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One day after garbage contract falls apart, New Hanover County wants to micro-manage school spending

READ MORE: One day after garbage contract falls apart, New Hanover County wants to micro-manage school spending

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - New Hanover County Commission Chairman Jonathan Barfield wants to oversee how the New Hanover County School Board spends its local expense fund.

School Board Chairman Don Hayes says he didn't know Barfield was interested in doing something like that until Saturday. Barfield put it on the county's agenda to be discussed at Monday's commissioners's meeting.

The news came a day after the county announced it had released R3 from a contract taking over the county's garbage disposal. R3 says it couldn't find the funding to get the project off the ground.

Hayes told a local TV station Tuesday the reason Barfield wants to take over his budget is retaliation for redistricting elementary and middle school students. He told us Barfield's move is disrespectful both to him and the entire School Board.

The propsal would allow Commissioners to have control over the only money the school board can choose how to spend. Any other money spent is mandated by the state or already needs to be approved by the county.

County Commissioners decided to table the proposal Monday night and invite the School Board to breafast to discuss it. Hayes says maybe Chairman Barfield should have started with a breakfast conversation instead.

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Maybe Mr. Barfield should

Maybe Mr. Barfield should have run for School Board if he wanted more input on what the New Hanover County School Board does with their money. The fact that the County Commissioners decided to table their proposal after a SEVEN HOUR meeting yesterday is disgraceful! Mr. Barfield knew that New Hanover School Board members and the Superintendant sat there for 7 hours...he knew they were there and he did this on purpose. Mr. Barfield needs to remember he was elected also, and the people that voted for that School Board are the same people that will be voting the next time he runs for re-election.

Barfield is right on schools

Some oversight is warranted---look at waste and the county pays for it-so his wanting "limited" oversight is worth hearing out. Why are those sites he mentions not being utilzed or sold--those are reasonable questions

Barfield does not like some School Board members

This move by the County Commissioners is clearly an attack against the School Board. I have overheard Barfield on numerous occassions make comments torward School Board members and then later appoligize.
We elected the School Board to take care of our children not County Commisioners.
If we let the County Commisioners take care of our children, they may want to tax us for each child that attends school so they can help their budget.
Quit attacking the School Board and leave our kids alone.

The Barfield-Berger FREAK SHOW!

Come on people, we need to be more careful of who we elect to serve in our county. We need to use more scrutiny particularly for our county commissioners. Do we really want "The Barfield-Berger Freak Show" meddling further with our school board?

Obviously this a get even power play by Barfield and Berger is too stupid to know what is going on!

And how old are you people?

And how old are you people? Just because Berger is not as well spoken as you might prefer for him to be does not mean that he's stupid. He's actually pretty well informed on the issues and continues to be a voice for the citizens of this county that are against gov't waste and fraud. Obviously, your mothers never taught you two manners. It's absolutely ludicrous to stoop to name-calling like this.

Please don't cut...

Special ED. Berger won't have anywhere to go during the day.