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ONLY ON 3: Obviously under the influence, former Mayor's son found "not guilty"

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Obviously under the influence, former Mayor's son found "not guilty"

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY)-- The cops pulled him over after spotting him driving with no front tire. Investigators say Charles Holden, son of former Southport Mayor Norman Holden, admitted he had been drinking and was under the influence of prescription drugs. But in May - a New Hanover County judge found him not guilty of driving while impaired. A viewer of ours just brought the case to our attention.

On January 16th 2009, Kure Beach Lieutenant Paul Hubbard responded to a call about an SUV driving on three tires and one rim. Lieutenant Hubbard pulled over Charles Holden. According to Hubbard's report he immediately detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage on Holden's breath. Hubbard says Holden's speech was slurred and his eyes were red and glassy.

Holden performed and failed several field sobriety tests. He was arrested and taken back to the Carolina Beach Police Station. Even though Holden failed the field sobriety tests, which were captured on the police dash cam, when he got back to the station he blew a .06. However, they say alcohol wasn't the only drug affecting his abilities.

According to the report Holden admitted to taking the prescription drug Lorazapam in addition to drinking. He was aware the drug should not be taken with alcohol and understood he should not drive while taking the drug. He also admitted to being recognized as the "mayor's son" during a previous DWI arrest in which, the charges were dropped even though he'd consumed alcohol and taken about 14 prescription drugs.

“If you don't heed those warnings about not operating machinery or not operating motor vehicles and you get behind the wheel of a car, you can injure somebody just as easily as if you had consumed alcohol,” said Lieutenant Paul Hubbard.

Lieutenant Hubbard testified when the case was heard in May. According to witnesses so did Charles Holden's father Norman, who picked up his son the night of the incident, but Norman, the former Southport Mayor, denied testifying on his son's behalf.

Judge John Carroll heard the case. Despite Holden admitting to taking the prescription drugs, failing the field sobriety tests, and driving about a mile on the rim of his car, Judge Carroll found Holden not guilty.

We couldn't reach Charles Holden for comment and Judge Carroll did not return our phone calls.
Holden's criminal record shows at least three DWI convictions. He's also been found guilty of communicating threats.


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Dear Officer Hubbard, You have been reported to SBI training & standards for an investigation into political candidate harassment for using your property tax town-funded paycheck to deliberately pull over multiple citizens who have had Judge John Carroll's signature on their limited driving priviledge license.

So much for a good boy cleaning up his act...

Perhaps this time most of the charges will stick and good ole Dean will get what he really needs... time in jail!

These are same charges back in 2010.

These are all the same charges since 2008...This is the same stuff since August 2010....a Motion was made by his attorney..thats all this is..Ol'Deano has moved on and gets his licenses back May 20th 2013....

Is there a proper official

Is there a proper official to address letters to ask them to strip that illegal tint off those police car windows? We need to identify who is driving the vehicle when residents call 911 to complain about harassment. All reports have to list the name of the person driving.

Overpaid overweight cop whiner

Same overweight and overpaid officer, whining to the town about his radio a few years ago {quote} "Paul Hubbard, one of our Kure Beach Police Officers, about a month ago was being wrestled to the ground by two bad guys and he couldn’t get help because he couldn’t use his radio. He was fumbling to get his cell phone off of his belt.”

Dean Holden

Mr Holden has been prosecuted in Brunswick County. He has been convicted of 2 DWI's and and of a least one count of Assault on a Female maybe more....and if you check the records he is currently been indicited by a Brunswick County Grand Jury for Treatening a prosecutor in the DA's office....

Dean Holden

And if you look at what the evidence the grand jury had in which 100 percent of all cases go before a grand jury always goes to court. All a grand jury does is hear the prosecutor's side. Their is no evidence in this case. Dean Holden has the evidence and when it goes to court he is going to show it. He is holding the evidence from a copy of FACEBOOK and the statement. Holden has the only copy and his friend made it and it is under lock and key. Holden and his team of Attorneys are just sitting back and waiting. Their is only one real copy and if Deputy Sheriff Sykes knew what he was doing he would have made a copy. His Attorney Roy Trest is now been joined by former Superior court Judge Bill Gore, who is now a memeber of Holden's team. This will never go to court because it is a set up for Holden to prove what the former DA REX GORE's team will do to the people of brunswick county.. They set people up and now they got set up...LOL..and they will be in the unemployement line. I told Dean I was going to post this he said no not yet..oh well.. Dean don't won't anything said but he spoke to me and he and his family is putting up with a lot of crap. Dean said even Ed Carter felt like the sheriff dept did not want to arrest him. Ed didn't have no evidence and had to tell a lot of people that night he had it in the car and would show them. Ed Carter don't have any evidence from facebook and he had to make a statement all he has was word of mouth. All I know is what I saw and heard Easley was never theatened.I have even heard NC Attorney General Roy Cooper was involved..

