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FIRST ON 3: Stabbing victim at Rhino Club confirmed 5-Star General in local gang


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Wilmington Police have confirmed Taaron Jones, who was stabbed to death outside the Rhino Club Sunday night, was a confirmed member "Double I" (ii) street gang.

Police say he held the rank of 5-star General and at the time of his death was the highest ranking member in Wilmington.

Police also say the walls inside the Rhino Club are painted in red and black, the primary colors of the "Double I" gang.

An investigator reports as well that employees at the Rhino Club use an electronic device similar to a cattle prod to attempt to gain control of patrons who are disruptive or fighting.

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deserves to die ?

In several posts I have read the words, "nobody deserves to die." What does that mean ? Everyone will die someday, just some sooner than others. You can live in ways that will shorten your life span ie; smoking, drinking excessively, driving too fast and of course, being in a gang. One more question if I may; what does the letters "SMH" mean ?

General Taaron

Oh my ! So he was the General Thug, his family must be SO proud.

Yo, a General... are they

Yo, a General... are they going to bury him at Arlington???

Remember every action has a consequence

and unfortunately this action is costing you God's disapproval..repent your words and tell the family you are sorry or wait until you meet the LORD which will be too late


Said "Remember every action has a consequence". Yes, and your boy Taaron got his.

You can save your preaching for Sunday, I am atheist. My son isn't in a gang nor at bars at 2 a.m., he doesn't even drink. Perhaps teaching your children reality instead of filling their heads with a fairy tale might help.

We need more info

Was he a brigadier or a major general? "In short of matters il-legal, vi-o-lent and criminal I am the very model of a modern major general" (With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. A violent death is simply an occupational hazard to druggies and gang bangers. The sad part is that their friends and families seem to accept that.

Another low life off the streets

No big loss here! Just another low life thug off the street. Had no bright future what so ever, many run in's with the law.

Have no sympathy for him nor his family what so ever. They knew what their son was up to (NO GOOD).

Another one bites the dust!

"No big loss here"

"No big loss here" bout you reverse the role. Your child is in a gang and he is a legal adult so therefor can make his/her own decisions.pretend you are Taaron Jones mother and have just learned your child has been stabbed to death. No matter if you agreed or disagreed on him/her being a gang member, you will always love your child.that love and pain will never go away. Now tell me how the hell you would feel if your child got stabbed to death?? still think of it as "no big loss"?? because somewhere out there, the beloved family and friends are mourning and highly consider it a Big Loss.
your pathetic comment on here disgust a way it shows your character and how you would react if your child died even though they may be a gang member.

Gang? General?

Seriously? I mean what does a gang in Wilmington actually do?

Here's a follow up

and it can likely be done from a desk and computer. So go to it WWAY.

Where did he work, if at all? Was he getting taxpayer dollars to support himself, his child & the child's mother?

Where did he live? Public Housing -- if so get on WHA and find out how he could reside there? And how many just like them are in public housing?

What did he drive? If he was not working, how could he have wheels?

Sadly, his half brother, the football star, was killed in an auto incident. How could 2 brothers be so far apart in lifestyle?

That should give someone a few things to check.

they aren't half brothers

they aren't half brothers they are ex step brothers

SurfCityTom..You need Jesus

A person who calls themselves a christian wouldnt speak ill of the dead. Im going to pray for you..sounds like you have a lot of hostility and maybe something happened in your lifetime that you feel that you have to make these hateful remarks. One day we will all be meeting our maker who will judge you and anyone else for the harsh words you speak on this blog unless you repent..I am going to go out on the limb and apologize to any one I might have offended including you...Its time for a united community everyone..there is no color when someone is murdered..lets all remember that you are still here typing hurtful comments and this boy isnt..get down on your knees and repent..the devil is very busy on this blog and the last thing we need to be doing is fueling the fire..anyone that finds this comment funny or wishes to make fun of it is the devil still and I rebuke you before you even reply...Remember God loves all his children regardless of can a person say that they love someone whom they never seen but can not love their brother!!

Follow Up



you ask. Real Simple. IF you detect a pattern, you might more easily identify others with the same pattern and perhaps membership inthe same or a rival gang.

That's why.

