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OK! Magazine: Teen Mom Janelle — DNA TEST EXCLUSIVE


OAK ISLAND, NC (OK! MAGAZINE) - Jenelle Evans would like to give her son, Jace, a very special gift this year for his 2nd birthday: the identity of his true father, revealed. The 19-year-old mother, a star of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, has asked her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis to submit to a paternity test–and she’s ready to do whatever’s necessary to put the rumors to rest. “Jenelle realized that Jace has a right ot know the truth,” her best friend, Tori Rhyne – who, like Jenelle, resides in Oak Island, N.C. – tells OK! exclusively.

“She has asked Andrew to take the test in the past, but he’s always said no; this time, she told me, she’s ready to take him to court and make him do it.”

Although Jenelle was in a two-and-a-half-year relationship with Andrew when Jace was born, it’s possible the father could be Stephen Fullwood, a former co-worker of Jenelle’s.

Jenelle’s most recent boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, has also confirmed that Jenelle had, doubts.

“Jenelle wants to believe Andrew’s the father, but it’s shady,” Kieffer says. “Jace looks nothing like him.”

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well after watching the show and seeing her mother yall and scream at her all the time then when Dr. drew asked her mother on a live show one night he asked her mother was it hard for her to lover her daughetr (jannel) her mother said yes very hard then he asked is jannel lovable? again the mother of (jannel) said jannel is unlovable now that a sorry azz mother if you ask me and now i know why jannel is the way she is she is looking for real love and honest love without all the demands and yelling!!!!! jannel`s mother needs help and she sure dosen`t need to be raising any other kids look how sad jannel turned out!!!!!

i understand janelles mothers feelings

i am a mother of an 18 year old who got pregnant when she was 15...before my daughter turned 13 we were as close as close can be but when she started being interested in boys it has been hell..i see janelle and i see my daughter. boys and partying is more important to her than spending time with her child and only when she has no place to go does she cry and say she only wants to see her child.."i only want to see my child" means i need a place to sleep and see what i can get from you. having your child be disrespectful, be a worthles mother and steal from you takes away from the relationship. do i love my daughter..yes. But do i like her...most days no. Like janelles mother no matter how badly she treats me and ignores her child i still never turn her away. My only hope is that one day she will appreciate all that i have done and her child will someday be a priority in her life..

anither maury story!

anither maury story!


Anither? What is anither? You mean ANOTHER?

This is sad

15 minutes of fame is been up. Why is this girl's personal life still able to make our news when we should be talking about other important things. Hell this exclusive spot on wwaytv3 could have been used to job listings. Stop glorifying teen pregnancy and promote stuff that matters.

the reason it is news is

the reason it is news is because YOU MAKEW IT NEWS!!!




so of COURSE it's gonna be talked about and reported on

cause the news is making $$$ off the advertisers

so they will write about the stuff
they KNOW ppl like us will read


This is sad

Why in the world would ANYONE want to know about some teenage girl and "whose-the-daddy"? It is really sad that anyone could possibly be interested in any of this mess. This is a low-class disgrace!

There are teen's having babies everyday. It is sad, but the cold truth. This isn't news worthy, it is an embarrassment, a total waste of time. There are show's for this kind of behavior... it is called Springer.

Unfortunately for this child that she has born out of wedlock, not knowing whom the father might be... he has to grow up knowing that his mom put his name out there to be a spectacle. My prayer's are with him! Poor baby!

Hmmmmm....I guess it could also be.....

That cook at the senior center.....or those two guys who gave me a ride home that night I was too drunk to walk.....or any of the guys at the KILLER party Tori had when her parents went on vacation....or that basketball team that visited Southport.....or Company A, 2nd Batallion, 8th Marine Regiment (or Company B)......

.....Good Lord, people, how am *I* supposed to know?


Can we all sing the praise of an immature girl that had a child but doesn't know whom the father is? We should promote other stupid girls to do the same, get pregnant but don't worry about who the father is. And we wonder why America is going down the pooper.

Baby Daddy

The real father is Stephen... Jenelle's ex-friends' boyfriend. Duh.

Janelle from Teen 2

Janelle is a sociopath. She plays the game of life, breaking all the rules. She is incapable of love and is only interested in immediate self gratification. How many times has she said she is going to do the right thing, such as work or attend school or care for her child and has yet to carry through with any positive action. Unfortunately, sociopathy is not an illness so it is untreatable. Janelle will never be any more or any better than she is now. Hopefully, her mother will always be Jace's caretaker. In fact, for Jace's sake let us hope Janelle's mom adopts him because Janelle will never be a constant in his life. Janelle's life will be filled with a parade of low-life men, homelessness, illegal drugs, etc. Sorry to say but she is lower than a bottom-feeder.