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ONLY ON 3: Thompson berates Futch about Skyway comments

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Thompson berates Futch about Skyway comments

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- If there's anything you can say about New Hanover County Commissioner Jason Thompson it's you know where he stands. Wednesday Thompson challenged the mayor of Leland to set the record straight after the mayor accused Thompson of having a conflict of interest in the proposed Cape Fear Skyway project.

It was trash talk between Leland Mayor Walter Futch and Thompson.

"What got me upset was him saying I had property or financial gain in getting the Skyway bridge passed, so I got him a list of property owners, and I am not on there, none of my family is on there and no business that I own is on there. I said, 'You need to retract your statements,'" Thompson told WWAY Thursday night.

Thompson says all he wanted was to set the record straight with Futch and Wilmington's Transportation Advisory Committee.

A tape recorder at Wednesday's meeting caught their conversation.

Listen to the entire argument between Thompson and Futch

"If you're going to make accusations like that, Mr. Mayor, you need to do that and get your facts right," Thompson said. "I'm going to give you an opportunity to get the facts. Let me cut to the chase here. We are going to lay the facts out on your statements tonight, and I'm going to give you an opportunity to apologize to me. And based on what you say, I might accept it or I might not. And then we will deal with it thereafter."

Thompson was talking about comments recorded at a previous meeting he missed. The minutes of the meeting show Futch questioning Thompson's ethics. Futch said a recent article in the StarNews led him to believe Thompson had a conflict of interest in the Skyway project.

"'The commissioners voted three to one with commissioner Bobby Greer voting against. Chairman Jason Thompson recused himself because his business is located in a proposed corridor,'" Futch quoted the StarNews report when asked Thursday night about Thompson's confrontation, "and I was quite surprised at that, and I think if you read the minutes of the meeting, it said that I was surprised to find that that was the case."

Wednesday, Thompson tried to tell Futch he had bad information.

"So those are the facts, sir. Are you ready to apologize?" Thompsons said.

Futch answered, "No, I'm not ready to apologize."

Thompson replied, "Well, you're gonna need to or you're gonna be very likely to need... I'll tell you, you are very lucky, sir, that I have received the gospel and do not seek vengeance, because a few years ago I would have taken you out in this parking lot and addressed you like the man you want to be. Let's walk outside, and I'll show you right now. Are you ready to do that? Or are you going to sit there in your Huggies and wet yourself?"

The pair never went to the parking lot, but Thompson did meet with Futch after the meeting was over.

"In the end he apologized, and I accepted," said Thompson.

Futch agreed.

"It's all a big misunderstanding that got blown out of proportion, and I think Jason and I ended on amicable terms," Futch said.

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Real good example Thompson

Real good example Thompson sets by threatening people because he doesnt like what they say,just shut up
Thompson! stop shooting your mouth off! An elected official has no place to want to "take it outside" A sorry example of gentleman conduct!

Grow up Baby Thompson

Maybe Thompson is the one who needs to get out of his Huggies and grow up. Who is he to threaten Futch by calling him outside? Is this how Thompson and all Wilmington politicians conduct business...restoring to physical violence? Saffo was the same way. If Thompson truly has the gospel as he states he does, he knows violence is not the way to settle matters. Does Thompson think he can come over here in Brunswick County and throw his weight around? He's nothing over here! If he gets this upset over this matter, promoting violence, then he must have some hidden agenda. And I hope it's exposed.

Parking lot huh Jason

Be careful what you ask for Jason, you aren't as big and bad as you think you are.

This guy is nuttier than a fruitcake

"Well, you're gonna need to or you're gonna be very likely to need...I'll tell you, you are very lucky, Sir, that I have received the gospel because a few years ago I would have taken you out in this parking lot and addressed you like the man you want to be. Let's walk outside and I'll show you right now. Are you ready to do that? Or are you going to sit there in your Huggies and wet yourself?"

So the basic idea is be glad that I found the Lord because a few years ago I would have beaten your butt and if you'd care to step outside right now I'll show you how much I found the Lord by beating your butt?

Nothing quite like a supposedly mature county commissioner threatening a mayor with physical violence.

I'd say that Thompson's recent quotes regarding both the great $25,000 giveaway to his campaign manager and this incident clearly indicate that he has become totally unhinged and is in need of professional psychiatric treatment.

Apologies Needed!

WOW! I was amazed sitting in my living room watching Mr. Thompson, a man requesting to set the record straight, invite another to duel in the parking lot. The simple FACT that Mr. Thompson used the words that he had received gospel followed by asking a well respected public official to step out to the parking lot and referred to him wetting his pants in a diaper was astonishing. The real apology should be coming from Mr. Thompson. He should be ashamed of his behavior. Is this the type of example that should be set by a public official? Do we want our children making these same threats to their fellow students? I seriously doubt it. In fact if a child was caught making those statements they would be in detention or worse. After all there is a huge crackdown on bullying. The behavior displayed by Mr. Thompson is not a behavior I want my children emulating. As adults we are responsible for setting the example for our children. Mr. Thompson is right that there is an apology owed, but he should be the one apologizing to the children.

Well respected

I think you are pushing the realm of truth calling Mayor Futch "well respected." I have watched his childish, paranoid rants against the Cape Fear Skyway and the city of Wilmington for months now. It seems to me that Mayor Futch cannot comprehend the positive economic impact the bridge would have on Leland and how those who dole our state funds for future projects might view him as an obstacle and look elsewhere for projects thus depriving the region of jobs and income. I have no respect for this man, nor do I know many on this side fo the river who do.

Economic impact, yeah right

Please tell me how you think the Skyway will economically impact the Leland area? I for one would not use an overpriced toll bridge to get to across the river in either direction unless all other options are inaccessible at which point the Skyway would be in effect a form of extortion. Dr. Futch has been vocal in stating that completing the I-140 corridor into Brunswick County would be a much more cost effective manner and costworthy option.

Jason is an idiot...

Everybody who knows him, knows that.

Here is the Mystery: Somebody keeps electing him! Why?

Louise McColl

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.
Winston Churchill

well, old Jason may be an idiot-

But he is our idiot. Actually, he is YOUR idiot. I have never voted for him. He knows that. He once had framed on his wall, a letter I wrote him saying that I would not vote for him if he was the last man on earth. He thought it was funny.

He can afford to laugh because you idiots keep putting him back in office.

Who has the last laugh now?

Wade Griffis

jason thopson