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FIRST ON 3: Stabbing victim at Rhino Club confirmed 5-Star General in local gang


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Wilmington Police have confirmed Taaron Jones, who was stabbed to death outside the Rhino Club Sunday night, was a confirmed member "Double I" (ii) street gang.

Police say he held the rank of 5-star General and at the time of his death was the highest ranking member in Wilmington.

Police also say the walls inside the Rhino Club are painted in red and black, the primary colors of the "Double I" gang.

An investigator reports as well that employees at the Rhino Club use an electronic device similar to a cattle prod to attempt to gain control of patrons who are disruptive or fighting.

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What do you mean don't bring

What do you mean don't bring up the past. Have you ever heard of carma? Obviously not, the old addage is whatever you do will come back to you. His past is exact reason we are having this conversation to begin with. The fact that he was a 5 Star General means that he has definitly put his hands on more than one person in his day. It just came back, that's all.

its KARMA. Dummy.

its KARMA. Dummy.


You People is soooooo ignorant!!! HOw you all gone talk about other people kids and half of yall don't even know where and what yall kids doing with they life;;; Your son probably in a gang too but you don't know!!!! Its NOT like they gonna tell you!. IT was definately NOT that boy fault he got killed HE WAS THE VICTIM!!! YOU NEED FIND THE PERSON THAT KILLED HIM INSTEAD OF FOCUSING SOOOO MUCH ATTENTION ON WHAT HE DID IN LIFE!. Everybody makes mistakes that GOD will forgive them for... If he was white it wouldn't be such a BIG DEAL!!!!! Alot of racism in he world now in days. FInd out who killed him instead of focusing on him and he's dead;; What you all going to do?, let them suspect go FREE because the victim was possibly in a gang???? Get out of here with ALL that jibber jabber man! JUST IGNORANT!!!!!!

Find the person who killed him.

The fact remains no matter what he did, murder is still against the law of the land and of God. This person needs to be brought to justice. This person will probably continue to kill and may even be killed his/her self.


wwaytv3. the lil homie was one of the coolest and honest person you can meet. i hate when they try to trash a young black man name just because he in a gang in other words rollin with his friends and relatives. He didnt deserve to die no matter wht he was and thats the truth. R.I.P Tay Tay. AKA Merk Biddy. MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL.

gang member

You hate it when they try to trash a young black man just because he's in a gang? "They" don't have to trash him, because he's already trashed himself. In my opinion, anyone in a gang is trash, no matter what color you are. He wasn't just rollin with his friends and relatives. The business of the gang is making money, mostly by dealing drugs, i.e. selling poison on the street. Kind of the definition of trash isn't it?

By the way, what's wrong with the name his parents gave him? Why does everyone have to have ignorant sounding street names? Tay Tay? Merk Biddy? Sounds like something a baby says when he's learning to talk.

For everyone with a selective memory.

Below is a link for everyone who thinks this young man's past is only being commented on because he is black. Please read the comments section for the article below.

White victim, same comments.

two wrongs dont make a right

I can probably believe that this young boy wasnt posting hurtful comments on that link..Im praying for you to have an open heart!

Reporting FACTS

I want to applaud WWAY for having the guts to report the actual pertinent facts surrounding the Taaron Jones murder at the Rhino Club in downtown Wilmington. Don't expect to silence a real news outfit by playing that old, worn-out race card. Some people apparently think they can control content or prevent the truth from being revealed by making the "racist" accusation. I found the story extremely fair and well-balanced.

And to the merchants of downtown: My family and many of our friends no longer shop or go downtown at any time or for any reason, because downtown IS a dangerous place. I'm sick of the lazy, lame excuses made by city police and government. What a disgrace.

Know your facts

Hey, guess what.......The murder didn't happen "at" the Rhino Club. The murder didn't happen "in front" of the Rhino Club. Truth be told, the murder happened in the parking lot beside Slice of Life pizza. He was in the Rhino Club having a good time. There was NO fighting in the Rhino Club. Why is the Rhino Club being accused of spearheading a murder? I haven't heard Slice of Life being mentioned not ONE TIME! That is ridiculous. But I forget, Wilmington Police, news, and newspapers need to have a scapegoat so they can make everything seem kosher to the residents of Landfall and Wrightsville Beach. Guess what else, there are fights EVERYWHERE downtown. What about the marines that ride a stripper bus equipped with a stripper pole? They come down here EVERY weekend, get hammered, and start fights.....never fails. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. The young man's death is a unforgettable and unforgiveable tragedy, but let's get the facts straight before we start shutting clubs down and stereotyping groups of people!

Re; Know your facts

Does it matter where it happened? The truth is it happens anywhere. Most importantly, this is just something that we need to step up and fight against. If we don't stop sitting here arguing amongst our selves and find out what we can do to stop gangs. We will lose more, sons, fathers, brothers, cousins and even sisters, mothers and daughters. Because they are in the gangs as well. I don't care if we have to shut down all the clubs. What good do clubs do anyway? Tell me one good thing that comes from a club! Can you do that? If someone wants to drink, they can just drink at home. This way we don't have to lose family members to accidents caused by drunk drivers and we will know where our loved ones are at. If people would stay at home with their family, where they belong, we wouldn't see as much crime in the streets. Most of these crimes are commited while the productive members of society are sleeping. Why does ANYONE need to be out on the streets after 10 pm anyway, unless they are going to or coming home from their job?

