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FIRST ON 3: Pantano will challenge McIntyre again for Congressional seat in 2012


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - WWAY NewsChannel 3 has learned that Ilario Pantano will announce tomorrow that he will challenge Rep. Mike McIntyre again in 2012.

The Republican ran against the seven-term congressman and gave him the closest race McIntyre has had since winning office.

Both spent some $3 million leading up to the November election.

Wilmington resident Del Pietro has also announced he will run against McIntyre as a Democrat.

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lets find new blood

we have to be able to find a better candidate with a fresh face. One whio doesnt come with all the negatives of Pantano-he wont beat Mike

Jason is the one

Lets draft Jason thompson--why settle for a half wit in congress like Pantano when we could have the whole thing in Jason thompson

pantano and Palin=book it

Not conventional but better than what we have--Palin better than that loser in the WH--and Pantano better than MIke - I wont run again McIntyre--we need change--any change beats what we have

I'm not sure Pantano will win, but.... is obvious from all of the posts below that there are surely a lot of eyes on him!!! Very similar to the people that whine and complain about WWAY's reporting methods...they are still here everyday reading WWAY's news!

Pantano wont win

If you cant win when republicans are sweeping how will you ever win in 2012--cant happen here then either.

no he cant

he wont be able to raise the same amopunt of money--and mike has moved way to center- he will lose big next time if he is still running

pantano wont win

there will be no new issues- same old guys--same charges-
he couldnt win a a bad year for democrats-he wont win in2012

Big shock they didn't say

Big shock they didn't say where the announcement was made. Maybe they don't know? IT was made during on the Curtis Wright on the beat radio show. You know that show, it's the one that directly competes with that morning show that WWAY partnered with. WWAY scooped by WECT and Curtis Wright scoops the big talker, i guess the saying is right. Birds of feather...

Check the time

Actually, look at the times involved. We posted this story MONDAY AFTERNOON, more than half a day before Pantano made the announcement on WAAV. Who scooped whom?

News Content Manager
WWAY NewsChannel 3

"The Big Scoop"

Hey, how did you verify your source since the source would not confirm it until 8:12 AM this morning??? Did you learn that in Journalism class? Or, do you all have different standards for first, confirm the facts last??? No wonder your so far behind WECT.

Looks like we were right

Clearly our facts and sources were correct, as everything unfolded as we knew it would and as we reported. We did indeed learn in journalism class to verify our facts, which is why we had a few scoops yesterday, including this and the SBI investigation into Rex Gore, and did not incorrectly report last week an Azalea Festival concert that was never booked.

Thanks again for making WWAY YOUR choice for the news that matters in the Cape Fear!


To Kevin: I think the

To Kevin:

I think the comments posted are full of ignorance and stupidity here, but you defending your reporting on these posts takes away your credibility and brings you down to their level. People say all sorts of things on here. Just ignore it.

Oh...and getting a decent search feature on your website could help things out instead of that google mess you have now. It isn't accurate at all.


You have all these hard hitting scoops,then here comes the Bigfoot story.

so your saying you guessed?

so your saying you guessed? Oh but you guessed right, so that's ok! Your kinda like TMZ, first but unverified!

How did you post a story

How did you post a story about something that didn't happen until 12 hours later? Do you have a time machine? Did you just guess?? Or did you just choose to not verify the source before posting the story?

I am still unclear as to

I am still unclear as to where his funds for living expenses have come from over the last many years. It's a question that I don't remember ever being answered.

Pantano funds

it doesnt matter as long as they are legal- what matters are his views and that he is not Mike!

Um....have you paid off the last campaign?

I admire tenacity and determination. I admire paying your bills even more.

not unusal so why question

it is not that unusal to have debt left from a prior campaign--pantano hasnt taken as much as mad mike from local groups paying to play the game--so lets see what the issues are --not this nonesense unless we want to look at mad mike finances too

Oh no!!!!!!!!!

I guess now we can expect to start seeing those damn illegal signs. What an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

I would guess that he

I would guess that he announced he's running again just to get the donations coming in again to pay off the last campaign. It's either that or pay it out of his own pocket. And we all know that most politicians don't pay for anything themselves.

just ask Mike

Mike would know about funny money--over the years just look at his donations from all the special interests-- I suppose they didnt get anything in return?

Mikes financial issues

Congresman mike has fewer issues because he has been getting all those juicy donations from all the special interest for years--dont knock pantano for having issues- question mike about why he has been playing the same game for so many years with all these developers and others


Since Ilario isn't a politician, I guess it's up to him to pay his bills. Now McIntyre on the other hand, who know who's footing the bill for his campaign balance. He did outspend Ilario the whole race.

Is he running once again for

Is he running once again for political office? Yes. Then, he's a politician. A failed politician, but still a politician.

He Needs Those Donations

He Needs Those Donations Since He Doesn't Work And Is A Mr Mom Wanna Be Politician

Mr. Pantano has acquired a

Mr. Pantano has acquired a position with an investment advisory firm. That was reported here on WWAY several weeks ago.

haha...yeah pantano's got a

haha...yeah pantano's got a "job with an investment firm." what is he? managing financial marketing blah blah blah? on the beat this morning, he said he's going to spend his time at the post office and grocery stores and scout meetings. guess he's politicking and not working...again! how about serving our area for once first?! mcintyre spent his entire adult life serving the region and his home city and county before he ran. do something to prove your a leader. the only example i know of pantano in a crisis situation is breaching marine protocol and shooting two unarmed prisoners in the back. great.

pantano cares

At least give him credit for having the guts to run again and put up with the wacko and morons who come out of wood work during a campaign--on issues he is right for 7th

I agree, it's all about

I agree, it's all about money. If this is the best the 7th district can do, then Lord help us!!!!