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FIRST ON 3: Big Talker terminates controversial morning host


WILMINGTON -- The Big Talker FM announced today it has fired talk show host Curtis Wright. Paul Knight, Vice President and General Manager for Sea-Com, Inc., which owns the radio station, announced Wright's termination in a news release.

When reached by phone, Knight would not say what led to Wright's dismissal, except to say it was "absolutely not" related to a lawsuit filed against Wright and Sea-Com last year by Tom Fetzer, now head of the state Republican Party.

"This was a decision we had to ponder for several months, and one we had to bring to a logical conclusion today," Wright told WWAY.

Wright has developed a devoted following for his politically conservative show "The Morning Beat," which he has hosted for more than three years, according to Knight. The show also created a good bit of controversy. Perhaps most notable was the slander lawsuit filed by Fetzer after Wright forwarded an anonymous letter about Fetzer, who was trying to become head of the NCGOP, to Republican leaders. The two sides settled the lawsuit in October.

Knight said a replacement for Wright's show would be named soon.

Tune in tonight to WWAY to hear what Wright has to say about his dismissal.

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Curtis Wright

Curtis was a breathe of fresh air and I have immediately stopped listening to the Big talker and will wait to find him on another station. It is so refreshing to find someone that speaks his mind and with whom so many people agree. I am sad to not hear his voice and will follow his program wherever he ends up.

I have never really listened

I have never really listened to him, but you better believe, I will follow him wherever he goes and listen and support him there. This senseless control of what people say.We have already become a nation too scared to say what we believe for fear of hurting someones feelings! Keep talking Curtis!

Did anyone read his letter

Did anyone read his letter explaining his termination? I'm not the best speller, but hey Curtis have you ever heard of spell check? If I was releasing a letter to a major publication, I would make sure everything was correct. Maybe I should cut him slack because he could have thrown down a few drinks with his current situation. Talking about drinking If he was still on the air I could have started a new drinking game. The rules of the game would be you would take a shot everytime Curtis said Obama and communist in the same sentence. Most likely you would be drunk in five minutes.

Wrights Letter?

I have googled looking for this letter you referance to. Where Can I find it?

Just hearing the word "Obama"..... enough to make is enough to make anyone slam 10 shots!

I personally like the new

I personally like the new guy. something fresh and he doesn't sound like he's ready to start a fight! Good call!


With any hope 980 WAAV will pick him up. Then watch the rating on 93.7 DROP.

I have heard that some of the local businesses already have pulled their ads.. We need to get a list and make sure we support those businesses...

Wilmington needs Curtis""

One thing Curtis has taught may of us is you can make a difference..

That would be great. But 980

That would be great. But 980 has a liberal local format.


Do you ever notice when a liberal is expressing his/her point of view, they think everyone should hear it, but when someone with an opposing view such as Curtis expresses his opinion, then he should be silenced? Thanks for being hypocrites, libs! Kind of communistic! Don't ya think?

Curtis Wright

To be fair, you probably don't want to hear a liberal's point of view, and that's why you are making the claim that liberal's think everyone should hear their point of view.
Curtis Wright made a lot of combative statements to various politicians in North Carolina, most of whom were CONSERVATIVES whom he brandished for not being conservative enough.

While he exercised his freedom of speech on talk radio, the media is not a forum where you get to say whatever you want, whenever you want, just because you feel like it. Part of being an adult is to realize that. As I'm sure you haven't the foggiest how the word "communistic" could be applied in this context, I'm just going to laugh.

Nothing new

Liberals are a group of do as I say, not as I do. This may help explain the mental level of liberals.... Ted Kennedy was elected over & over & over.


Those grapes are pretty sour! This may help explain the mental level of conservatives. Repeat Serenity Prayer over and over and over

mental level

Do you mean the mental level of let me take care of myself and my family and not look to the government to provide for me? Then yes, the conservative mental level is much higher than liberals. I’ll take your grapes and make a nice wine out of them.

black and white

Why is everything with conservatives black and white?? This stage in human development is supposed to end around age 11. Things are never just right or wrong-there are some "good hardworking people" out there who really do need help because they hit a rough spot. These are the same people who don't mind paying extra taxes to help others like them. As an RN for the past 23 years I've seen my share of tragedy. The first time you see a "good hardworking" family lose everything they've worked for because their son was in a car accident and sustained near fatal injuries that their "good hardworking" insurance company wouldn't cover will change your mind. These things could happen to anyone, whether you've worked all your life or not. Visit a trauma bay and talk to some of the families before you speak about things you don't know.

Liberal Hypocrites Vs Conservative Hypocrites

Obviously Conservatives have a much higher mental level than Liberals. This is shown in the fact that Conservatives are incapable of saying one thing and doing another (being hypocritical).

As such...

"She was a daughter facing life's lengthening shadows and reminiscing about a beloved father whom she dared not publicly acknowledge while he was alive. Thurmond's daughter said, "I am not bitter. I am not angry. In fact, there is a great sense of peace that has come over me in the past year.Essie Mae Washington-Williams, 78, said Wednesday that finally being able to claim her heritage as the illegitimate child of the late senator Strom Thurmond and his family's black maid had brought her a measure of peace."

... Strom Thurmond, the staunch CONSERVATIVE wasn't the biggest hypocrite after all. (Sarcasm)


Nice try,how about electing someone who doesn't even know where he's at over and over and over (Strom Thurmond).