An investigator, who can identify the pattern might get ahead of the trend and then might prevent future incidents.

I guess you've missed the 50

I guess you've missed the 50 or so stories in the last year on the arrest and seizure of hundreds of thousands of dollars of heroin/pills/marijuana. Who do you think is selling them once they hit the street?


I think after our congressmen, dirty cops, and crooked goverment officials that individuals speak so highly of; ensure the delivery of those drugs into our country; then distribute them accordingly that they are sold and distributed among the low level street dealers.

People are quick to recognize drug dealer on the corner but seriously WHERE DO THEY COME FROM, HOW DO THEY GET INTO OUR COUNTRY, WHO HAS THE MONEY TO BUY DTUGS IN LARGE QUANTITIES????? Think people, think!

I think the people who are on this web-site commenting and being negative really need to do some soul searching. You speak of GOD and Karma! GOD does not measure sin, and sin is sin no matter how you look at it. Therefore, everyone who has used tis child's name in vain should also remember KARMA!

Crime and devestation does not have a socioeconomic preference! Media sensationlism does. Yes the media sensationalises the story of the thug, andyou never hear of the well to do that uses drugs and sells her body, or drowns her baby because she was high, or the preacher that raped his daughter after church every sunday. MY MOTHER ALWAYS TOLD ME TO BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION NOT THE PROBLEM.....YOU PEOPLE ARE SO DIGUSTING YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!

what do gangs do?

They kill each other and commit CRIMES.

How many gangs do you see cleaning garbage off the highways (unless they are inmates), helping old folks repair their homes, donating to the food bank, collecting coats for the homeless or doing ANY good community services? ......... That's what I thought.

This guy was important in his own little twisted world. Pathetic really.

if gang members where to

if gang members where to actually give back by donating and helping the elderly etc. how would you even react....i believe our society would be stunned and act in a manner such as racism. i believe if a gang member was to step into an old folks home and do volunteer work, they would be rejected the second they walked in the door, because racist and prejudice people see them as nothing but violent and have no future....dont you see that if they were willing to walk through those doors that its called "change" and the willingness to better not only them selves but others. That is if they were to give back to the community instead of criminal activity.

If gangs do it right, they

If gangs do it right, they are sometimes welcomed in the projects. About 10-15 years ago, a gang was selling drugs out of Taylor Homes. But they were also doing things like buying formula and diapers for young mothers, giving money to other residents who needed it. So, the community protected them when the police came looking, let them hide out in their homes, etc. They simply just looked the other way while the gang poisoned their community with crack. Some cultures would protect the very people destroying them, just so that "the Man" won't lock up another brotha.

by their own making

You're darn right that is how people would view gang members doing service projects and giving back to the community. You know why? Its because THEY have created an image for themselves of how THEY want society to see them. People view gang members as worthless trash, because that is exactly how gang members present themselves to the world. They feed off violence, intimidation, territoriality and crime...nothing more.

Stop with this racism crap, nobody is racist for seeing gang members for who they are...thugs! Gangs portray the EXACT image they want people to view them as, there is no magical racial curtain over peoples eyes making them view gangs and gang members unfairly, and it is absolutely NOT racist to see gang members for what they are. The bottom line is that those people crying racist are so self deluded and filled with denial(or hopelessly brainwashed) that they are incapable or unwilling to see the truth: Gangs are evil and a scourge to civilized society, they have no place in this city or anywhere else...ever!

They do nothing man,

They do nothing man, absolutely nothing but cause trouble obviously. Wilmington should take a proactive move in ridding the city of this garbage called gangs.

If the city REALLY tried to

If the city REALLY tried to do something, it'd be labeled racist.

I am so tired of the race

I am so tired of the race card.... white, black, hispanic, it does not matter. When you are bad news you are bad news. EVERY time something happens, the black community throws out the race card. Any loss of life is a sad thing and no mother deserves this pain but if the truth be known, he was a criminal and, unfortunately, that lifestyle leads to these consequences. Sad for his Mom but LEAVE THE RACE CARD OUT OF IT. On the news all we hear is "He was such a good boy." That is crap. He was not...... he probably initiated violent crimes on others. If only others would learn from this and maybe the gangs would dissappear.