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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Campus reacts to band director's 'sexting' arrest

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Campus reacts to band director's 'sexting' arrest

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A well known high school band director is off the job tonight after landing in jail over the weekend. North Brunswick's Mark Riel is on administrative leave after allegations surfaced against him.

Riel's arrest was unexpected to most parents with kids at North Brunswick High. Many parents found out about the sexting allegations Monday morning.

"I was shocked, very shocked," Linda Winters, who's grandchild goes to NBHS, said.

Deputies arrested Riel and charged with one count of indecent liberties with a minor after allegedly sending what investigators called an inappropriate text message to a student.

"Upon that arrest and that notification we immediately began an investigation in which resulted in his suspension with pay," Brunswick Co. Schools spokeswoman Jessica Swencki said.

The district won't say much more. It would not say if the alleged sexting is an isolated incident or who reported riel in the first place.

We talked with a North Brunswick freshman monday who's close to Riel. The boy was completely unaware of his band director's arrest.

"He's kind have been a father to me," the boy said. "I really do love him. How do you think others in the band will take it? I think they'll take it the same way. Shock? Yeah."

The school district says Riel has been working as the band director at North Brunswick High since 2005. According to the band's Facebook fan page Riel became a father in early December.

Though the district won't say how serious the allegations against Riel may be, it is clear that any allegations against a teacher will be looked into quickly.

"It is important to us that we handle things very expeditiously," Swencki said.

Riel is out of jail under $25,000 secured bond. We did not find a phone number for him, but we did reach out to riel online to see if he had any comment on the recent allegations. So far we have not heard back from him.

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And thanks to the tragic

And thanks to the tragic state the world is in today, and thanks to wonderful examples like Teen Mom 2 on MTV, we all know that these 'children' grow up extremely fast now days.

Child or not, they both

Child or not, they both should have known better. I know the teacher and he's a good man... And if it's true, people make mistakes! It's not our place to judge him, it's God's; and God is the only one that knows the complete truth.

I think placing faith your

I think placing faith your "God" is equally as smart as placing faith in our legal system that everyone keeps bashing.

No, they should NOT. It is

No, they should NOT. It is NOT HER FAULT. PERIOD!!!! Children are young, dumb, and lead by their emotions. Name a 15 year old that hasn't had a crush on an older man. Its Normal. IT IS NOT NORMAL FOR AN ADULT TO ACT ON THE CHILD'S FANTASIES! Exactly the opposite, it is their job to talk with them, let them know it could NEVER EVER happen, and if the child continues their advancements it is their job to let both an authority AND their parents know.

If this man had ANY sexual contact of ANY KIND (and yes text messaging sexually suggestive content IS CONTACT!) he should be imprisoned. It Is Our Place to judge him IF he is found guilty, and if we do not judge him for misappropriation with a minor than we are just as much at fault.


Minor or not, I'm so tired

Minor or not, I'm so tired of hearing it's always the "adults" fault. A teenager is not stupid and knows right from wrong...! A two year knows right from wrong...! A DOG knows right from wrong...! People make their choices, whether they be right or wrong. I'm definitly not taking sides, but they both are wrong...! IF that minor makes that choice to go over the line, it's what they choose to do... They are choosing to do what is wrong... And that works for the adult too...