you can run but you cant hide

Norman Holden once a probation officer in New Hanover county for @12yrs and moved to become supervisor over district 13 Probation and Parole for the remainer of his 31 years with the state and also, the Mayor of Southport for 22 years has many friends. Holden a very good friend of New Hanover County's DA Ben David and his twin brother Jon. When Jon wanted to run for DA in Brunswick county his brother Ben directed him to get in touch with Norman Holden for information on the DA position in Brunswick County. Holden provided information to Jon David and Butch Pope on the problems in the office of the DA in Brunswick County. Jon David listened to Holden and ran on outstanding race in that District beating a very good man in Butch Pope . We don't believe Brunswick County could have gone wrong with these two men. But Brunswick county now with the most people carried the load for Jon David. Holden knowing both these men sat back and watched as the race unfolded knowing Brunswick County was in for a much improved DA and their ADA's that they would bring in. Jon has his work cutout with what he was left with but we believe he is the man that can do it here in this district..

what happen to all the other comments that were made..

There were about 5 or 6 comments made by different people calling the DA's office out and REX's Angels and the Brunswick County Sheriff departments Moe, Larry and Curly out for purgery on Holdens next case..... After the Judge sees this one she'll throw it out so far it will land in New Mexico...... Or was it the DA and the Sheriff department stopped it and WWAY got scared to post anymore. OR did the FEDs that were looking at Governor Easley look at how Sheriff John Ingram got his appointment under the table suck up....Boy WWAY wants news but I guess you get your funds come from some of these people in office...A good story would be John Ingrams rise to fame from a disgrutle deputy sheriff that could not hang and left the county to a Sheriff over Brunswick county.,,,,Isn't that right Roger, Charlie, OVER AND OUT!!. I guess the FEDs have you stopped on this appointment..LOL...TMI....all this comes from the INSIDER of the Brunswick County complex.....What goes around comes around and its still on the way around,,,.. huh.. cant believe you wont post the others by all these viewers comments..

Holden called by Hendricks Motor sports out of Charlotte

Holden got a surprise call from Hendrick motor sports yesterday. They would like him to come to Charlotte and run some laps on Lowes Motor speedway. They are looking for a driver that can run in the nationwide series and they noticed how well he can handle a car and even more so a van on ice with three wheels. Holden did and outstanding job after the Hendricks reviewed the DVD they were very impressed with the way Holden was handling that van and with the expirence of motor cars their was no way this guy was driving drunk. Reviewing the DVD holden held the van on the road and not only on the road but on his side and did not make no mistakes while driving the car on just three wheels. The Hendricks stated that is a very talented driver and would like to contact him. They were impressed he could keep three wheels down and the right front wheel off the ground nearly for a couple of miles. Hendrick stated to Holden, son you don't need a drivers license where you could be driving next year. That stunt driving reminded Hendrick of the famous Chitwood Brothers stunt drivers and he has not seen a driver drive a van like that before.....Everything that happens to you always has a meaning and a reason behind it...and Holden may have found his....

Charles Holden may have saved your life during a Hurricane..

