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FIRST ON 3: Big Talker terminates controversial morning host


WILMINGTON -- The Big Talker FM announced today it has fired talk show host Curtis Wright. Paul Knight, Vice President and General Manager for Sea-Com, Inc., which owns the radio station, announced Wright's termination in a news release.

When reached by phone, Knight would not say what led to Wright's dismissal, except to say it was "absolutely not" related to a lawsuit filed against Wright and Sea-Com last year by Tom Fetzer, now head of the state Republican Party.

"This was a decision we had to ponder for several months, and one we had to bring to a logical conclusion today," Wright told WWAY.

Wright has developed a devoted following for his politically conservative show "The Morning Beat," which he has hosted for more than three years, according to Knight. The show also created a good bit of controversy. Perhaps most notable was the slander lawsuit filed by Fetzer after Wright forwarded an anonymous letter about Fetzer, who was trying to become head of the NCGOP, to Republican leaders. The two sides settled the lawsuit in October.

Knight said a replacement for Wright's show would be named soon.

Tune in tonight to WWAY to hear what Wright has to say about his dismissal.

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What a coincidence!

Curtis Wright seemed half tolerable and listenable until Barack Obama was elected president. After that happened, Wright seemed to go psychotic (which seems like strangely what happened to a lot of seemingly "tolerant" people after a black man was elected to the top job.)

After that, Curtis Wright seemed to come across as an irrational fear monger. If that's what you mean by what America needs right now, then I guess you are correct!

Kendall is looked at as a

Kendall is looked at as a HUGE conservative here in Whiteville. What a surprise to hear he's on in Wilmington. Wonder if he's still on the station here.

No matter which side...

of the fence you sit on it seems he had everybody engaged. Seems folks were loving him and hating him.... but listening just the same. Could it be he did his job better than he may have been given credit for? Just lots of folks taking on the issue.....

**I have never listened to him or that station.**

Best Wishes Curtis - A sad day for the Big Talker

Curtis promoted the Conservatism that made this country great... sometimes a little too bluntly for those that rationalize the facts. But the truth is still the truth. He exposed the hypocrisy and corruption that most of us know exists throughout local, state and national gov't.
For whatever reason, this decision strengthens the grip of the secretive, shady dealmakers on our legal, taxpaying citizens.
Thanks Curtis and may better opportunities be around the corner.

Wrong move on Wright

I'm sure the "left wing exstemists" are very happy. This sounds more like a power play by the "little" big man at Seacom. Talk about shootin' yourself in the foot, I believe this move will richochet and hit him in the butt.

It's easy enough to armchair

It's easy enough to armchair another business when all you have to do is listen. For the people at SeaComm, I'm sure it was not an easy matter to face; but, I wasn't there so i will not do any name calling and neither should others on the sideline.

Do you think a certain canidate had something to do with it?

Did anybody listen to his show this morning between 6:07 and 7:oo, he talked about one politician bashing the other and both of them are republicans? I guess the one who fired curtis liked the one who done the bashing or think?

Boycott BigTalker Advertisers

It is becoming apparent that Curtis was fired because, as we learned during the most recent Mayoral campaign, Paul Knight is a shady, shady character.

Firing someone who did as much for the community as Curtis Wright has, and was a ratings wonder for the station, is the act of a madman.

I will never again patronize any business that advertises on the Big Talker, and will follow Curtis to whatever station he goes to next.

Curtis Wright was the best thing going at station, working tirelessly for low pay because he loves this community and America and wants to make both better places. I hope listeners and businesses that advertised on the Big Talker will boycott the station and demand Knight's immediate removal.


Good. I quit listening to that radio station as soon as he came on and switched to A.M. 980.

Curtis Wright

If he was a liberal, he would not have been fired

Yes he would

A conservative fired him, so yes he would have been

If he were a liberal, he

If he were a liberal, he would never have had a talk show on Mr. Knight's station. Knight is a big Republican around here.

See ya curtis

Thank God this hateful voice is off the air..spewing all that awful rhetoric and then when confronted in public hiding and cowering behind others, unwilling to be challenged. Please..he and wrage and that so-called preacher rouse are all little men with nothing but anger and no lives. So tragic..but thank God it is off the air for now.

