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WWAY NewsChannel 3 welcomes George Elliott back to Wilmington TV

READ MORE: George Elliott's back!

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -– After two years away from his adopted home, George Elliott is back in Wilmington and back on TV at WWAY NewsChannel 3.

"I'm really excited," Elliott said. "I missed Wilmington. I moved to Kentucky to be near my brother. That was nice, but I realized this was home, so I moved back. I'm really grateful to WWAY for giving me the chance to get back to doing something I love: being part of this incredible community."

Elliott spent 14 years on TV in the Port City before moving on at the end of 2008. During his time in Wilmington he created a very loyal following, evidenced by the comments WWAY has received during a recent "Coming soon…" promotional campaign, which never showed his face, but gave viewers a hint with his silhouette and trademark peace sign. Many viewers quickly figured out it was him and said they were happy about his return.

"Everywhere I went people told me how excited they were that I was coming back, which was really nice, but I had to kinda play coy with them," Elliott said. "I'm glad now I can finally talk to them about it."

Elliott is, of course, best known in the area for his work as a meteorologist. And while he will from time to time add his expertise to the WWAY StormTrack 3 Weather Team, his main duties will be representing WWAY in the community through his "Live with George" segments around the region.

"We have a great news team and a great weather team in place. George's presence and personality are the icing on the cake," WWAY News Director Scott Pickey said. "You simply cannot dispute his power to draw people in, and that's very exciting to us as we continue to work to grow our product and audience. We're also excited to help George get back to work in the place he loves. It's a win-win."

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So many of these comments against George sound like a bunch of bullys. You were the ones in school that hurt so many kids. Love to you George and welcome back.

If George is indeed the

If George is indeed the mystery person to return, I'm afraid I'll be among those leaving WWAY as a viewer, and refocusing my attention to WECT. Even if such a change only involves the weather portion of the program, just knowing 'he' is lurking about is enough to make my skin crawl. Forgive my bluntness but it's the truth.

Ugh, I do hope this isn't the case...

Unbelievable that any

Unbelievable that any station would allow George Elliott to return back on the air in Wilmington. He is an extremely creepy man who provides little to any newscast. Poor choice, WWAY!!!!

George Elliot

Long live King George! Eat your heart out WECT.

goodbye wect!!!!

i have been watching wect for 15 years and hated it when George i will be watching wway. There was a certain person on wect that was just plain mean to George when he was on air and nothing was said about at least George wont have to deal with her!!!!

Look forward to seeing you George!

I missed seeing George reporting the weather! Yes, he's comical, but when there is serious weather coming, he's serious about it. I enjoyed his jokes, lighten up people! And he did do alot in the community! Welcom back George!

Come On People

Folks, listen here. Some of the comments concerning George are just down right rude and disrespectful. If you don't like the guy, fine. You don't have to tune into WWAY. You don't have to sit here degrade the man. How about showing him some respect and honor as another individual. He is just another person, who happens to be on TV.


You are so right Jason, if you do not like him you do not have to watch. There is no need to be ugly. I think it is great. You will be with a good team. Welcome back George.

Welcome back, George! We love you!!!

So happy to know that your expertise on all things weather and your deliciously quirky sense of humor will be back on the air. I'll definitely watch WWAY just to see you. Wilmington is gaining a really great guy. We're glad you're back!!!

Who Says

. . . that George is going to be doing the weather?? I haven't heard a word about him doing weather. . have you?

After 30+ years as a WWAY

After 30+ years as a WWAY viewer, goodbye WWAY hello WECT !!


I agree with you on that one! WECT here I come!

Love Ya Love Ya George!

I am THRILLED that George will be back on the air here in Wilmington. You're my hero!

The return of George

Well Well Well Welcome back George we've missed you, Your experience and humor have been missed as well! I guess we'll be adding wway as a favorite channel.

George is back!

Woohoo!! Great for WWAY, sucks to be WECT :-)

new person

Please tell me George Elliot is not coming to WWAY!!! I don't think I can take it. You already have a great weather team. Who made this stupid decision!!! Who runs this station anyway???


Why would you want him on TV3 when you have a great crew... Hoping that he will not be on when I am watching or I will have to watch ^... TV 3 gets rid of the good folks that we like and then bring someone like him on here,,,,


I just have to say, I was heartbroken when George left town!!! I am a loyal WECT viewer, but with George on WWAY I will tune in to see him. He is THE best meterologist. He knows his stuff. I trust him SO much. I feel such relief that he will be back on the air!!!PLEASE, PLEASE put George on at 5-6 and 11:00!!! Put Jerry on mornings and Tim on weekends!!!!!! George deserves that slot, as he is the most knowledgeable forecaster!!! Jerry may be well liked, but he is by no means as SMART and EXPERIENCED as George!! Also, I would not trust ANYONE but George with forecasting hurricanes!!! Thank You, Thank You for taking my suggestions into consideration (in advance) ;-) A George E. FAN, Katherine

yeh! George is back.

Can't wait to see you back on the air!I think you do a great job and love your jokes.You make my day sunny.To those who don't like you!They don't have a sense of humor!!!! WELCOME BACK

I am SO happy George is

I am SO happy George is coming back!! PLEASE put him on at 5 and 6 and 11. He is THE best meterologist around by far!!!! I'm a loyal WECT watcher, but with George back I will be watching HIM!! I was heartbroken when he left!!!! Now I feel we are in GOOD (GREAT) hands. Please put Jerry in morning! He is NOT as knowlegable and SMART as George. I am so relieved to have him back. GREAT choice WWAY!! :-)

Old Face

Gene Motley is back !! Yeah baby !!!

Obnoxious Personality vs Low-Key Professional

A little obnoxious personality goes a long way, and that's all there is to George--obnoxious personality.

The weather should be reported in a matter-of-fact manner without any attempts at humor or "cuteness."

George's tacky attempts at being cute are what make him so repulsive to so many viewers.

Keep Jerry, a professional, who is easy on the eyes and ears.

reply to comment about obnoxious

I agree wholeheartedly!!! I thought George was repulsive when he was on WECT, and was one of the reasons I never watched their newscasts. Hopefully, he'll only be on in the early morning hours.

George Idiot

Your comments are perfect and could not state them any better. I will not be be watching this guy and have been watching WWAY for 20 years. Time to find a new station with some sanity in regards to employees.
Can we find him a job overseas?

who is the idiot?

You have a PC to watch our weather if hearing or seeing HUMANS annoys you that badly. He is far from an idiot. Maybe you should move overseas.

George Elliot

I used to like George when he was on the Weather Channel, but on WECT, he tried to be funny, but didn't succeed. I vote to keep Jerry on at 5, 6 and 11. That's when I watch the news, and I'd much rather see someone who is not only professional, but is easy to look at and listen to. Keep Jerry on 5, 6 and 11, put George on in the mornings if he is going to be doing the weather. Just my opinion.

I concur

leave Jerry Jackson in place. He is heads and shoulders above the other media heads.

On the other hand, should Jerry be disturbed or distressed, can you envision a liberal application of tar and feathers followed by a ride on a rail to the river?

OMG, George is back.. That

OMG, George is back.. That is awesome. Jerry is so bland with no personality,,,


Jerry Jackson is heads above George. Jerry is very knowledgeable of all weather and gives us the information we need to hear. I love his Weather Academy with the kids. There is always something new to learn.

George is coming to WWAY

Be watching WWAY now. Welcome back George Elliot!