I know this person and he has had his share of tough times. and is now coming out of all of them. I want to thank the people supporting him through what has been a freakn joke to our society. This is a plain embassemnet of our citzens of our area. I am sure All of Norman Holden's and Dean Holden's true Friends are supporting them. Including there close friends in the Judical system are also watching. Close friends such as Judge Ola Lewis, Judge Polie Barefoot, Judge Bill fairly, Judge Marion Warren, Judge Jackie Hooks are all watching how the public are treating their friends in this grade school act of the general public..
These highly Education people know people suffer some very tough times in the life and they are trained and understand these peoples acts and a lot of time their reasons. They are not only a Judge that put people in jail they are a couselor that understand the peoples and his family and understand maybe going through a class such as DWI classes or Drug Classes. THey understand as in this case this person was a top Nuclear technician and supervior that only a few years ago, before he went thru a divorce, open heart surgery, Thyroid problems, Crushed elbow and a torm ACL.....He maybe you should praise him ..Just take a second and think of this . MR. Holden was OUR Operational Service Center command manager during Hurricane Floyd. This is the type of person he is . He put himself at the front line of defense along with his staff. He had to comand Techs, HP's, Mech's while in the middle of our worst hurricane since this plant was built. He had to number 1 take into the account that peoples lives are in danger and where do you draw this line. Save your personel and friends or maybe your family and the general public for miles around, attempting to control a possible nuclear event that could affect the United States and maybe the World.......This is Charles Dean Holden and he is a very responsable person and a true leader for our community ....


You want to know a judge that has it in for men ? Try judge Blackmore. I was found not guilty in front of Judge Criner but when it came time for my ex to re-new the restraining order, well, guess what...judge Blackmore extended it for TWO years ! My point being in all of this is it's like poppa always said when it comes to courts and judges and lawyers, it's not what you know but who you know and how much money you've got. Do not try to tell me the legal system (HA) is fair.

BTW, her attorney approached the side desk by judge Blackmore and handed her assistant a note and walked back by my ex and her sugar daddy and gave them a thumbs up. That hearing was settled before my butt hit the defendant seat. Chances are this wont get published. But for the sake of others in my position, I hope it will be. Thank you WWAY.

Charles Holden Travels to Puerto Rico

Charles Holden traveled to Puerto Rico this past two weeks and surfed some. And then studied for his driver licenses test. He passed his test and obtained an insurance policy in Miami, Florida and is now Driving back to North Carolina. When I talked to him he said he had to show proof where he completed Rehab, All his DWI classes, and proof of being alcohol free for 7 months, Paid all his fines. And has a clean record down there and this country is a part of the US. He has now gotten his license and is driving home.


Did he get his license back in Puerto Rico? A Cracker Jack Box? Very interesting developments given the fact he is not eligible for NC license reinstament at the earliest, 2013. I sure hope the home he is driving to is no where around here.

kure beach police will still harass him

The guy's job is responding to fire alarms 24 hours a day. KB police will pull him again. They have nothing better to do, they are overstaffed at the police department. 12 policeman for this 2 mile stretch of beach. Police literally stalk people there , they act like the border patrol like they litterally own the roads.

Holden, retired and where he travels you drive on the left side

Holden has retired with 30 years of work. Holden worked 24 years for Brunswick Nuclear Plant as a tech and as a Supervisor, He worked 3 years with Simplexgrinnell as a inspector and a tech and 3 yrs for Bald Head Island...
Holden Hit the ground running straight out of college. Mr. Holden told me that with a good job and hard work at a yonger age. You can travel and enjoy lifes gifts at a young age. Mr. Holden an avid surfer traveled to the outer islands of the Bahamas surfing, Costa Rica surfing and to his favorite place since 1984 Barbados where he has been there 9 times.And of course his first trip of about 30 now to Cape Hatteras . And a week in Mexico. Holden also has Skied Streamboat Springs Colorado, Winter Park colorado. Breckenridge Colorado , A-Basin and many east coast spots. From NC to WVA....Hes retired now and was joking with me that where he travels to its the LAW to drive on the LEFT side of the road...all the Brits and there islands drive on the left...

Hard to take it seriously...

Can anyone on this page use proper grammar?? I realize that it is difficult, but as an educated person, I find it hard to take your comments seriously unless you can form a complete sentence without major spelling or grammatical errors. I feel like there is probably some valid evidence of favoratism or corruption, but find it hard to sort out from all the chaos and destruction of the English language. If you want to be taken seriously, please make your message clear by using English.

