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FIRST ON 3: Big Talker terminates controversial morning host


WILMINGTON -- The Big Talker FM announced today it has fired talk show host Curtis Wright. Paul Knight, Vice President and General Manager for Sea-Com, Inc., which owns the radio station, announced Wright's termination in a news release.

When reached by phone, Knight would not say what led to Wright's dismissal, except to say it was "absolutely not" related to a lawsuit filed against Wright and Sea-Com last year by Tom Fetzer, now head of the state Republican Party.

"This was a decision we had to ponder for several months, and one we had to bring to a logical conclusion today," Wright told WWAY.

Wright has developed a devoted following for his politically conservative show "The Morning Beat," which he has hosted for more than three years, according to Knight. The show also created a good bit of controversy. Perhaps most notable was the slander lawsuit filed by Fetzer after Wright forwarded an anonymous letter about Fetzer, who was trying to become head of the NCGOP, to Republican leaders. The two sides settled the lawsuit in October.

Knight said a replacement for Wright's show would be named soon.

Tune in tonight to WWAY to hear what Wright has to say about his dismissal.

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I believe it IS his show. I

I believe it IS his show. I don't think Sea-Com owns it.

HIS show?

SeaCom and the producer might disagree.

How do you explain that it's on-air right now, without Curtis?

give it time they have lost

give it time they have lost advertising already this morning..


They haven't found a permanent person to fill that slot. I bet once they find a replacement who builds an audience, they advertising dollars will return.
It makes no business sense to continue to advertise when there aren't any ratings...
It's not a simple case of "boo hoo, Curtis is gone, let's pull our advertising dollars"
I'd hope people have bigger brains than that....

Re: Duh...

Paul Knight has already announced Robert Kendall as Curtis' replacement.

Good News!!!

We may actually now receive honest and fair reporting on the local races this year. It is known Wright was a big Goolsby and Pantano supporter. I am sure whomever is picked will now give other candidates the floor a little too!!! Mr.Knight well done indeed

ahh the voice of a liberal

ahh the voice of a liberal speaking. Not enough Wright and too many of these guys around.

voice of reason, I agree

voice of reason,

I agree with you 100%

I know I will not be listening and will stop buying from anyone who advertises on it..

Lets stand behind Curtis as he stood behind us


I hope it's pace-makers. Then you can stick by your convictions if ever you have a heart attack. How absurd. Grow up people. No wonder the rest of the world is starting to kick America's butt. It's people like you.

A conservative voice lost

I am saddened by the announcement of Curtis Wright's termination. I appreciate a man willing to stand firm for his beliefs regardless of opposition from many. I will certainly listen to him again if he is able to find another local home for his show. Good luck and God bless Curtis.


I couldn't believe that they replaced Marty and Dick with this guy. I always thought he was too thin skin to be a talk show host. I remember he was going on a rant about how anyone who opposed the war in Iraq was un-patriotic. I called up his show with some anti-war quotes from conservatives who opposed Clinton's war in Kosovo.After reading those quotes to him I informed him who made them and he claimed I took them all out of context and hung up on me.

A lost conservative voice

I feel Curtis Wright may have stepped on some power player's toes once again with his controversial style but you have to give it to him. He took a strong stand on all his positions. I will follow Curtis Wright where ever he goes. I hope a local station will pick him up. This is a large void in the conservative community. I left WAAV radio as soon as he came on the air. I sure Bill Saffo and other liberal political operatives are tickled to death over this announcement.

Good, maybe you will follow him out of town!

He has got no where to go here, he has ticked everyone off. If you checked his past listed on the Big Talker web site before he was fired, you would see that he has moved around a lot before coming here. Probably booted out other places to. Wright often went on long rants bashing issues before having all the information. GOOD RIDDANCE!!

He coulda brought it down a

He coulda brought it down a notch, but he helped this community more than anyone will ever know.

Bring Curtis back!!!

Still no excuse for speaking without the facts

Whatever good he could have done is outweighed by his overblown rants without all the facts. He would hang up on or yell at people that brought those icky facts up to him, whether they stated that they mostly agreed with him or not. He should be ashamed of himself for encouraging those college kids that now do a double "mini-me" impression of the Curtis Wright Show every evening. Their place as consrvative gadlfly's in the midst of an overly liberal University environment is consitutionally protected - but I for one think that Curtis is a horrible role model for young people taking to the airwaves and being so disrespectful on their show.

GOOD NEWS! Best news of the of the year!

Thanks Paul Knight for finally getting rid of that Big Mouth Negative Whinning Ranter! Just a few years too late. I'm a regular listener to The Big Talker but could not stomach Wright's morning program. Looking forward to the change.

We have lost one of the few

We have lost one of the few individuals who had the backbone and stamina to stand up to the local corrupt politicians. I will not be listening to the new watered down version of a talk show. No one made you listen to his show, so obviously he did engage you.

Well said - the Big Talker

Well said - the Big Talker has lost me as a listener, too.

No, he did not engage me, he sickened me!

As I have mentioned on my other post, I am a fan of talk radio and many of The Big Talker's programs. But from the very start not of Wright's program. Too much negativity, too many rants often without the facts. I just turned the channel in the morning. Also I don't find one that sits in a locked studio with a microphone and a big telephone KILL switch, he used regularly for opposing views, one of backbone and stamina.

People are panicing

Because they have one less person to think for them now. Everything's slanted. The problem with these talk show hosts is that they present their opinions as facts and the general public jumps on the band wagon. It is hubris and we the public eat it up. Truly what it boils down to is just some guy spouting off rhetoric and attacking those who dare to disagree. So he's out of a job. There are 11.4 percent of us in this city out of a job. Somehow I think he will survive and good riddance to bad rubbish I say. Although I am sure some other windbag will replace him and soon enough will have all the undeserved loyalty that people are willing to bestow on him for continuing the tradition of ad hominem attacks that entertain rather than presenting well thought out opinions backed by facts with which viewers are free to agree or disagree. Remember people, if you are not thinking for yourselves, who is thinking for you?

Curtis Wright

Thank GOD he is gone... though I don't think Curtis had much to do with GOD. Nothing he ever said would make anyone think he was a Christian. If anyone out there has been in this area for a long time, they would wonder how he ever got that job. This is a huge upward move for the station and our wonderful community. He was destructive to us and now he destroyed himself.

So very sorry to hear about

So very sorry to hear about Curtis. I for one only listen to Conservative talk shows. Used to have to listen to the other station. Then "Dick and Marty" came on and, I think it was Marty that was the Conservative one of the two that I listened for. They had their issues with callers not liking them as well. As for Curtis saying this is "My Show" have you ever listened to Harvard Jennings? He was the worst for that, although, when I have heard him once in a while out of necessity he has calmed down a bit, But, he used to say that to his callers daily. Used to make me so mad because I wanted to hear what the caller had to say, but as I have learned all talk show hosts do that to some extent. Good Luck Curtis Wright. Keep up the Good Fight.