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WWAY NewsChannel 3 welcomes George Elliott back to Wilmington TV

READ MORE: George Elliott's back!

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -– After two years away from his adopted home, George Elliott is back in Wilmington and back on TV at WWAY NewsChannel 3.

"I'm really excited," Elliott said. "I missed Wilmington. I moved to Kentucky to be near my brother. That was nice, but I realized this was home, so I moved back. I'm really grateful to WWAY for giving me the chance to get back to doing something I love: being part of this incredible community."

Elliott spent 14 years on TV in the Port City before moving on at the end of 2008. During his time in Wilmington he created a very loyal following, evidenced by the comments WWAY has received during a recent "Coming soon…" promotional campaign, which never showed his face, but gave viewers a hint with his silhouette and trademark peace sign. Many viewers quickly figured out it was him and said they were happy about his return.

"Everywhere I went people told me how excited they were that I was coming back, which was really nice, but I had to kinda play coy with them," Elliott said. "I'm glad now I can finally talk to them about it."

Elliott is, of course, best known in the area for his work as a meteorologist. And while he will from time to time add his expertise to the WWAY StormTrack 3 Weather Team, his main duties will be representing WWAY in the community through his "Live with George" segments around the region.

"We have a great news team and a great weather team in place. George's presence and personality are the icing on the cake," WWAY News Director Scott Pickey said. "You simply cannot dispute his power to draw people in, and that's very exciting to us as we continue to work to grow our product and audience. We're also excited to help George get back to work in the place he loves. It's a win-win."

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Sounds like

both stations will be exchanging sheep to a certain degree.....

I switched to WWAY because

I switched to WWAY because George Elliot was on WECT. I felt like the anchors were uncomfortable with him, and his oddball attempts at humor were not funny. I like the crew you have now, and if George returns, I will be leaving for WECT.

So. . . .

How will we know what he's going to be doing?? Is it weather, news, commentary, what?? And, is he on in the morning, noon, night, weekdays, weekends? Give us some info. This "secret" has gone on long enough. THE PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW!!

George Elliott

George is fine. I just hope he doesn't replace Jerry Jackson. Jerry is very good and has paid his dues to get where he is. some people hate George and you may be making a big mistake, and then have lost Jerry too.

Smarmy Entertainer

So the smarmy entertainer-- I mean wet weatherman-- is returning. I just hope he has matured and toned down his sleazy cuteness.


God help us all we are going to need it if we have to deal with this guy again!!! What are you thinking WWAY we know you can to better than this!! NOT COOL!!!

Glad George Elliott is back in Wilmington

I will switch to WWAY to watch the weather and news.


I am soooo thrilled George is coming back to Wilmington...I really missed him after leaving WECT TV... but this is WWAY TV big gain!!!

George Elliott

Welcome back George. Good for WWAY for getting him on their already great team. Some nights I watch WECT because Jay follows the news, but now will just have to watch WWAY and switch after the news.

Good luck George, and Welcome Home.

george elliott

Welcome back George, if this great news is true!!!! Lucky for Wilmington there have not been any major hurricaines the past few years in the area with your expertise. We have always appreciated your sense of humor and knowledge. We are WECT news people, but if you are on WWAY, we will need to switch. Good move TV 3. Awesome.

Say it an't so WWAY - WHY George?

You have a good professional weather staff. Why mess things up with the loser? He's a joke.

This is the best news I've had all day

I am now switched over to WWAY. YYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!

Return of George

My question is who is leaving WWAY so he can return. If anyone leaves, I will be leaving also.

George IDiot

Why bring him in He was a joke and never got it right at wect. I quit watching it. I love wway I wont be able to put up with him getting the weather wrong all the time. As well as his poor sense of humor if you can call it that.

Could someone

convince George & Scott to cease with the Guest friendly posts. Over 100; there must be something else to post about. If nothing else, how about Barfield & Thompson doing trash duty in the County?

yeah glad your back

Glad your coming back, keep us smiling.

Coming soon to WWAY...

Hurting for news stories?

It can't be!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back MEAN GENE MOTLEY......we use to get drunk together at Halftime Bar....remember Gene????

Looks like it might be George

I haven't been watching any news lately because no one seems to get the weather right. Lets see what George can do to liven things up and predict correct weather. Yes Weather is a serious matter, but why can't it be seriously funny and within 1 degree of the actual temperature. Its been a while.


Missed you when you suddenly left the other station. Loved the way you reported on the weather. I know you will be an asset to the WWAY family.
I hope you spend the rest of your career here at home where you are much liked and respected.


" George "

George can go back where is coming from. Been fine with out him, who needs him now? George is educated far beyond his intelligence.

I am so glad George is back!

I am so glad George is back! What's wrong with a little bit of humor in this world? No matter how bad or good it is! This evil world needs all that it can get right now!! Welcome back George!!!


Just saw the commercial!

glad he's coming back to the area!

I usually just read the news on the internet so i don't have to see and hear all the blah,blah,blah....if you're in the outlying areas you can forget's all about Wilmington!!!! at least now I will have a reason to tune in and watch the weather, George lightens things up and bit and brings something interesting to an otherwise boring newscast! WWAY you have another least for a few minutes! (and especially during hurricane season!)


George you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!I crying when you left WECT.I have wached you on tv every since i was a little girl.I will be waching the weather on wway, hopeful you will be doing the 5-6 &11. I love you GEORGE.All of you people that are putting GEORGE donw you need to stop. HE is the best weather man EVER. LOVE YOU GEORGE CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU BACK ON TV.

Welcome back George!

I can't understand all of the George hate either but it's a free country and people can like or not like whomever they want. I think George will be a great addition to this weather team. I think WECT made a big mistake letting George get away.

He may seem a little strange, but if you give him a chance, you will learn quickly during hurricane season that he knows what he's talking about!

George Elliot

If George is going to be doing the weather at WWAY, I certainly hope that it will not be at the expense of the present Chief Meteorologist Jerry Jackson. Jerry is by far a much more professional and competent meteorologist. If George wants to be a comedian (like he tried to be on WECT), he needs to pick that as his profession. Sadly, he is not funny and I was embarrassed for him each night. I was truly glad when he left.

George is Simply The Best

George is simply the best anyone that thinks he is not funny as well as far superior in his field of knowledge is stupid. George is the best in any catagory. He is such a loving person. I love George Elliott. As far as I'm concerned, WWAY just tipped the balance by 99.9% in their favor... from guess where. I think you will find that most viewers agree with me, they love George too. For 14 years I was a WECT fan because of George. Now I am definately a WWAY fan. Welcome back George!!! So glad to have you back so that I can trust the weather forecast again. The news of your return has caused the Sun to come out in My world again!! Keep Smiling that Million Dollar Smile.....Good Luck George, We Love You!!

Yes he's quirky, but good at what he does!

It took me a while to appreciate good ole George when he first came to this market in the early 90's. But after watching his excellent and very informative coverage of hurricanes Bertha, Fran and others, I became a fan of his. Glad you are back George!

WWAY viewers are very lucky

WWAY viewers are very lucky to be getting George; I am saddened that he isn't coming back to WECT! As much as I love George, I still have to stick with WECT.