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Dems pick Charlotte for 2012 convention

READ MORE: Dems pick Charlotte for 2012 convention

AP National Political Correspondent

WASHINGTON, DC (AP) -- A Democratic official says the party will hold its 2012 presidential convention in Charlotte. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because the announcement was not intended to be made public until later Tuesday.

The North Carolina city beat out three others: St. Louis, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Cleveland.

Gov. Beverly Perdue says the Democratic National Committee's decision to bring its 2012 presidential convention to Charlotte is good news for state residents of all political leanings.

First lady Michelle Obama wrote to DNC members Tuesday announcing that Charlotte would host the September 2012 convention, about two months before the expected re-election campaigns for President Obama and Perdue.

Perdue called a national political convention a keystone event that will help the state's economy and showcase Charlotte around the world.

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OMG, look at all these comments. I'm tired of the election already. Oh, wait, that's NEXT year, right?

Democratic Convention in Charlotte

The Democrats got a "toe hold" in the south when NC broke from other southern states and went Democratic during the last presidential election. This is supposed to be a "reward" to NC. Charlotte will benefit economically, but the state will be in focus for all the wrong reasons.

In other news

Fighter jets from Cherry Point MCAS, Pope AFB and Seymour Johnson AFB all announced they plan on doing bombing runs in Charlotte at the same time.


We could only HOPE for the CHANGE that would bring. A removal of sponges would be very beneficial to the welfare system.

Nice job guesty

You got all the democrats in a hissy here posting and squaking.


Was that your attempt at humor?

Convention Center

I can't believe they did not choose Wilmington's Convention Center.

Did you seriously just make

Did you seriously just make a bomb threat against the DNC?


While the comment was stupid and very predictable, a bomb threat it was not.


Where in this post did anyone make a threat? Please locate it and let us all know.

Of course

Because I control the military in this country. Dolt., he didn't.

You have some AMAZINGLY bad reading comprehension if you think his comment meets the legal requirement of making a bomb threat.

You obviously can't recognize fantasy.


Fighter jets don't do bombing runs.

FYI, check again

And I guess I'm making it up where F14 Tomcats, F15, F22 and AV-8 Harriers drop bombs. And we won't even go into the foreign nations fighters that according to you don't drop bombs.,15240,83082,00.html?

Wanna bet?

Almost all our military aircraft are now dual role capable. The bombs that are occasionally/rarely dropped in Afghanistan (because we might kill some enemy) are delivered by F-15s, F-16s, F-18s, etc. All of them can be equipped for air to air combat if needed.

Well thats not good.

Well thats not good. Considering Charlotte is the second largest financial district in the U.S.

True, but it would be worth it

And both banks headquartered there have taken federal money, BoA and Wachovia both had their paws out for bailout dollars.

just stop it you idiot.

just stop it you idiot.


So sorry if I hurt your little feelings. Wait, no, I'm not. Get over yourself.


I think they were tring to tell you that post made you sound like an idiot. This post proves you are one.


I would care what you would think because?