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ONLY ON 3: Man charged with impersonating officer after posing as woman on Craigslist

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Man charged with impersonating officer after posing as woman on Craigslist

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County man is accused of posing as a sheriff's deputy after he sent an e-mail to another man he was allegedly trying to scare. But that's only half the story. The whole incident started with the website Craigslist. The man who was arrested had been on the site posing as a woman.

The Brunswick County Sheriff's Office says Timothy Andrew Huffman posed as an 18-year-old woman looking for men on Criagslist. He allegedly used photos of his roommate to entice men to send their own photos, including several of the men naked. Investigators say Huffman would then reveal himself as a man, and ask the men if they wanted to meet. This is where Huffman allegedly would use those photos against the men who wanted no part of the "casual encounter," as Craiglist categorizes it. Officers say Huffman told one man he would show the photos he sent to family and friends on Facebook if the man did not agree to a face-to-face meeting.

We had our own encounter with Huffman as he left the Brunswick County Jail Wednesday. Huffman denied threatening to post the pictures.

The victim agreed to a meeting off a back road in Brunswick County. The victim and two friends met Huffman. Moments later Huffman called the sheriff's office for help.

Sheriff's deputies when they found Huffman, he told them he was abducted, assaulted and then left in the middle of nowhere. Investigators say Huffman's story did not add up.

After more questioning and a search of Huffman's computer and emails, investigators say they found the whole story. That's when deputies say Huffman broke the law by contacting the victim and posing as a sheriff's deputy. Huffman asked the victim for his personal info.

Wednesday officers arrested Huffman and charged him with impersonating an officer. Huffman said detectives asked him for info on the victim, and that was the reason why he posed as a cop.

"I was trying to get them the information and ended up getting myself in trouble," he said.

As for the accusations of blackmail, Huffman said he was not trying to entrap people online.

"No, because the person who did this, the first meet up, we actually met up before just as friends," Huffman said.

As for the victim, his father said his son learned a big lesson in not trusting everyone online.

"This guy seemed to be a very trustworthy girl to start with, but turns out not to be a girls at all," the man's father said.

Huffman is out of jail on a $1,000 secure bond. Investigators say at this time they do not expect to file any other charges.

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yes he is a predator but so

yes he is a predator but so is the other guy sending nude pics to you girls


Gay or not, this guy is nothing more than a sexual predator.

you know the other guy could

you know the other guy could also be called a predater for he did send a nude pic of himself to who he thought was a woman trying to get sex also

yes he is a sexual preditor

yes he is a sexual preditor but in the same token by the guy sending nude pics to girls trying to get sex makes him one to.


The TRUTH of the matter is that only half the story is being told here. You want to find out what really happened, I guess you will have to find out when this guys court date is and be there. There are other charges beside the one mentioned in this story.
All of you want to yell "hate crime." This wasn't about hate. This was about Huffman continually harassing the victim until he drove him to action. But, I guess because he is gay that is why he was beat up. That sounds alot like "Oh look, they arrested that black guy with the crack pipe because he's black."
If I was the victim, I would have done the same. You can only push people so far and we aren't talking about 2 or 3 emails here. There was enough to make a book of them.

Just a quick comment me

Just a quick comment me email has a block on it. and as far as that goes my tv has an on and off.all the guy had to do is block the emails. you as an American has the right to not read watch nor hear what you do not want to.You can just cut the machine off.

And That is what we have the

And That is what we have the Police for you do not take the law in your own hands.

Go to the police??? And,

Go to the police??? And, just has been proven in all the comments, the gay guy would have become the victim just because he is gay. So go to the police, go to the news. It will get you nowhere. The victim did go to the police and it was all ignored. That is until something happened. Which, by the way, is the norm. Nothing gets done until it is too late.
Posting pics was not the only threat made. Was the victim supposed to sit back and wait until this guy made good on his threats? That is what it would have took to get the police to intercede. Action.
The gay guy just needs to be happy that the men didn't do more than they did. If they had been the real violent type, he may not be able to talk about it which, we all know, that this area is full of people that are loose cannons enough to have done more.
So, you can say all you want. We all have the right to protect ourselves and that is exactly what happened here.

No by making an apointmet

No by making an apointmet to mee the guy and taking others with you to attack him makes him a victom also not the fact he was gay as one of the other post reads two wrongs dont make a right

OMG homophobes well do

OMG homophobes well do nothing at trying to keep the gay world down.Face it its not a choice to be gay you are born that way and you can not judge a whole community on what one indivdual does if we did where would that put white people in general or Blacks or musslims or christians. we are all humanes and only God should judge

Born that way???

If "gays" are born that way, then why was this guy "recruiting?"

This victim is only one of four that he was emailing with. Look at it anyway you want. He was recruiting.