What a bunch of CRAP

WWAY should be ashamed for airing this tabloid piece of yellow journalism. What a CROCK! We're not on "Bannon's Buddy's" anymore! Heck, give us back those guys again from those days, you know "The Greatest Generation," REAL REPORTERS not gossip columnist. We are headed for the spittoon because we now wish to believe this crap is news. A story resurrected from the discarded pages of a long forgotten public humiliation campaign as posted on FACEBOOK. Now, WWAY is in the business of public trashing and innuendo based on the report "of a viewer". Its all a carefully planned hatchet job to publicly humiliate the Holden family. A long standing and honorable family in Brunswick County. Forget the thirty years of selfless unpaid or low paid devotion to the City of Southport. Yes, this is where you hacks insert and imply that the former Mayor was on the take; a hollow charge void of any REAL evidence. Heck no, lets let petty jealousies take standing over public service for citizen welfare. Lets let FACEBOOK Gossip reel in journalist to pose and act as our public forum to continue what the DELETE button on FACEBOOK could not do. While we're at it.....Lets use the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department too. Lets report our FACEBOOK gossip and innuendo to them so they can continue to WASTE our tax dollars chasing down FACEBOOK grudge matches and silly girl gossip. Let the great Sheriff Ingram's deputies spend their time dealing with this BS, but first we need to outfit the department in Paramilitary equipment and training. Heck, we don't need a police force for this gossip...we need the MILITARY style SWAT TEAM. Right Roger? Right Charlie Miller? Vote that bum Sheriff out! Is there a benefit of doubt in here any where for the Holden family or is it just petty school yard vitriol? Is there an ounce of THANK YOU left in the county for Holden's years of service? I THINK NOT.

And, there is NO EXCUSE for endangering the lives of innocent people for your own self satisfaction, habit or whatever you call it when one chooses to drive impaired. Half the hacks on here making snide comments have done just that themselves. But, this crap posted on here and the entire news piece is a hatchet job on a family name.
By the way you bunch of idoits.......go back to school and learn spelling and grammar.
Hey! I'll see you in church on Sunday you bunch of hypocrites! Be sure to sit on the FRONT ROW so we'll know how pious you are.

Big Brother IS Watching...

If anyone sees this convicted criminal driving on the road between now and say, May 20, 2013, which is when he will be first able to appeal his permanent supension, Immediatley pull over, Call 911, and then call WWAY. Many previous attempts to notify MADD about him were answered with the same response several times... " Oh, Brunswick County? We dont have anyone down there willing to monitor cases, they are to afraid of retalliation".

Would that be illegal - felony stalking & harassment

Check your laws before you go harassing & stalking someone, like they do in Kure Beach.

How about we pull over, call

How about we pull over, call 911, and WWAY when we see you out and about trying to stalk him?

Officer Hubbard 's serious disrespect of judiciary protocol

Isn't the officers career in jeopardy for this type of public media contempt of a sitting Judge ? It seems he could have taken a different approach to let the Judge know his opinions and followed proper judiciary respect protocols.

It is obvious that the only

It is obvious that the only thing the officer is guilty of is poor work performance when it came down to judgement hour. yeah, he did not do his job as us tax payers expected him to do, yeah, a bunch of procedure and protocal was ignored, but when it gets right down to it, and he is staring at Norman Holden right in the face, with his network of really impotent, I mean, Important people, as his life long friends, the officer did what he had to do. He did not ask Charles Dean Holden to cross county lines at the witching hour, inebreated by his own admission, in the course of duty to his employer, Simplex Grinnel, in response to an alarm on the island, The officer simply pulled over a vehicle reported driving on three wheels and a whole lot of sparks. Please note though, the video shown has Norman Holden walking in to the federal court house in Raleigh, In his bid to rat out those very same friends he has counted on every time his son gets in to trouble. As it was said from an earlier post, it's Brunswick County People.

What am I missing here?


I watched the video. I read the article. I neither heard nor read ANYTHING that could be construed as Hubbard exhibiting public media contempt of this idiotic judge.

Hubbard is a sworn law enforcement officer. Judge Carroll is supposed to punish those who are arrested for breaking our laws. Hubbard arrested someone who was CLEARLY not fit to drive. Judge Carroll is the one who said "Awwww, it's ok to go out and drink alcohol and consume NUMEROUS pharmaceuticals and then go out and drive around, thereby turning your vehicle into a gun and aiming it at every citizen."

