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FIRST ON 3: Wilmington Downtown Inc.'s "MAJOR" announcement... clinical trial company moving from S. College to Downtown


UPDATE: Wilmington Downtown, Inc called together the media this afternoon to make a "major" announcement regarding the "future of Downtown Wilmington." The news is that inclinix, a local company that specializes in clinical trials, is moving from their offices on South College Road to downtown.

The office will be moving into 272 North Front Street (the Self Help building) and will bring 50 workers downtown.


Wilmington, NC (NEWS RELEASE) - Wilmington Downtown, Inc (WDI) Board Chairman David Spetrino has called a press conference for 2:00 pm today.

Join Chairman Spetrino and Mayor Saffo for a major announcement regarding the future of downtown Wilmington.

The Press Conference will be held in the Lord Spencer Compton Conference Room on the first floor of City Hall.

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This is stupidly hilarious with undertones of pure sadness.....

No Love

I guess no one cares about how this will impact the South College Road area.

uhhhhh. . . WHAT???

This is considered a MAJOR announcement??? Good Lord We are seriously in some deep trouble folks.

Major announcement in New Hanover County

Just as soon as I can get Barfield out here I am going to have a press conference about a major change in New Hanover County.

Sneak peak....I am gonna start parking my car on the other side of the garage from where I normally park it.

wow... this is such a bunch of bunk

This company had layoffs.
They are moving... period... probably from their huge place on south college to a small office down town.
Shame on Wilmington for making this seem like a big deal... like it's growth in the economy... like it's anything other than a downsizing office relocation.

Isnt this the same company that laid off people months ago?

so we are putting a struggling business in struggling downtown..I just want to meet the masterminds of these revitalizing committees..

If this is a major announcement

Then I guess whatever WDI had for lunch must a GROUND BREAKING EARTH SHATTERING announcement.

Give me a break.



Your tax dollars at work folks! City and county taxpayers have paid out over $7 million in cash to outside, faceless, unaccountable, hidden, politically-motivated, shady so-called "economic development" agencies just in the last 3 years. This is the result. We're really bringing in those outside companies! Why it's such a big deal to WDI is that they get taxpayer money from city taxpayers everywhere, but they only focus their efforts on downtown. So to them, this is some sort of victory. To us, it just represents the unbelievable waste that is our local governments.


They are moving addresses....maybe I missed some news along the way...but WHY is this news?


WE'RE going to build a PROFESSIONAL soccer complex, football and baseball stadium! RIDING THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE!....


I haven't seen anything that would qualify as professional in Wilmington outside of PPD and GE. Especially news agencies that choose to report news as if they're diary entries from a worn out blogger. WWAY could have developed a story on this, instead they chose to make thinly veiled snide remarks using quotation marks and capitailization. "THANKS" WWAY.