You seem to have a question

You seem to have a question to gays being born that way.Well I can say I was. I would not have chosing to be repetaly attacked in jr high to the point of quiting school. and no i did not do anything to provoke it and at 16 was beat and threating with a sickle by two men simply becouse I was setting out side a gay bar.and at 18 being jumped at a service station by three men beating and having my 1974 country squire wagon pulled onto my leg.becouse I had just left a gay bar right across the they did not rob me and many many more abuses over the years.From people who think I chose this life.If you are gay your are born that way you just dont wake up one morning and say I think ill be an outcast now.Do you think that if some man came to you and tried to recruit you you could change?and if you could then you would not be gay you would be bisexual.So yes Gays are born Gay just as Bisexuals are born Bisexual and Straights are Born Steaight Now as for this case the news did not say they jumped this guy just becouse he was gay. I cant say that it was not a cotributing factor. for I do not know any of the people involved.But they are better ways to handle any situation then violance.

you cannot recruit!

YOU cannot RECRUIT, you IDIOT! If someone doesn't want something, they won't do it. Uneducated fool. How uneducated and stupid can these comments get? Can YOU be recruited? If so, YOU'RE LEANING THAT WAY... Again, lack of education. Period. Criminals are criminals. Orientation has nothing to do with it. There are no straight sexual deviants? None of them? Are you kidding?

When someone tells me that

When someone tells me that you can not be born that way then there telling me thay were not born straight.That as humans we are born and then program to be one way or another. So lets discribe this.I have just had a child oh as a loving parent I think I want my child to be beat and ridicuiled and be an out cast to sociaty so Im going to make sure there "programed" to be gay.I dont think that anyone would wont there child to be gay.As far as that goes I dont think anyone would choose a life where they do not have the equal oportunities as everyone else.Where at anytime you could lose your job or your home for just being gay and there is nothing you can do about it.And for those who say taht you cant be fired or be evicted for being gay chack our laws in NC yes you can.

So what you are saying is

So what you are saying is you would be able to switch teams.

And we wonder...

...why GAYS aren't really wanted in the military. Geeeeezzz...

What has this got to do

What has this got to do about gays in the military.Besides I Know many of gays in the military and none of them would do this. Besides did the guy know what the other wanted.Apparenly yes thats why he brought friends so the could attack him. Why did he not go to the cops

The victim agreed to a

The victim agreed to a meeting off a back road in Brunswick County. The victim and two friends met Huffman. Moments later Huffman called the sheriff's office for help. This tells you who assalted him your news cast says the victim and two friends met him there and then the sherrifF was called for help just moments after they met. Face it this was a HATE crime being sweept under the carpet.

The Assualt

Many of you have commented on why we didn't spend more time on the assault.

Huffman says that he cannot identify any of the people who he says hit him, so the Sheriff's Department hasn't charged anyone with assault.

Scott Pickey
News Director


Scoott did you read this segmant, The victim agreed to a meeting off a back road in Brunswick County. The victim and two friends met Huffman. Moments later Huffman called the sheriff's office for help. you are calling the assaulters victims youve talked with them and there father so has the police.

Another correction

"Huffman then immediately called police"

He waited days to call. Anybody want to guess why? He was busy covering his tracks because he knew he did something wrong.

I agree he did do something

I agree he did do something wrong by posing as a woman and then trying to do what he treid but at the same time two wrongs do not make a soon as this guy found out it was a guy why did he keep talking with him.Ok so he may have had a nude pick of the guy big deal.we all are the same.I do not think any woman has something tah another dont nor any man.hafe something that another man dont.If we start teaching our kids not to be ashamed of the nude body there would not even had been a problem.after all we all came in his world nude.and God made us all

it looks as if the police

it looks as if the police would not arrest the guys hat assauled this gou and that is why he was posing as an officer to find out who hey were.The news classiies them as victims but in reality they assaulted this guy which makes him a victim also

Why did WWAY not focuse more

Why did WWAY not focuse more on the assault. After all the three guys that assaulted him were also breaking the law.And Commited a hate crime.We all know what was on there minds when they went to meet this guy.This could have easaly turned into another Matthew Shepard story.

whats really sad is that i

whats really sad is that i know this person...

is this an article?

ok so investigators say he got pictures from craigslist?

ok ?

was he charged with something ?

i guess he was since a mug shot was involved ?

"They say Huffman ended up posing as a sheriff's deputy trying to get personal information on the victim."

was that the charge,impersonating an officer?

yes he was.But it the police

yes he was.But it the police and wway need to focuse on the assault because it appearse to be a hate crime

Hate crime??

This was not a hate crime. Huffman started all this himself by posing as a female for straight men. Geeez the 3 men where asked to the location by Huffman, Huffman was attempting to commit crimes against the 1 man. Who is to blame here?

from what the story told me

from what the story told me Huffman was trying to have intament relations with the other guy.I dont believe the other guy was being blacked mailed.Becouse the police said how he would reveal himself as a man they know this becouse this is what they sate but when it comes to the blackmail the cops say he allegedly thay have read the emails and they know what they say.Thgeese guys set him up for a gay bashing its as simple as that

face it he imbarrised the

face it he imbarrised the guy so the guy set up a meeting with him and then got two of his friends to go with him to teach him a lesson.Yes that is a crime he could have went to the cops the cops could get him for attemted crimes against nature.But they wanted to take the law in there own hands we can not allow this to happen.We pay the police to inforce the laws so they should. By he guys assaulting the guy it made them no better then he