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McIntyre introduces Lumbee Bill…again



LUMBERTON, NC - Have you ever watched the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? If so, you’ll sort of get the feeling. On the first full day of the 112th Congress, Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-NC) introduced legislation that would grant the Lumbee Tribe full federal acknowledgment - according to the 'Cherokee One Feather'.

Identical bills passed the House in 2007 and 2009, but both bills stalled in the Senate.

“The fight for Lumbee recognition will continue, and we have to hit the ground running,” Rep. McIntyre (D-NC) said. “It is time for discrimination to end and recognition to begin! For over 100 years, the Lumbee people have been seeking the dignity and respect they deserve from the federal recognition.”


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Lumbee rights

I know their are some who do not want Lumbee to have full rights,but for those who need a history leason, please look at the Atlas where it shows cherokee,catawbas and so.. living in the south,also north,carolina,ga.Now, we do know that lumbees are a mix,but these people are native indians who lost their customs,due too white race.I feel very strongly about this due having roots from north,carolina,(robenson).I pray we receive what was taking from us so...... long ago.



Any group of people can call themselves a 'tribe', but to say that the so-called Lumbees are an actual native american tribe is to say the least, mighty thin. Of course if it would get me an opportunity to have a casino, I would stick a feather in my hair too. Mike is just trying to appease his voters again. He hasn't changed. Business as usual.

Another ignorant comment.

Another ignorant comment. The bill McIntyre introduced leaves gambling off the table. That's why Purnell Swett is frustrated he wasn't consulted. Instead of "business as usual" for McIntyre, it's more like "ignorance and whining as usual from the peanut gallery."

I wonder why

The lumbee tribe is not recognized because they are not full blooded Indians or at least not of the same tribe. History shows the lumbees are a mixed race of different tribes, whites,and blacks.

This comment is so wrong

This comment is so wrong it's laughable. Several studies have shown that the Lumbees do meet the criteria for a federally recognized tribe and they were recognized in 1957 in name by the government. However, they were denied monetary benefits because of the size of the tribe. How fair is that? Get your facts right. You are incredibly ignorant.

Name calling hides the true idiots.

LOL. You must be a lumbee living this, "I'm a native" fantasy.

It was NC that adopted the Lumbee Act in 1957 you idiot, not the Federal Government. They are recognized by NC as a tribe but not by the Indian Bureau of Affairs (IBA). One of the markers, which they fail, miserably is proof of a tribe before, you get this BEFORE colonial times. There was never a tribe of people called the "Lumbees" prior to colonization. The were at once Croatan, then Cherokee, then Tuscarora, now Cheraw. However, they could never prove they descended from any of these tribes.
A tribe does not have to prove too much of they are legit.
Just because NC recognizes them does not legitimize the tribe or their status as Native Americans. They have no language, the Cherokee do, the Navajo, etc..not the Lumbees. Most of the residents in NC know the Lumbees are not Indians and this is so laughable. It should be noted, there are Lumbee members that know they are not Indians and laugh at this. This is the biggest Tax scam if this bill were to ever go through and would take money away from actual Native Americans who live in EXTREME poverty.

In the bill proposed to the Federal Gov, they want enrolling members to bypass the IBA in proving degree of Indian blood? Why? Because Native blood is almost non-existent with the Lumbees.

The DNA test they did on core members, not 20 or 24 but hundreds of volunteers has shown heavy European, especially from the Iberian peninsula, along with African admixture. Only about 4% members came back with any NA ancestry.

Obviously you lack any history. That area, Roberson County, never had an Indian tribe in that area. The people were listed as FPC (free people of color) which was usually Mulattoes. Not unusual for some to have some Native ancestry but I highly doubt they were even Tri-racial. Any Indian tribes (not taxed) would have been on the Indian census, especially in 1860. They had a special form for Indian Tribes.

To boot.... When the Natives were driven out of NC in the 1830's, where were the Lumbees? Stayed right there in Roberson Cty because Mulattoes were not driven out, only the Natives. Why? Because the Lumbees did not have "tribal Land."

Instead of hurling insults at people, get your facts straight.

I just love reading what you

I just love reading what you wrote..I'm sure you are so right. And the so called Lumbee don't need Federal recognition because they don't even help there people..JUST THEMSELVES...

...and yet the Cherokees claim...

...that the Lumbee are nothing more than disgraced and banished Cherokees, Croatans, Catawbas, Coharie, and Waccamaws who bred with runaway slaves and deserters from the Civil War. They were legally classified as "Mulatto" rather than "Indian" until such terminology fell out of fashion.

The Lumbee receive a one-line mention in the "Atlas of the North American Indian," on page 204, in regard to an anti-Klan rally held in 1958. That's not much history.

So you have to understand that a lot of people are skeptical of their claim to be a "tribe." A lot of their background leads people to conclude they are simply an accumulation of mixed-race people who are trying to cash in and collect a windfall from Uncle Sam.

I guess the wampum

from the great white father is insufficient recognition. I was in Pembroke 2 weeks ago; the Tribal Council Headquarters, and the neighboring 200+ housing units being constructed must not be sufficient recognition.

The Federal and State support they receive makes the entitlements handed out in Wilmington look like small potatoes.

And he will continue to support them; they are his secret weapon every 2 years when election time comes around.