oxygen. The last time I checked you would loose your licence's for a year at least for all of that, unless the 100+,talking on your cell phone and putting other peoples lives at risk doesn't matter to Chief Gause. 60 DAY'S BULL SH*T

I don't believe what I just

I don't believe what I just read. A person wrecks a new car going 100 mph in a 60 mph zone, nearly kills herself, and the investigating officer didn't make a report??? And, if there was, why was a copy not given to WWAY? This place is unbelieveable as far as "law enforcement" goes.

The article does not specify

The article does not specify whether or not a report has been done, only that a citation has not been issued as of yet. I'm sure a report has been made. I'm sure if the news media wants a copy, they can certainly have is public record. And I am not taking any sides in this issue, just stating the facts.

ill agree!!!

ill agree!!!

I am so amazed by the blood

I am so amazed by the blood thirsty, hangem high postings about this Deputy. Does the word compassion have any meaning to you people? She has crashed her car, she has injured her own self and may have ended her career. No other person has suffered any loss of property, life or limb. This event has effected no one but her. Bottom line people...."Move along...there is nothing to see here"....

As a resident of brunswick

As a resident of brunswick county thats always on the highway day or night,I see many of our state and local law enforcement driving at very high speeds,with no lights an sirens an I see very many of them on their cell phones, leaning over an talking on them, maybe if they did less talking on them an slowing there speed down maybe they could prevent a lot of these deadly accidents that occur on our many roads especially highway 17. An was the officer she was talking with did they have there blue lights on trying to stop her??? I do hope she has a speedy recovery an has leaned not to speed.Maybe she can educate her fellow speeding.

I personally know Sam...

Everytime something happens in this county..everybody has to gossip & make speculations. How about this..She is an officer of the law, a very respectable person & is HUMAN just like everyone else.She is by no means a bad person.She made a bad choice but it was her choice. If this were anyone would be somewhere in the front section of the beacon & that would be it but you let it be a deputy,etc & everyone has to stay in their business. It is done & over with & is NONE of anyone's business now except her friends & family. Grow up & move on.It was stated that she would be treated like anyone else...hell, I can't tell.You're still talking about it on here & everywhere else aren't you??Leave her alone, you has to pay for her mistake enough by the loss of her new car & her permanent scars both physically & mentally. Sam, you are in our prayers & we hope you recover soon. Life is weren't with her, you don't know what happened so shut your mouths. It shows how truly ignorant the majority of Brunswick county RESIDENTS really are!Oh & last but not least, what happens w/ her job,etc. is really nobody's business, that is between her & her supervisors.

Our business

Well actually her job is our business, it seems that the majority of Brunswick County residents pay taxes and a small percentage of those taxes pays her salary, and their salaries are public record. The reason this is getting so much publicity is because she is a deputy. She knew when she took the job that if someone in Law Enforcement makes a mistake it will go public.
No one is calling her a bad person but the mistake that she made makes her look bad because of what she does for a living. I hope she has a speedy recovery. I know she probably wishes that night turned out different. Soon this will pass and be old news I just hope others will learn from her mistake but they won't and it will happen again. I think they need to look further into the other two deputies that were on the road with her, we all know she made a mistake but I think they might have been involved.

another resident of brunswick co.

I'm out every night,in my line of work. At the same location every night, I see the same thing officers ,county and state too. They go speeding by with no lights or sirens,you can hear them coming before they ever get to where you can see them , then they are a flash as they go by. There is no need to do such excessive speeds even if on a call. Its to dangerous on the roads , we have an overpopulation of deer, that dont know our laws, they are suicidal.our county officers are doing better, now ,but they need to slow their speed down. they dont have pilots license's. remember the aircraft that flew into the building in Texas only cruised @115mph.