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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Pantano announces 2012 run

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Pantano announces 2012 run

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- As WWAY reported FIRST ON 3 Monday afternoon, Ilario Pantano has announced a second run for Congress. The Republican made the announcement Monday morning during a radio appearance on WAAV.

In an e-mail to supporters Monday morning, Pantano said, "It is with a profound sense of honor and humility that I ask once again to be your candidate, a 'peoples' candidate' for the US Congress. We have worked hard this past year to build a better future for our families and I take not one step of our historic journey for granted."

Pantano ran for Congress last year, giving incumbent Rep. Mike McIntyre his toughest race since taking office in 1996.

Wilmington businessman Del Pietro has also announced he will challenge McIntyre next year, but in the Democratic primary.

Of course, there is no guarantee Pantano or Pietro will actually run against McIntyre. Using information from the 2010 Census, the state legislature will redraw Congressional districts in North Carolina before the 2012 election. With Republicans controlling both chambers in Raleigh, there is speculation that could mean McIntyre's home in Robeson County could be moved out of the 7th District, which covers much of southeastern North Carolina.

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pantano will win

Next time he wins--enough of socialist obama and mad mike----we need better and Pantano is that

who cares

he lost before- he will lose again--ran a very porr campaign and he is off to a bad start now

same guy-same result

He wont be as good a candidate as he was last time-novelty has run out--can reps find a better candidate-lets hope so


Do you numbskulls realize that war is different than politics? omg hopeless!

Republicans in congress

We need more- Pantano will be alot better for all in the 7th--Mike Mcintyre is a make believe conswervative--Pantano is for real

Pantano was never found innocent or exonerated

Pantano was never found innocent or exonerated of murder as many suggest. Read the article 32.
LET ME REPEAT: Pantano was never found innocent or exonerated. Charges were dropped because the troops with him did not see the incident because Pantano asked them to turn around and watch for others. This was cold and calculated cold blooded murder that just could not be proved.
Did you know that these men were in handcuffs and in custody, but then Pantano released them and said that he thought one tried to reach for a weapon in a car that had already been thoroughly searched? This is when Pantano unloaded two clips into these men. Yes, thats right; TWO FULL CLIPS!
Pantano is crazy!

wake uo-this is USA

you are inocent until proven otherwise--he was not convicted of anything--so he is innocent

Wake up-get educated

In our country you are presumed innocent--pray to the Almighty you never need that presumption--comments aginst Pantano show ignorance and bias. Well no surprise-this is Wilmington

You aren't "found innocent," Einstein.

This is America. We believe in innocence UNTIL proven guilty. You are "found" guilty. You do not have to be "found" innocent. If there are insufficient charges to bring you to trial, you retain your presumption of innocence.

In addition to your total lack of knowledge regarding basic law, you know nothing about weapons. The M-16 does not use a clip. It uses magazines. The last military service rifle to use clips as an integral loading mechanism was the M-1. The M-14 allowed for the use of stripper clips to reload a magazine while still in the weapon, but it, too, used magazines.

Perhaps you should find a less well-versed audience before you post total nonsense?

If only you people knew

WOW all you so called Americans who get hung up on something this hero did in a combat zone 6 years ago have no clue what really goes on over there. What he did was mild compared to some of the things Ive seen over there. The only difference is he had a disgruntled Sgt who didnt like how hard he was on them, and he was intellengent enough to write "No better friend, no worse enemy" in arabic. But him being hard and making his men hard insured they all made it home safe. And as far as him not having a job look at his past... New York times best selling author... Former energy trader at that little company called Goldman Sachs... Entrepreneur who started many companys... He surly is well off from his past hard work. In case you havent noticed America is messed up and nice guy mike has been in from the start of the fall and has done NOTHING to combat it. So vote Pantano... And remember when you insult his combat deeds it hits all us combat vets... Semper fidelis

semper fi- Pantano in 2012

Gung ho-- he can handle the incoming from the nuts in the 7th-bottom line Mike is a loser--good only for himself and those he takes huge politicalm donations from--which is a small group in the 7th. They lucked out last time--they wont be able to lie, cheat and attack the next. People will be smarted and so will Ilano--go pantano!!

Poor Decision Making

At best, Pantano makes poor decisions under fire. That much has been proven, and lives were lost. I'm a Republican and an Iraq veteran. I know first hand what it's like to be in a war zone. In spite of that, his actions were not justifiable, and shows poor judgment. Hopefully we'll get a Republican I can stand voting for in the 2012 election.

mad mike decision making

anyone who supports Obama the socialist --shoud be an ex- representative. mike will go with Obama the incompetent in2012

poor decision=mike and obama

when it comes to poor decision it would be voting for two losers Mad mike and that socialist obama

While I appreciate your service for this country... have ZERO credibility in judging Pantano's decisions! He went through an intensive Article 32 hearing and was exonerated in conclusion based on the evidence provided at the hearing. Do you even understand the Article 32 hearing process and who is involved in that process? It surely doesn't appear so...

There have been a lot of lives lost in Iraq with a lot of press that did nothing other than smear the American soldier in the mud. I don't know your rank or your "participation" in the war zone. I seriously doubt that you have either the experience, the rank or even the intelligence to decide whether Pantano's actions were justifiable or utilized good judgement. You sound like nothing other than a buck-private with self-esteem issues.

