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ONLY ON 3: Barfield too busy ironing shirt to talk about commission imploding


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- With one commissioner accusing another of holding secret meetings and stealing his notes and the other questioning his accuser's mental status, the New Hanover County Commission clearly has some issues to work out.

We wanted to talk with Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield about what's going on and what can be done to smooth things over, as well as his on-going battles with the New Hanover County Board of Education. But Barfield said he was too busy. He said he was unavailable because he had several meetings and had "to iron a shirt." When we asked if we could e-mail him some questions to get some sort of response, he said, "I'd rather not e-mail. The e-mails go everywhere." We even offered to meet him before this afternoon's Agenda Briefing, but he said he could not talk until tomorrow.

This is just the latest example of Barfield avoiding our questions. Several times in the last couple of months he's told us he just doesn't have time to talk. We've given him ample opportunity. That's our job.

Tonight on WWAY NewsChannel 3 you'll see the other side of issues involving him as the leader of county government that he refuses to respond to in a timely manner.

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Time for ME to chime in!

1. They are OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, and Barfield is THE CHAIR. He was approached by the media,(something that All Politicians should be ready akin to), and they asked a Legitimate Question.

2.) You find it REFRESHING that he WAS HONEST about IRONING his shirt? I think it is HILARIOUS, EXPOSING the I.Q. of a New Hanover County elected official who was obviously trying to hide something and that was ALL that he could think of to say. Oh MY GOODNESS, We all better be worried about WHAT they must be up to.

3.) WWAY~ Keep up the Good Work, Remind those ELECTED OFFICIALS that the PUBLIC WANTS ANSWERS, especially when there are BIG QUESTIONS about WHAT ON EARTH is going on in the PUBLIC Offices of OUR COUNTY GOVERNMENT. It is no longer acceptable to say... "I have a SHIRT to iron". The HECK with that Commissioner! Prepare the night before, pack your lunch, do your wash, iron your clothes,brush your teeth, shine your shoes and show up for work like all politicians and expect the new media to be in your face because you seem to be able dish IT OUT, so now is your opportunity to prove that you can TAKE IT!
Commissioner, learn from your colleague, and DON'T put up your Dukes!


WWAY proves again that it ranks up with other news sources like the Star and the Enquirer. The Commission is IMPLODING? I agree with others, Barfield does not have to meet with does not say anywhere he has to talk to the media. Should he...probably. Would it help chances of re-election...definitely. He is not required to do so though by his job description. Not to mention why would he talk to this station that reports on everything as if it's the end of the world. HORRIBLE news source!

Yet WilmingtonMAJ, you log

Yet WilmingtonMAJ, you log on here day after day and leave multiple comments. Must not be **that** horrible!

We don't have many other choices

I agree with WilmingtonMAJ and I see where he is coming from as well. We don't have many choices. We aren't in New York, or Miami or anywhere with abundant news sources. We have WWAY, WECT and Starnews. Slim pickings. However, as most of you are, I am concerned with current events and newsworthy stories.

Seems we have to march through the muck to see a hint of what might be pertinent in the community. Controversy is good, when there are two sides to the story. Right now WWAY, you have only one. I know there have to be a few of you in there with some Journalism experience and education. I ask you to go back to the books and find those classes that taught you to investigate the hard stories BUT report the truth.

Scott - I have no love for

Scott -

I have no love for Barfield - but honestly, I don't blame him. You guys regularly report everything you perceive as a personal slight against your station as "news". Every single time somebody gives a reason why they can't do an interview, suddenly it's BREAKING NEWS!!! If somebody forgets to send an email inviting WWAY to an event - BREAKING NEWS!!! Your reporting has become childish, petulent, and whiny. Now cut and paste my comments and post them into a new BREAKING NEWS!!! story.

I agree completely. At most

I agree completely. At most news outlets, when a person involved in a story doesn't give an interview, the reporter simply states that they haven't responded to requests for an interview, or that they haven't returned phone calls.

Nowehere but on WWAY do I see the mere fact that someone won't grant an interview actually BECOME a stand-alone story. When WWAY does this, they lose all appearances of being objective. Rather, they become an antagonist in the story instead of the neutral reporter of an event that they should be.

This used to be the only station I watched. Now it's a shadow of its former self, unless you're into finding out what Teen Mom had for breakfast. In that case, you came to the right place.

I pray for WWAY's management to clean house and get a group of real professionals, instead of the opinionated paparazzi they have now.

Well said Scott!!

Well said Scott!!


Once again wway thinks everyone should drop everything to talk to them, if the people really wanted to know show up to your local meetings and speak your mind. Wway is the law! Watch out they might pull you over if you dont use your blinker. Bad new, bad new what are you going to do next?

Well I for one do not blame

Well I for one do not blame him for "blowing you off" and not speaking with you. Every county story written on here is over the top dramatic.

I do not care

what he was doing, he should talk to the media and anyone else that has a question for him. If he did not want to be in the public eye he should not have run for an ELECTED position in OUR government. Half the comments on here are a reflection of why this town and city is so screwed up. Every little thing they do should be gone over with a fine tooth comb, they are not exempt from scrutiny by either the public or the media. At least someone is asking the questions and exposing him for what he really is.