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ONLY ON 3: Wing Fling ABC permit denied, event left homeless


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Problems for a long-standing Wilmington event. WWAY has learned the 15th Annual Wing Fling scheduled for March 26 may not have a home.

It was supposed to be on the property just north of the PPD building in downtown Wilmington, but Wilmington Police decided not to recommend the location for an alcohol permit. That led the ABC to deny the permit request.

The dean of UNCW's Cameron School of Business has contacted New Hanover County on behalf of Pi Sigma Epsilon, a student marketing fraternity sponsoring the event, about other possible locations. The event had been held at the county's Hugh MacRae Park for years. The Parks Board rejected a request to have the event at the park again in 2010 because neighbors complained of parking problems and law enforcement responded to several fights.

The fraternity's faculty sponsor Lynnea Mallalieu says the group is still hoping to get things worked out with the city.

The event was held in Battleship Park last year. Mallalieu says it cannot be held at UNCW because events involving beer and students are not allowed on campus.

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Why don't you stop being a

Why don't you stop being a five year old, cause that's how you sound sitting one here whining like a little girl. Just because some people get out of hand doesnt mean a majority of us do. People get too drunk no matter where you are, whether it's Wing Fling or any other bar on any night, next your gonna suggest they shut down all those to, this is a college town so why dont you move on outta here cause this is a college town and it's only gonna get worse for you

What! A social event with no


A social event with no alcohol!

There's no such thing as a gathering of any kind in Wilmington unless the celebrants are drunk as skunks.

Bring on the beer, and bottoms up! And remind the city to supply lots of puke buckets, cause we're gonna need 'em.

Now where did I put my car keys?


Not only is it an event with beer, but it also has live music, and least we forget, the wings.
To beer sales: How is it that only in America are people as ignorant as you are about beer and wine? In every other country in the world beer and wine are sold or offered at every event. Some countrys even the children are given the beer and wine at the events. Beer and wine are not bad examples, passing on your ignorance is a bad example.
We need to stand up and fight this. I for one will show up at the wing fling location on the date and sit there with my cooler, if need be, and my packed lunch and enjoy my right to drink and eat wings. This should not stop everyone from showing up and drinking beer anyways! Let the City of Wilmington know that they can not stop tradition!

The problem is not the beer.

The problem is not the beer. Pay attention. The problem is the immature people (not all of them are college kids) that can't control their drinking. And by the way they are not allowing coolers anymore. I quit going bc of the dumb***es out there that decided it would be fun to throw FULL beers into a crowd of people and then fight about it. Its turned into a joke and a drunk fest. It was fun until people started abusing it. I can't tell you how many drunk people I have personally seen get in their car and drive away from Wing Fling. Until people grow up and become mature enough to be responsible deny them the permits.

If you had attended last

If you had attended last year you would have seen the dramatic changes that took place to make the event safer and less of a "drunk-fest" last years event took place with no issues. Once it was no longer BYOB there were not the drunk people throwing FULL cans around and fighting over it.

get a life...

get a life...

Alcohol is a drug

A direct contributer in 10% of all deaths.

There is a reason that

There is a reason that prohibition didn't last...

I am personally glad they

I am personally glad they aren't at Hugh MacRae Park anymore. The drunks would spill out onto Oleander trying to get to there cars by the school. It was awful. They need to find a field way out of town to hold this thing or just don't drink.




Bryson Siemon would never do this to his constituents!! He is a loving and caring man!


Representative Erdman, you know you are one of the main reasons for this happening. My fellow councilmen have tried to in fact EXPAND Wing Fling the past few years. This is classic mudslinging by Erdman, he is nothing but a West Baltimore thug politician.

Just another COW attempt to

Just another COW attempt to prevent people from coming downtown. As the stores close every other week because of lack of customers, why not let events like this happen. When people come downtown they spend money with the vendors and restaurants, pay pay COW taxes! And, based on the city's budget, they need the money. But that's okay, just impose a central business district tax and watch more stores close.


This is the problem with ILM. No beer sales at the boring Azalea Festival, only in designated areas. No beer sales at ANY function now. What's the big freaking deal. If people get out of hand there will be plenty of police to accomadate such behavior. Other cities do it such as Savannah, Richmond, Atlanta, and Myrtle Beach. Bunch of sissys'.


a great event for years 1-4 then it went downhill. Turned into a drunkfest with participants having total disregard for those around them. People doing beer bongs, throwing cans, etc. This pretty much holds true for the chili cook of and beer fest too. A bunch of people who can not seem to control their alcohol intake and then act like fools. There has never been a big police precense at these events. Used to be just rent a cops. Always a few that ruin it for the majority.

Beer sales

Selling beer or giving it away at public places should never be allowed. Children are usuall around and that sets a bad example for t hem. The Wing Fling should be able to go on with out the beer. Having beer at downtown events again where children are should not be allowed. Think about what kind of example you are giving to the children of the world.. What they do in other cities doesn't mean we have to do it...


Part of the problem is that people commenting on Wing Fling do not know what they are talking about! Wing Fling is a 21 and over event. CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED! If you have actually attened the even in the past few years, you would know that fights, throwing of cans, etc., have not been an issue. The event no longer allows people to bring in their own alcohol. Bags are checked carefully and coolers are not allowed. The PSE Frat and their advisors have done everything possible to make this a better event. The focus is on music, food, and friends. Yes, people drink beer -but those people are 21 and over and - shocker - this is legal. The majority of people attending have a designated driver to pick them up or they hire a taxi. I have attended for the past three years. I actually know what goes on at the event. Imagine that!

so you are saying they

so you are saying they should not sell beer at restaurants since children are present???? stop selling beer at sporting events because children are there???? It is a 21 and older event!!!! this is rediculous. How is wing fling any different than tailgating at any sporting event!!!!

Who cares about the kids

Who cares about the kids? Maybe you should be a better parent and teach your little brats about alcohol awareness. I bet you don't do anything. You expect the school to do that because you're lazy. IT'S YOUR responsibility. Kids are going to drink regardless if you try to stop it. When was the last time you saw a group of kids roamin downtown? Not effin never, that's when.

Barley and hops

Wing Fling isn't Wing Fling without beer. If you don't want your kids around alcohol at public events then keep them locked up at home sheltered and see what happens when they get to college. They won't last a semester.

At least three people on

At least three people on here have referred to "children" being around alcohol as a reason to not have these fundraising events.
Who invited these children? Let's look at the PARENTS who bring their kids to events with alcohol...get a sitter, stay home, DON'T BRING YOUR CHILDREN to stuff like this. There are plenty of family friendly events held every weekend that don't have alcohol. The Wing Fling is a fun event that raises money for worth cause, if it isn't held this year who is being hurt the most? Well, thank goodness the kids will be safe.

Attention to those who do not know about the 2011 Wilmington Wing Fling... Go to the event website where its very clearly says "THIS EVENT STRICTLY 21+"

No children are allowed.

Wilmington Wing Fling raises tons of money every year and 100% is donated to a local charity of deserving "youth" and scholarships for students at the university.

If you're worried about the children, go to Wing Fling and spend a few bucks on beer, wings, and live entertainment and know that it goes directly to those who need it more than we do.