If I were you, I would keep my "know-it-all, expert opinions" to myself, stop bashing the veteran that the US government formally exonerated and go back to peeling your potatoes!

This guy is no hero, if he

This guy is no hero, if he could still be a Marine he would....the most probable reason he's not still in is because he was given an ultimatum. This guy is a ZERO, not a hero!!

Mad Mikes' morose staff is back

Again- let's slander patano --throw enough allegations and prayer something sticks---it worked in 2010-- it will fail in 2012--we will send Mike and his ole boys back home for good

Again Let's Focus on Pantano

Again -- Pantano's unemployed "goon squad" of cohorts attacks a Republican critic. I am not going to respond than to again focus on why as a registered Repubican, I cannot support him. I hope and pray another candidate appears for 2012.

The following are undisputed facts :

#1 He has no real job and a checkered work history.
#2 His "service" to the country shamed the nation and resulted in USMC prosecution, yes he "got off" the murder charge but the situation strained Irag-US relations
#3 He loves to be TV more than anything -- in fact, he'll be in DC all weekend to grab some more limelight -- just read his twitter feeds
#4 His campaign has debts and he owes money -- how's that for showing leadership in fiscal resttaint
#5 He's a carpet-bagging Yankee with a gut wretching Bronx accent

Wrong again!

Please show evidence of his prosecution by the Marine Corps. Don't waste your time - you can't.

He was investigated in accordance with Article 32, and the charges were dismissed. He never went to a court martial.

Why would you post things that are blatant lies and so easily exposed as lies? All it does is force people to question your integrity and motive.

I voted for McIntyre and make an extremely good, downright eviable salary so feel free to comment about my being a member of Pantano's goon squad.

No, the difference is that I know what I'm talking about, and you don't!

Gipper, you're an idiot and

Gipper, you're an idiot and here's why:

1. Mr. Pantano works for a local investment advisory firm.
2. He didn't "get off" from any charges.
3. I don't think he is a transvestite.
4. He or his supporters will pay those bills.
5. He may have an accent, but he can write a gramatically sentence.

wilmingtons ill reemerge

the gipper and others are back--sick as always--comments filled with vulgarity-but they get posted---Pantano can be judged by his opponent and these nut cases---he is a lot better than Mike -take the money from special interests and support Obama will ever be.

I agree. I am sure Pantano

I agree. I am sure Pantano is a nice person, but we need a stronger candidate. He just has too much baggage and every time he's on Fox News I just want to throw up -- the accent just kills me. I think's it frankly bizarre to enter the race so early in 2011 -- he has not paid off his campaign debts and I think he needs to raise new money -- to eat -- so legally he has to file.

We need better than Patano

he could not succeed in 2010--there is no way he will win in2012. Republicans need a choice--we need Carolyn Justice!

I love when people who know

I love when people who know nothing about politics pretend to be experts. The majority of political campaigns run up a debt right before thee election. The Obama campaign went into debt and it spent 750 MILLION dollars. It's par for the course. It's ok though, since you would actually have to follow politics to know that, so I can't blame you for that. Second, he is announcing AFTER a democrat challenger has entered the race as well as McIntyre himself. So he is actually behind two possible opponents. Research man, just do a little. The internet makes it much easier, so you really have no excuse.

5 Reasons Republicans should not vote for Pantano

#1 He does not have a job... Iron gate is a sham -- He supports himself by being a candidate.
#2 The USMC leadership want him behind bars -- he barely got off for murder -- no war hero
#3 He's a carpet-banging yankee
#4 He loves being on FoxNews -- he loves the lime light more than serving citizens
#5 He is supported by far-right nut jobs like Curtis Wright, a sad angry Rush wanabee

I hope Jason Thompson, Thom Goolsby, or Rick Catlin would run -- no way would i vote for Pantano. Got live here longer and lose that horrid accent.

Tell us about it, General....

....since you are now speaking for the Marine Corps leadership, who, BTW, considered the Pentano case CLOSED years ago.

You wouldn't vote for Pantano, but you WOULD vote for Thompson? Wow!

(Perhaps we should restrict the insane from voting.....?)

I agree with The Gipper and I'm a Democrat

Everyhing he said is right, Pantano needs to find a job...outside of government and politics. I will not support any murder suspect in any government office.

Guilty until proven innocent?

How easy to forget that Pantano was investigated and never went to a court martial because of a lack of evidence.

I'm a McIntyre supporter. I voted for him in November, I'll likely vote for him in 2012. I am absolutely amazed by two things about the vehemently pro and anti-Pantano forces:

The pro-Pantano crowd tells tales about McIntyre being a left-wing liberal kook, when he actually votes more conservatively than many Republicans. They are either ill informed or intentionally lie.

The anti-Pantano crowd posts nothing but wild speculation about the facts surrounding the incident in Iraq and its subsequent Article 32 investigation. They, too, are either ill informed or intentionally lie.

Either way, I hope Pantano DOESN'T run again, because love him or hate him, his candidacy exposes the fact that we have far too many morons and liars in Southeastern North Carolina.


Release the Pantano haters again!! Here they come! Such vitriol they spew!

Keeping Mike Honest

Say what you will, but it certainly seems that Ilario got Mike's attention during the last election.

I am very happy with some of Mike's recent votes, but I am not convinced that they would have happened if Ilario hadn't put some fear into Mike's heart.

Mike, keep up the good work!

Ilario, keep those incumbents honest!