For those of you who claim that the BAC was not high enough to warrant an arrest, shut up. Shut up because you're ignoring very crucial pieces of information. First - Holden blew a .06. Second - He admitted that he took the prescription drug Lorazapam in addition to drinking. Third - He was aware the drug should not be taken with alcohol and understood he should not drive while taking the drug. Fourth - He failed the field sobriety tests (Admit it. If you can't walk a straight line, you have no business whatsoever behind the wheel of a car because driving in straight lines is mandatory.) Fifth - It wasn't Holden's first DWI. Clearly this is a man with no respect for our laws, much less for all of our citizens. Sixth - Holden was driving around on three tires and one rim. A sober person under no influence would not do this. Hubbard had every right to arrest this clown. Carroll dropped the ball.

Proud of you, Hubbard. Ashamed of you, Carroll.

Serious Disrespect?

So Officer Hubbard is not allowed to voice his opinion?

Disrespect of Judiciary Protocol

If Mr. Holden has a case in Brunswick County or New Hanover County any time soon. He don't have to worry about his case going to court in these two conties anytime in the next year or so. He would never get an honest and fair trial. I think this public outburst just helped him out a lot. From my understanding he is of the roads and is doing what requirements he has to do as per the law.
As for the other case the people on Oak Island have been told Sheriff deputy Officer Eric Sykes has been around Oak Island off duty spreading rumors about Mr. Holden. Stating that he turned him in by word of mouth and he had no Evidence and it would most likely get thrown out. These Brunswick county cases never cease to amaze me.

Comment on the Holden Case

I am very suprised to hear all the bickering back and forth on this case, but what is even more suprising is that fact no one is using facts in their replies. People are only stating opinions and their own personal frustration against Mr. Holden. It is pretty obvious that there are several girls on here that are extremely jealous that past relationships have not worked out and are out to get Mr. Holden.

I also think that everyone should take a step back and look at themselves...are you perfect? Also, remember what you are doing to a you want your family's name run in the ground like you are doing the Holden's? Also, many people are complaining about the government...did you bother to vote in the election?

Mr. Holden has done everything that he was required to do by law and more, so instead of trying to beat him down, why not build him up. I can not believe the post on here have been so cruel. But once again these are the citizens of Brunswick county speaking without knowing the facts and out of plain ignorance.

Mr. Holden you have alot of things going for you now....don't let these crazy postings pull you down. Remain focused and realize that you do have a great support system and that these people posting are just simply "Brunswick County" people.

Ummm, The Holdens are....

Ummm, The Holdens are.... "Brunswick County" People.

Nepotism and Cold Hard Cash

I hope Dean stays off the highways around here as I am certainly not ready to die. It's very scary to think that someone with a bit of "clout" and "cash" can just continue to break the law and remain free. As for the claims this is a two year old charge, it is, the anonymous tip to WWAY was about the outcome of this trial. I watched the video and recognized Dean immediately.
I too, am puzzled that the defendant admitting to taking copious amounts of Valium/Xanax with alcohol and then getting behind the wheel, if that ISN'T considered DUI, what is. What really is wild is that he was driving without a tire, WTF! I believe if my tire blew out I would be able to tell, but that's just me.
If he is in recovery, only time will tell. Having over 25 yrs. of Al-Anon(recovery for someone who loves an alcoholic) myself, I am familiar with all the behaviors. If old Dean-O can earn his one year chip in say...1 yr. then perhaps he is on the road to recovery but until then, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well, it just might be a drunk, oops, duck.
Good Luck Dean, you sure as hell need it.

as a person who works with

as a person who works with Mr. Holden, Mr Holden is well on his way to get his one you chip. At the end of March, he will obtain his one year chip. And he has made get head was and is very activited in his meetings. He has about 5 months left to obtain his 1 year chip... Mr. Holden has taken this as serious as anyone else. He dont drink he dont go to bars and he has changed people places and thing...He completed all his classes in light speed and has completed everything. Finds, School and has been placed on low risk probation. He has been a blessing to work with....

WHY in the County don't anyone want someone to turn their live around and success . People here want to beat people that are trying to improve their life and complete their recovery plan...He has be wonderful to work with and is well on his way....Charles Dean Holden has never been in trouble until since 2008 .. Mr. Holden has no record proir to 2004 so that is 41 years and being married where he never even beer in his house with his kids there...

That is a man that loves his family and people don't know he worked for Progess energy for 23yrs and they have a zero tolerance for alcohol and Drug...You dont work there that long and not get caught...This guy was a Deacon for 6 years with his Church and our Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis can testify that , she is a memeber of his Church at Southport Baptist...