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FIRST ON 3 & THE BIG TALKER FM: Thompson won't run again in 2012


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- This will be Jason Thompson's last term in elected office. At least for now.

This morning on The Morning Beat with Chad Adams on The Big Talker FM, Thompson said he will not run for office when his current term as a New Hanover County Commissioner expires in 2012. Thompson said the decision applies to all elected office. When Adams asked Thompson if he plans to run for Congress, Thompson said, "No."

Thompson said after serving in elected office for 12 years, he wants to spend more time with his family. He said he may run for office again in the future, but not until his son, who is six, is at least 15 or 16 years old.

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Thompson accomplished what?

Looking back what did he do for city and county? very little --good by and good luck

thompson the magic clown?

for us oldesters their use to be a show about the magic clown--he would make things disappear. With thompson it was our wallets--he took good care of his friends, special interest and himself. we lost our wallets. When it come sto crap--Jason wins by a huge margin. when it comes to integrity--well maybe we should ask louise mccoll?

saffo and thompson did do something

given the first ladies concern with obesity- we have to say thompson and saffo did a public service by going on a weight loss program. With regret they never did the same with public money-spend our money and tax us if they need more.

remember gravely

you are wrong- remember jason was all for transparency for money spent on parties for the vips--like him?


THANK YOU JASON...YOU HAVE GIVEN ME MY CHRISTMAS EARLY. I agree with all other would have never had a chance. Now if we can get rid of that stupid Mayor Saffo we will be in great shape.

thanks again Jason!!!!!!

when thompson goes marching out

When Thompson goes marching out
Barfield will surely pout
When Thompson goes marching out
developers will be in a rout
when thompson goes marching out
the rest of us will surely shout

remember we elected this joker- so lets not be too quick to denounce. who will developers get to do their dirty work now- Butler, Tomey, who next?

dr Thompson on ignorance and others

We will miss the learned and brilliant comments fro Mr. Thompson.
Working girls do it because they have issues and need the money. Thompson did it to help himself and special folks like Mccoll do right by themselves. He forgot about the rest of us. We will soon forget abot him

Barfield, Butler and the phony dems

let us remember that barfield, butler and those other spend and tax dems are the reason we went with jason thompson--better him than phonies like Barfield and Butler who are in with the developer and landlord crowd--and get huge donations from both. So dems stop attacking others--clean upo your own house first!

he will be back

JT is just running away for now--he will return hoping we forget

old crowd and old interest will help Thompson again

all the good ole special interest that control this town like titan, wid, louise mccoll and that crowd will help theirm ole pal sometime down the road. the developers and others have too uch too lose

Better ABLE than the Thompson crowd of crap

Thompson has been part of agroup that has run the city and county down. They have more failures than plusses---ABLE and the many people who support that group are far better for our community than the pompous self interested group controlling city council and the county. We can change the City Council this year by rejecting incumbents who stink out the place and the County in 2012 when we can send spend our money Barfield to work more closely with his fellow developers and realtors. They dont own us anymore- we have had enough.

Whose ignorant-not jason thompson

No- the emperor is smart- run and quit so voters cant send him a message --we would have liked that

I like Jason Thompson. He's

I like Jason Thompson. He's honest and talks the truth. I hope he runs for US House -- way better than Pantano.

dream race=pantano and thompson

it would make for agreat race between two titans-what a choice. As a dem I pray for it in republican primary. It would ensure we elect a dem in 2012

You'll have a Dem elected anyway

It will be Mike McIntyre.

Call Louise-she owes him?

well lets see- louise mccall gets all that dough for some celebrations from her buddies-thompson, saffo and tomey--so she will probably work his next campaign for free

You like him?

Fahgettaboudit!! You would appear to be terribly out-numbered by those who are ecstatic to see him go. Too many of these people have been in office far too long.

thwe movie the fighter andf thompson

when it comes to fighting and calling other people crap or worse--I would give the oscar to the movie and a big thumb down to that loser thompson

12 years=0

some of us had thompson for twelve years and he has done very little for community but a lot for his special friends and himself. He was against transparency for good reason


Best news this week, other than Billy Williams getting indicted. Take the other life-term folks with you, Jason. Best of luck to you and don't come back to local government in any way, shape or form. Thank you.


DONG, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, DING DONG the wicked witch is dead...


Glory be-jt is leaving

By by JT- we hate to see you go---your voice or calm and reason--your keen focus on the public and not your interest--oh you will be missed

He knows..................

He knows he has pissed off alot of voters and would not be re-elected. That is the real reason he is not running. But on second thought, he is to arrogant and full of himself to think he could be beat.

Hallelujah!!!!!!!! Good

Hallelujah!!!!!!!! Good riddance! He had to have known he'd have been voted out anyway!

Jason Thompson

Thank goodness! I am so tired of Jason Thompson's inflated ego and his pompous bombastic attitude. Maybe our next county commissioner will have to decency and good sense not to challenge a neighboring city's mayor to a fist fight in the parking lot because he got his feelings hurt. What a blowhard. Good riddance!

jason the joker runs wild

hey guys for 12 years we elected this clown-so maybe the joke is on us. he will laugh all the way home.

a small favor

He won't run because he knows he doesn't have a chance in hell to be elected again. His 1st grade demeanor, big mouth and arrogant attitude have already done him in. If he really wants to help NHC he would go ahead and resign now.

I would not be so sure

That if he ran again he would not be elected. Given the voting track record for both county and city citizens, he would probably make it. Heck he should have never been elected in the first place after his time with the city council. Everyone wants to complain about saffo, but there he still sits. I am glad to see JT go though, Barfield needs to follow.

I agree

Yes, there are so many blind people that keep electing these trolls into office. If we could clean out both city & county commissioners, mayor and the school board maybe then the city and county would be a nice place to live and work. I do think thompson had too much diarrhea of the mouth to be re-elected.

lay off JT- he came around sort of

Hey leave the guy alone. for years he was against making things public--even this year-he did not want us to know about his and saffos gift for McColl. But, then he developed run of the mouth and he couldnt keep quiet-so he did coem around in a strange kind of way.