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FIRST ON 3: Stabbing victim at Rhino Club confirmed 5-Star General in local gang


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Wilmington Police have confirmed Taaron Jones, who was stabbed to death outside the Rhino Club Sunday night, was a confirmed member "Double I" (ii) street gang.

Police say he held the rank of 5-star General and at the time of his death was the highest ranking member in Wilmington.

Police also say the walls inside the Rhino Club are painted in red and black, the primary colors of the "Double I" gang.

An investigator reports as well that employees at the Rhino Club use an electronic device similar to a cattle prod to attempt to gain control of patrons who are disruptive or fighting.

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He is a GODs army right now

and one day he might just be the one to fight along with the angels in the coming of Christ..God have mercy on your soul!

I didn't know leaders of

I didn't know leaders of violent, drug dealing gangs went to Heaven - I thought they generally ended up in a warmer location.

No Way

To become a thug,to do the things he had to do, he had to walk away from Christ, in both actions and his heart.

Say what you need to to make yourself feel better, but forgiveness wasn't in his soul when he died.

God's army?

I doubt it. Since he was a gang leader, involved in the drugs and violence that goes along with it, I would say he might be headed the other way. If he had been a good Christian, or a Church leader, I'd agree with you. But, I'd say he has more in common with the devil than God.

Rhino Club

While I think it is sad that any mother should have to bury their child this way, I can honestly say his lifestyle lead him to this sad way to die.
As far as the bar owners. This club has been in trouble a lot and I have heard things that go on there are not good!! It is this type of bar that gives the honest bar owners who are only trying to make a living a bad name. If the police had of put more cops at this bar knowing there was trouble here quite often, instead of standing in front of City Saloon this story might....I am saying might of had a different ending. So I do not condone gangs, drinking out of control etc. but some people do go out for a drink....LET THE CITY LEADERS LIKE SAFFO AND THE COUNCIL AND THE POLICE LOOK AT THE ENTIRE PICTURE. NOT ALL BARS DOWNTOWN ARE A PROBLEM!

Negativity only leads to more negativity

May God have mercy on your soul!

City Limits hires those cops

City Limits hires those cops to stand out front to prevent any issues. They are off duty and not on city time.

I would guess that Rhino

I would guess that Rhino Club didn't hire off-duty cops because they didn't want them there. It would just scare off their preferreed clientelle.

Rhino Club use an electronic

Rhino Club use an electronic device similar to a cattle prod HAHA get your facts straight ., Its a FLASH LIGHT WOW ., really always trying to Bash the Clubs and just cause it happened out side of the club doesn't mean it happened in the club its not even the same thing .,.,

flashlight? ive seen the

flashlight? ive seen the employees at rhino light that thing up a time or too, and it wasnt a led. i think they employee told me it was 200,000 watts... aprox. 150,000 watts more than what you can find in a police officers taser.

5-Star Loser

This is not a shock to me and it should not be to others. This Thug has been a member of this gang for quite a long time, for him to make 5-Star. Gangs in Wilmington should be considered Domestic Terrorists and should be treated as such. A vast majority of the violent crime in this city is due to Gangs. The city is undersiege and it is like no body can see this except for the educated. The individuals that morn this Animals death are part of the problem.

People of the infected areas of town have to stand up UNITED and say no more. The police Dept is not to blame when a individual has NO act right!!!!!!! This is a parents job to teach this and if they failed at this, they have no one to blame but themselfs. Not the City, The Club or the police. All I can see is a Hunter that became the Hunted. He is no longer a drain on our community and we are one step safer. One less Gang member(Terrorist)is a good thing. The price he paid is his and his alone. If this makes some people mad then maybe you need to look at the way you are living. THE TRUTH HURTS.

Infected areas?

News flash! There is no such thing as infected areas. Wilmington has gangs all over. Open your eyes get the facts and look around you the signs are everywhere. Don't be so blind that you cannot see. There may just be gangs in your own backyard.

See gangs for what they really are!

God have mercy on your soul! Just because one gang member is off the streets, does not mean that we are any safer. Now, there is a risk of retaliation from the rival gang. I am not afiliated with any gang and I don't condone there actions, however I know that the only thing that will stop them is the Lord God Almighty. We must all band together and pray for the salvation of our city, otherwise it amy become so currupt that we will be forced out. These gangs are the devil's tools to take our childrens' lives.

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

Most people know the story of the 3 little pigs, it teaches you to do your work before you play, it says don't build with straw, don’t build with sticks, build something that lasts, build with bricks. The problem is that it suggest that you can really build something that lasts, by yourself. It also says, who's afraid of the big bad wolf - not me.

The first problem is that this world is passing away, the wages of sin is death, we all die, and the world as we know it will come to an end. We look forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the gift of God in Jesus Christ. Sure you can build a house of bricks, and it may keep you safe from some things, but its not enough. Even the 3 little pigs learned this, although the wold could not blow it down, if there was no fire in the fireplace, the wolf could come down the chimney. While you may have some wood for the fireplace, there comes a day when you run out, and must go out to get more, and the wolf will be waiting.

You just can't save yourself, there are many things you can do, many things you can try - but there is good reason to fear the big bad wolf - because its not one thing. These days there are many people who do not fear the devil. Many do not even believe he is real. But he is real, and we are told that he is a prowling lion looking for someone to destroy. The devil is real, and his is not our only enemy, the world and the flesh are also out to seduce us, and to destroy us.

We have 3 real enemies - these 3 are the thief. The thief has only come to steal, kill and destroy. Whenever you see loss, death, and destruction you know that the enemy is at work. And while there are many things you can do, and while you can certainly build a house of brick, and live a healthy lifestyle - no matter how hard we try, we cannot save ourselves.