The fact is

The fact is that Slice of Life Pizza hasn't received about 200 calls to the Police Dept. about fights, underage drinking and stabbings connected to it. All this started as an argument at the Rhino Club and spilled out into the street. Your cutsie little comments about Landfall, Wrightsville Beach, and the Marines are only a pathetic attempt to take attention away from the real truth. Your "facts" are twisted.

Murrow to pickney---downhill tragedy

Facts--- from these folks---we have gone from reporters like Murrow to pickney---just another reflection of decline in our culture and journalism- no wonder people turn this stuff off--way to hurtful and not to inform us

I couldn't agree more. There

I couldn't agree more. There are fights breaking out all the time. There was a homeless man stabbed on front street on saturday and a woman had a knife pulled on her monday night. I haven't seen anything about these crimes hyped up quite like this. It's amazing how the media can ruin the reputation of someone. People believe everything that they read. I commend the owner of the Rhino Club for cooperating with the WPD to help control violence on THE CORNER WHERE HIS BUSINESS IS. This could happen to any bar or restaurant downtown. The fact that now the media is criticizing the colors inside the club is absurd!! You could get petty like that with just about every bar or restaurant in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. WWAY has ruined a business with it's over-exaggeration of a terrible tragedy. Let's thank God that no one on the Rhino staff OR the staff of Slice of Life got hurt during this fight.

You act as if WWAY is the

You act as if WWAY is the only one that does this. If news outlets didn't try to find the most juicy stuff, they'd be out of the business. It's a business just like any other establishment. You have to report on the big stuff so that you keep viewers. If they reported boring news, who would honestly keep watching?

Is this scott pickey?

or do you work for wway..they didnt start it but they sure are the one stirring the pot..

Why not sooner??????

Why does it take a young mans death for ABC to act- Why does it take a tragedy like this for our leaders to speak out but do very little to address crime issue here? Why not sooner before an event like this

I ask that you open your bible and meditate

God has a plan for everyone of us..We all shall be judged one day..remember that!

Guest228: Judging?

Guest228: I read my Bible daily, thank you very much, and have been for more than 40 years. Furthermore, I'm not judging anyone, but if I did it would be "by the content of their character," as one of my heroes told us to do. I give thanks to God that His plan for my life was not to be a repeat felon and gang leader/general of a criminal group. I think it's sad that anyone should have to lose his life this way, but no amount of words are going to convince anyone "what a sweet guy he was." People should be forgiven for their wrongdoing, but they still have to face the consequences. I'm watching an entire generation perish because nobody will take responsibility for anyone's actions. Open your eyes and view reality instead of making excuses and pretending nothing is wrong.


I happen to know that some very nice and smart people have been sucked into gangs. The devil is the master deciever and anyone can be suckered in by his lies. Take Eve for example, she disobeyed God, by believing the lie of the devil. We are all defensely, when it comes to satan and only God can delivery us. Have you forgotten this?

Some people on here have no

Some people on here have no clue on what they are talking about. He is not the first or the last person on this earth that is in gang. There are both black and white ppl in gangs in NC (watch tv). No mother should have to go through this because of the act of a stupid person. All these negative comments about Mr. Jones is not going to change anything that happen Monday morning. The young man has lost his life and his killer is out on the streets. For someone to talk about his mother that u don't even know is wrong. You don't know what this women has went through or as tried to do for her son. This family has had two deaths in one month and all you stupid people can say is negative things. Get a life beside having your head so far u youe tail. Every one wasn't born as a million dollar baby and some of you people act like it. If u are so worried then maybe you should reach a hand out.

God bless his family and friends. Keep God first.

Fly the flag at half staff?

Since he was a decorated five star general, do we fly our flags at half staff?

Please keep in mind that a family is grieving

God has a plan for you and everyone else on this blog..repent your words and ask GOD to come in your heart..

this is tough place

we tend to judge each other much too quickly- maybe we should leave that to the almighty---since none of us are saints?

I mean seriously! What does

I mean seriously! What does his background have to do with anything?? Mothers are not supposed to bury their kids under any circumstances! The news will bring the bad out on you if nobody else does. He was a very good man & well mannered. He was jus in the wrong place at the wrong time. He did not deserve to die. Wish ya'll would get ur facts together before putting them out there.((B.II.P Merk BIIDY)). We love u man!!

If his mother knew he was in

If his mother knew he was in a gang, she knew she would be burying him before he buried her. That's the way gang life works. Don't act like you are so enraged that people are talking crap about this kid. He was living the life and he probably knew it would happen sooner or later. He was the gang leader right? I know you don't get to the top without stepping on a lot of heads to get there.

I sure hope you dont have

I sure hope you dont have any kids...and if you do may God be with you too!

His history

Taaron's history has everything to do with why he was killed early Monday morning. He was a gang member rappin at a club where Folk nation gang members were at. Taaron and the eastside folk nation members had issues... Taaron was in the gang lifestyle and that is why he is dead, plain and simple.

I'll bet anything that this

I'll bet anything that this picture of the "General" is just one of his many mugshots. Just saying.

I hear that....

It certainly wasn't from his College ID....