When I first moved here in

When I first moved here in 2005 I enjoyed listening to Marty and Dick and was dismayed when Curtis replaced them and their lower key show. That said, I came to appreciate Curtis over the years and agree with him on most issues. But I do think that he was very thin-skinned and needlessly abrasive. No one but his "inner circle" could disagree with him or have an opposing view. I have the same problem with Curtis as I do with Glenn Beck: it's not what you say, but HOW you say it. I tend to enjoy talk show hosts who present facts with an optimism and some humor, the way Sean and Rush do.

Curtis Wright

It's not journalism. It's entertainment. Radio talk show hosts have to be extreme to garner listeners. Nobody wants to listen to nice, middle-of-the-road chatter. The ratings support that conclusion. People listen because it is extreme, whether you agree or not with the views. The Morning Beat is not there to give all sides an equal shake, but to take a position out on the edge. That's what made it interesting. Curtis is no different. All the most listened to talk radio hosts are out there on the edge - Limbaugh, Boortz, ect. It's not journalism, it's opinion.

Curtis Wright

Well Said:

I came to the Big Talker from WAAV. It was much better. Curtis Wright was the reason. I switched.

I will honor any boycott of advertisers on Big Talker. I urge you all to do that. They need to get a message in a way they can understand.

Someone help by publishing the current advertising list

B'Bye to another Rush

B'Bye to another Rush Limpschlock wannabe who had darkened the airwaves too long with his whinings. Good Riddance.

Curtis Wright

I am so sorry to hear about this. I listen to the Morning Beat every morning. I hope wherever Curtis goes, he keeps speaking up and fighting for conservative values.
God Bless you Curtis (can we still say that???)

Larger Market

He would probably be appreciated more in a larger market. No way to replace him but 3 or 4 hours of Mark Levin would be good.

Three or four hours of Mark

Three or four hours of Mark Levin would be radio poison. He's probably the worst talk show host working today.

Mark Levin

Haha, speaking of whiney idiots...

curtis wright

I think powerful voices such as the one Curtis had are usually squelched every so often because it is so abrasive. He deserves a broader audience where his commentary can reach more conservative thinkers. Hopefully he will find an opening in Charlotte or Raleigh where he will get the support he deserves. Wilmington is to incestuous. You cant swing a fat cat without hitting someone's cousin or uncle or frat brother.

Good luck Curtis.

It will be interesting to see how Sea-Comm replaces him. It will be tough to fill his shoes, and how stupid it would be to try. People are bound to compare. I dont doubt it was easy dealing with him as a boss, he didnt come across as a yes man so must have been a really big scene over at sea-com this morning.

Filling his shoes

"It will be interesting to see how Sea-Comm replaces him. It will be tough to fill his shoes, and how stupid it would be to try."

Considering that they FIRED him, I doubt they are looking for someone to fill his shoes...

Looks like we have to find another station

My best wishes to Curtis, he never wavered from his beliefs. Hopefully a local station will pick him up and I see no reason to listen to the Big Talker any longer in the morning.



Curtis Wright

I will also be looking for another station.

Diddo, I won't listen in the

Diddo, I won't listen in the morning anymore either.

yeah..diddo...that's curtis' folks for sure

yep..someone saying "diddo".that is definitely a curtis wright listener fur sho!
Now, maybe an intelligent, informed conservative voice that is no vindictive and assaulting can replace the brutality and anger that has plagued us these last years.

He was driving listeners away

I had noticed over the past few months that Curtis was not welcoming opposing viewpoints. On several occasions I heard him hang up on callers the minute an opposing view was offered, with a casual remark that it was HIS show. Even if you called to agree with him and offer additional facts supporting his view, he was more concerned with reiterating his opinion rather than listening to yours.

He was also becoming a one-trick pony: The SAME old topics over and over and over again. I started listening to Rhonda Belamy over at 980 just as often, picking which show had a more interesting topic.

I wish him well. He had a pretty high batting average for being spot on, about the issues this nation, state, and county face, but I sincerely believe that he thought the Morning Beat had become the Curtis Wright Show.


So he was like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin on steroids?

Or maybe Curtis Wright stopped taking his chill pills... lol