We cannot save ourselves, but Jesus can, Jesus does. We cannot overcome sin, death and the devil by ourselves, but Jesus has. Jesus has overcome by the cross, and the empty tomb, and resurrection from the dead. Jesus has not only overcome, but Jesus has conquered. Jesus saves. Jesus can save us from the world, the flesh, and the devil, and Jesus can even save us from ourselves. Jesus came that he might give us life, not just ordinary life, but abundant life, everlasting life in the new heaven and the new earth where there is no more sin, or sickness, or suffering, or sorrow.

And while many people know about the 3 little pigs, the only thing that really matters, the only thing we really need to know, is to know about our Savior, to know about Jesus. People have taught us about Jesus, because Jesus is our Savior and we need a savior from the world, the flesh, and the devil who are all seeking to steal, kill and destroy.

So the Spirit works through the word to create faith in our hearts. Faith which teaches us to know our Saviors voice. Faith which leads us to follow him, faith which hope in the abundant and everlasting life which we are promised in his name. So Jesus has called us to life.

man shut about if

man shut about if your family member died and we were all on here bashing their name but didnt know anything about them..their life or what they have been through? Stop looking your nose up at people and keep the negative comments to your self big and bad saying all this behind a computer but i would dare you to say any of this to the family's face...haha...enough said...RIP Taaron Jones aka Merk Biiddy...the realist 5Star..and ya know that!

Are you yourself ready when God calls your name?

Please dont judge..submit a solution as to how to end this violence..remember you too shall be judge even for the comments you posted unless you repent..

Its Sad

It's sad to see how raciest and unimpassioned some of you are. A life is not ours to judge. If he was a gang member or college grad he faced his judgement already. When someone white dies you don't see people disrespecting them or there family. People make bad decisions everyday and that was evident by some of the post I seen. Instead of downing people and praising that fact that a son, a friend, a brother, a grandchild, a human being has been killed why don't you use you energy to think of positive things to encourage the others to do. Comments like some of the ones I seen only enrages anger because some of you clearly have do not respect for someones life. No being a gang member is not good and I will not justify that but he was still a human. When you die amongst the things some people could say about you they can also add raciest to you life long journey. I wish you all well and hope instead of bashing someone you can be a blessing to someone!

Positive Thoughts

I'd like to think positively that at least one person will have enough sense to see the way this young man lived his life and make the connection as to why he is dead at such a young age. That at least one person will resist the temptation to join a gang because of even the leader's aren't safe. Life is precious as many have stated, why waste it in the negative aspects of the world - rise above.

I'd also like to use this moment to positively educate anyone who reads this:

It is spelled racist.
Strippers and prostities are racey and perhaps the raciest people.

Also don't confuse hatred of gang members for racism. People here crap on ne'er-do-wells of all colors. Especially gang members whether they be black, white, asian or latino.

5 star general....

Means He was almost, (not likely) HEAD of the GANG, Wearing a over 21 wrist band when He is only 19....
Dealing drugs/fighting over turf/ and lord knows what else...
I'm in a position into looking at the OWNER of this so-called club to see if HE Himself was involved? Maybe he was the COC, (Chief of command)...
A needless death that could of been prevented, but was not...
This *man* (I use this term usely,) was akin to the Cumbly Family, >sp< family that dealt drugs/murder and other crimes against the citizens of Wilmington for many years...

Remember you too shall be judged

As you wrote this comment, it was also being written in the book of judgement under your name..wont be able to hide from GOD that day so repent for the sins you committed against this young man and his family

Put these people to work

People have to identify with something. This is why young people join gangs, because they think it's cool. There is nothing else for them to do. Give these people a reason to strive for a good life. There is nothing for them when the economy continues with no work being generated, continues to be outsourced and people are hired from out of the country to come in rather than hiring locals. Anybody but Americans it seems!


Thank you WWAY for reporting this!!! So far you are the only one reporting this. Star News nor WECT have stepped up and done the same! This kid was bad news!! Now everyone has the proof they need!!

Live By The Sword

"Live by the sword, die by the sword". In other words, living your life in a certain way will, in the end, affect your destiny. The sad part is that it also affects their children's destinys and all their loved ones.


that this cat was a thug after all.What do you good folks that have defended him got to say now? Just another punk off the streets and many more to go.

I mean why would you even

I mean why would you even say something like that?? Do u know him....NO! Al these unnecesarry comments are irrelevent! What if it was your son?...Would u want somebody 2 say that about him! Know the facts before u speak on them!

My 19 y/o son, I know for a

My 19 y/o son, I know for a fact wouldn't be out at two am at a club. If he was I would be looking for his behind to bring him home because this is what happens after hours. I'm not putting the young man down because he made some bad choices but he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time as my grandmother used to say.

So he was a gang memeber

Now you see why people are all up in arms about having any sympathy for this guy. He was some kind of street general in a ridiculous street gang. It's completely ridiculous. What kind of general and what did he do. The club also perpetuates this nonsense by letting them in with their walls the same as their gang colors. They probably claim that club as their set and anyone outside gets killed or beat down for disrespecting. I say close it and get rid of it permanently. Sorry, thats just the way it has to be in my humble opinion.

Whats ridiculous is that you dont know this is someone's child

God have mercy on your soul

closing club

well i think closing the club will not solve the problem the owner didnt know this young man and his memebers all he knew is that they were patrons in that case close all the bars downtown because some of them at some point in time have had some kind of problems of fights disruptions what ever you would like to call it!!

Didn't know he was in a gang? Please!

Look at this youtube video and what is he singing about?

I agree, it is hard to have

I agree, it is hard to have sympathy in light of this one ever deserves to die but I shudder to wonder exactly what he may have done to others to become the "highest ranking" gang member...