Never killed anybody

That is partially correct but at least he never killed anybody while driving drunk. We could also include R.C. Soles(D) to the list of those that don't know where they are.

Strom Thurmond

No, Strom Thurmond was a staunch segregationist, advocating a system that oppressed people based on their skin color. And he was elected, over and over and over and over. In fact, the only thing that stopped him from getting reelect was his death.

No different

So you are saying he was no different than the current naacp is? It isn't illegal to to be any of what he was but it is illegal to drive drunk and kill another person.


First of all, when did I ever mention the NAACP? Secondly, Strom Thurmond advocated policies of institutional discrimination and policies (which were in place), and did everything he possibly could to keep that old power structure in place: A power structure where someone of a different skin color could be beaten to a bloody pulp and possibly killed for stepping into a restricted public or private area, while the law sat back and did nothing.

You tell me if that's any better than Ted Kennedy leaving that woman to drown? Crimes against HUMANITY are just as bad as if Strom Thurmond had committed murder himself.

They're equally bad, and they both have roads named after them in their respective states. Pretty darn sick.

You didn't mention it, I did

Put naacp in place of Strom Thurmond’s name in your above comment and tell me how it is different. They advocate the advancement of blacks into separate colleges, television stations, pageants and award shows. I was just wondering if you would be as harsh on the naacp as you are on Strom. What Strom did wasn't illegal, on the other hand what dear old Teddy did was and still is illegal.


The big difference between the NAACP and Strom Thurmond, is that whatever the NAACP's goals are, they will never be fully realized in a multi-racial society moving beyond that bogusness. Strom Thurmond actually had his goals of racial inequality and prejudice entrenched for a long time, from a time period where it was very acceptable, and tried to perpetuate that system, against the currents of change that were stirring in society.
The NAACP is a relic of that struggle against the oppressive system that Strom Thurmond advocated, and is becoming less and less relevant as the years progress.

In a modern sense, Strom Thurmond committed a crime against humanity.
In every sense, Teddy Kennedy was acquitted in a court of law. You may not like that fact, but nothing Teddy did was illegal in a literal sense like you are suggesting.

Almost correct

But Strom didn't break the law. I don't like what he stood for or how he thought but that was his right to do so. Teddy did break the law and plead guilty to a charge of leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury, he received a suspended sentence.

Curtis Wright on 980 WAAV

I've been a follower of News/Talk radio in this area since it's inception......For those who may not know, Curtis Wright got his start on 980 WAAV in the 90's. WAAV's then Owner/GM, Donn Ansell, allowed Wright to sit-in for local News/Talk Hosts while they were on vacations, etc. Almost every local show on The Big Talker has roots on 980 WAAV. Even Paul Knight, the current GM of The Big Talker was WAAV's Chief Engineer for many years. With a incredible background at CBS Television, Ansell knew how to create great programming and developed a formidable show line-up, balanced programming and a huge following on 980 WAAV, He recognized potential talent and offered sound advice and guidance. Perhaps if Wright had received better direction about the importance of creating a forum all viewpoints, both conservative and liberal, he could have weathered the current storm brewing at The Big Talker. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Curtis Wright's viewpoints or practices on his show, he definitely created another local forum for the conservative viewpoint. You may want to keep your ears atuned to the possibility of Wright returning to 980 WAAV, the heritage News/Talk Station in this area and the one who has made a long and rich investment in this community. WAAV has always been and will be a pioneer in bringing new things to the airwaves... was one of the first 50 Stations in the Country to sign-on The Rush Limbaugh Show and one of the first in the area to broadcast sports....Nascar, the Seahawks and other sports teams. My loyalties are to 980 and I'm curious to see if Curtis Wright might come full circle and return there. Could prove to be very interesting!! If he returns to 980.... I might even listen if he tones down the negativity that is already so prominent on the national programs. He's no Rush Limbaugh. He needs to remember to educate, entertain and inform.....not just shock!

big talk in general

I have a hard time listening to this station in general. Mostly because I have a rule of thumb that if I hear buzz words for 3 minutes or more before the actual subject of the "discussion" is made clear, I switch stations. I tune into this station everyday at various hours and I think my record for listening to this station before the buzz word quota was met is about 10 minutes. Hopefully the replacement doesn't stoop to pointless name calling as others on this show seem to have.

Good luck Curtis

It amazes me how threatened some people are when they are exposed to an intelligent thinker. Good luck Curtis, you were too good for Wilmington anyhow. Hopefully we'll see you running for office someday. This state needs you!

I don't think that people

I don't think that people were threatened by Curtis Wright because he was an intelligent thinker. Upon hearing Curtis Wright on the radio, there is no plausibility to that statement.

If a thinly veiled bigot like Curtis Wright is what you consider to be an intelligent thinker, then I have no doubt that you would vote for him if he ran for office in North Carolina. Hopefully by the time he ever ran, society will have evolved beyond the influence of people who consider Curtis Wright to be an intelligent thinker.


Curtis offered it straight up.Some people cant handle the truth ;they will destroy this republic! LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISEASE !


Which is probably why Curtis spread half-truths and lies. Apparently that's what his audience could handle.

It is a shame !!!! Curtis

It is a shame !!!! Curtis Wright was harsh - but America needs harsh right now !!!! I won't listen to the Big Talker in the mornings anymore.