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WWAY NewsChannel 3 welcomes George Elliott back to Wilmington TV

READ MORE: George Elliott's back!

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -– After two years away from his adopted home, George Elliott is back in Wilmington and back on TV at WWAY NewsChannel 3.

"I'm really excited," Elliott said. "I missed Wilmington. I moved to Kentucky to be near my brother. That was nice, but I realized this was home, so I moved back. I'm really grateful to WWAY for giving me the chance to get back to doing something I love: being part of this incredible community."

Elliott spent 14 years on TV in the Port City before moving on at the end of 2008. During his time in Wilmington he created a very loyal following, evidenced by the comments WWAY has received during a recent "Coming soon…" promotional campaign, which never showed his face, but gave viewers a hint with his silhouette and trademark peace sign. Many viewers quickly figured out it was him and said they were happy about his return.

"Everywhere I went people told me how excited they were that I was coming back, which was really nice, but I had to kinda play coy with them," Elliott said. "I'm glad now I can finally talk to them about it."

Elliott is, of course, best known in the area for his work as a meteorologist. And while he will from time to time add his expertise to the WWAY StormTrack 3 Weather Team, his main duties will be representing WWAY in the community through his "Live with George" segments around the region.

"We have a great news team and a great weather team in place. George's presence and personality are the icing on the cake," WWAY News Director Scott Pickey said. "You simply cannot dispute his power to draw people in, and that's very exciting to us as we continue to work to grow our product and audience. We're also excited to help George get back to work in the place he loves. It's a win-win."

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He's after our Lucky Charms!

Did anyone else notice that our Lil' Leprechaun of Lightning Storms will be returning to television on St. Patrick's Day? Hide your gold!

Please NO

looks like it is too late. If it is George have him do weather in Berkley, CA where his personality is norm. Do not appt him Chief.....Keep Jerry for sure he can give him some tips on how to do the job right

March 17

On March 17th goodby wway and hello wect.



he's a goofy guy that's for

he's a goofy guy that's for sure. a heck of weatherman though. this should be entertaining.

anyone remember when he broke both arms trying to pop a balloon? good times.

Goofy is right!!! Just when

Goofy is right!!! Just when WWAY had the best news/weather around, the owners drag in the old, obnoxious leftovers from somewhere else. If he uses that old peace sign, it will be like going back to the horrible 60's. People, let's go foward, not backward!!!!

old and new

Horrible 60's were not so horrible. I was there. I was there for it all. A guy like George, sure has a sense of humor and is an original. Not dredged up on your face book pages or computer crapola, etc. I know what my hounds do to blossoms.

"Whether" or Not?

In the '60's, they used China Markers to draw up the weather on a board. IF you were lucky, you had a color set and they even had different color markers!

If I'm watching the news and interested in the weather, I want to hear facts...not corny jokes. Don't care to see to see the person that I'm relying on to report weather spinning in circles like a top either!

George is back!!!

Glad to see George back. I'll switch to WWAY.


That will be great news to have him back here....WWAY is getting WAY better!!!!

My George

I am so happy that George is coming back to this area. He is my all time favorite weatherman. I will never ever forget the broadcast where he had toilet paper stuck all over his face after cutting his self shaving. I rolled for 30 minutes. I did not hear the news after seeing him (because of all the laughter) but it was ok. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about that night. There are not many people in this world as memorable as George. He is truly a wonderful person. I for one will make wway my news station of choice once George is on board.


OK? How many meteorologist (sp?) does one channel need? Asha, Jerry, Tim, Chris.....Asha normally does reporting, Chris is co-anchor, tim fills in for jerry. I moved here in 2000 and Jerry was the only one who stated we would get snow that January. I have trusted him since. George is not welcomed in my household. Cutting yourself shaving does not make a good weather person. I would recommend you tune in to the comedy channel and send them e-mails about this great comedian.

Maybe he won't be doing

Maybe he won't be doing weather!

Please ask George to tone

Please ask George to tone down his obnoxious personality. He injects far too much of his personality when reporting the weather, and he strives for "cuteness."

But there is a huge gap between his intention and the effect. He comes across, not as cute, but as merely irritating.

Jerry Jackson is immensely superior to Georgio. Keep him.


HOW IN THE HECK can you call weather here in NC...ACCURATE...during the summer all they do is slap a temperature up and say...50% chance of rain...

George Elliott

Way to Go, WWAY! How smart to bring back not only an accomplished meterologist and published author of a nice book on meterology, but a genuine person who truly loves the Wilmington area, has a huge following and donates so much of his time to community service. Geroge will compliment the current great WWAY News Team whether he's on mornings or evenings. Brilliant!


Shouldn't he be holding up a 3 instead of a 2? I wonder if he'll parade hot blondes through 3's newsroom as well....


Yeee Haaaa! I love George! Best weather ever! Even if that's not what he will be doing, I too will be switching to WWAY for good! Already watch the morning show. Keep up the good work improving and growing.

why cant wway and wect leave

why cant wway and wect leave things the way they are. wway has wect people and wect has wway people .

G. E.

Cannot believe WWAY is taking in WECT's old throwaways. WWAY has a great news/weather team. My grandfather said "don't fix it if it isn't broken." Don't put this obnoxious man in my face!!! Where will I surf when he comes on just to keep him out of my face!!!

Look who's coming back

Way to go George Elliot !

George Elliott

Glad to see George joining the WWAY team, is my favorite Jerry Jackson going to still be the weather man????? I sure hope so..Been watching Jerry, from day one!!!

New Face

I'm so glad its George ! For all the people who don't like him, I'm sorry cause at least he has a personality unlike most of the people that do the weather. I agree with the other person who said they will switch from WECT to WWAY because George is back, and I will be one of them also !


here I thought it was Alred E Newman from MAD magazine

WHAAA?? Wait, you mean they

WHAAA?? Wait, you mean they AREN'T the same person?????????????????????


I'm 46 and have always been a WECT person as far as local news goes. I grew up watching Ken Murphy do the news and Jim Burns do the weather report. I got ready for school each morning with Wayne Jackson telling me what was going on in "Carolina in the Morning." I remember watching Frances Weller on her 1st day as a news anchor. And from the early 1990's until December 2008, I trusted George Elliot to give me an accurate weather forecast.

So if George is coming to WWAY, he will accomplish what no other local news personality has been able to do.......ensure that I tune into WWAY every evening from 6 - 6:30pm. Welcome back George if it is indeed you.

Ditto!!! (Except I'm 43)

Ditto!!! (Except I'm 43)

Welcome back

I have to agree with the person who commented about WECT going downhill. I'm really tired of the same ole same ole. They need a major shake up, new faces and the station manager needs to shut up. His my turn. . your turn is almost agressive and you never hear 'your turn' responses. WWAY has really improved in every aspect and it is enjoyable to watch them. The fact that George is coming back, in what ever capacity, is refreshing and I am anxious to see him again. Good choice.

I can't believe it.

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the television.

Why, why, why?

If WWAY wanted to change something with the weather dept, why not juice up the radar and weather software?

That would have been money well spent!


I sure hope it is George! WECT has gone down hill in so many areas....I don't know why I continue to watch. If it is George at WWAY, my TV channel will be changing for sure!