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TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — A former client of R.C. Soles claims the former senator beat and threatened him early this morning.

Tabor City Police say they received word around 3 a.m. of a man lying the middle of the road by the Tabor City Welcome Center. Responding officers discovered it was Stacey Scott, a former client of R.C. Soles. The responding says Scott told him that he had been visiting Soles and that Soles had hit him in the leg with a metal pipe. The officer said he could not see any injuries on Scott when he asked him to show the injuries. Scott said Soles dropped him off at the Welcome Center, put a gun to Scott’s head and said, “If you tell anyone about this, I will blow your (expletive deleted) head off.”

Although investigators say there was no physical evidence of assault, EMS took Scott to Loris Community Hospital in South Carolina. The police officer said when the ambulance arrived, Scott was able to walk and get into it under his own power. A spokesperson from the hospital said Scott was treated and later released.

A police report lists the crime as simple assault. Tabor City Police Lt. Ron Carroll said no charges have been filed, but the department is investigating. The report also says the victim suffered no injuries.

Scott and Soles are no strangers to each other. In 2008, Scott told WWAY Soles had sexually assaulted him. Scott later told another news outlet he lied. In another incident Scott and his mother claimed Soles pushed Scott to the ground, kicked him and took his cell phone. Police urged Scott and his mother to take out a warrant after that, but they did not. Scott has also claimed Soles has given him thousands of dollars.

WWAY has a reporter on the scene, and we will continue to keep you updated on this developing story.

Stacey Incident Report

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  • Guest Apu

    My name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump. My advise is to run Stacey, run.

  • It’s a name that would be chosen by only the well traveled or the obscenely dangerous people. I have seen this word usage and text traveling by only a few people in my life. Is that you R.C.?

  • ColCor

    The “he” referred to in the previous note is RC Soles. Oddly enough, his latest actions have that “beatings will continue until morale improves” feel to them.

  • Columbus Countian

    Child abuse (e.g., molestation)is known in the mental health field as “the gift that keeps on giving”. If any of these young men were abused as minors, an egregious act or acts has occurred. Victims often attempt to self-medicate (i.e., use alcohol or other drugs)in an effort to deal with anxiety/depression. Thus, any perpetrator should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Yet, one should keep in mind that if variables such as money and power are introduced into the equation, there is an inexorable skewing of the situation in favor of the perpetrator. Sex offenders frequently “groom” their intended victims by offering/promising desirable things to their prey. Victims are not just randomly selected by a perpetrator. Perpetrators are most interested in targets that would be relatively easy to manipulate or coerce. It is certainly not without precedent that victims have eventually taken revenge upon their perpetrators.

  • In my past interviews with WWAY I stated that RC Soles had become dangerous and that I feared for my life at that time. All I can say is YAAA! Go RC, Every time time you pull this kinda crap it gives my story even more credibility. Believe Stacy? You darned right he did the same thing to me except without the gun. As far as bruises Rc is good at that kinda thing he knows just how and where to hit without leaving a mark.

  • ColCor Follow up

    Clarification of the situation with Scott.

    There are two predilections that folks in Columbus assert that have to do with young men. One is what has been asserted by folks like BJ Wright and others having to do with money and sexual favors. The other is that he enjoys beating these young men, also for money.
    Thus it isn’t incongruous what we’ve seeing and what has been said for the past forty years with respect to what is, most likely, a very very disturbed ex-senator.

  • guesty

    “Pipe pounding.” The jokes write themselves.

  • Malaria

    I do not believe RC had any sexual interest in Stacey Scott. Take a look at Scott’s photo.

    All of this is really NOT entirely about sex. It’s deeper than that. There is something very dark and shadowy about the amount of money Soles gave to these hooligans, and I do not believe it was for sexual favors. It was for something else. What? I cannot imagine.
    Soles is in his late seventies, and could be affected by a slight dementia.

    It is entirely possible that Soles, a rich man with more money than he could ever spend, foolishly gave these troubled young men money to help them or their family members with some problem.

    There are many, many people around Columbus County who can testify to Soles’ generosity. He, and his father before him, have given money to countless needy people without any expectations of it ever being repaid.

    But Soles is not a good judge of character. And now these criminals keep coming back to him demanding more and more money.

    The situation is reeling out of control, and deadly violence will erupt if something is not done to prevent the young hoodlums from continuing to harass Soles for more money.

    It is not an amusing situation. Soles is an old, possibly confused, man.

  • scottythegenetator

    One boy claimed RC was being investigated for “muligation”.

    One boy said he touched him on his “genetrailia”.

    No wonder Stacey is mad…he had his genetaters mulligated!


  • 475698245698225266511565

    where is the like button??

  • Guest0039402390

    another one comes out of the woodwork. this is less than slightly entertaining now. wish this guy would come out of the closet already and all these loons can be one happy family. tired of hearing about it.

  • Wade griffis

    “As The World Turns.” I have not seen a soap opera in many years, but this brings back fond memories of my childhood.

    The family who owned the community’s only TV used to invite us kids over sometimes to see these marvelous soap operas.

    We, of a certain age, should thank the senator and all the bit players for an entertaining year.

  • Filter

    Where can I get filter for my newsreader so I never have to read another RC Soles story again?

  • Motherof 2

    Well if he REALLY got hit with a metal pipe like he claims he did… Don’t you think it would leave a mark??? Plus the boy has lied before, go ahead and give it up… Your 15 mintues of fame is over. Sounds like to me RC Soles needs to get a restraining order out on him. Whatever RC Soles sexual preference is, is no ones business. I really don’t care, just hate to see an older man or women being dragged thru the mud. I just imagine how I would feel if it were my grandmother or grandfather… Have some respect is all.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It’s no one’s business? Then why does he insist on plastering it all over the news, weekly?

    He’s more of a publicity hound than Jenelle Evans! Plus, whenever one of these junior mountain men (nod to “Deliverance”) goes to trial, who is in the court as an observer, not a witness but (TA-DA!!!!) Creepy Old Guy, with checkbook in-hand.

    Rest assured that I’m an older man and if I ever shred every bit of self-respect and pride, people have my permission to lose ALL respect for me. The man is a total laughing-stock and most people in Columbus County I talk to wish he’d move to Wake or Orange County.

  • Wilma Guest

    I’m going to guess R.C. Soles in the conservatory with the lead pipe!

  • These girls are costing the county a lot of money.

  • anne

    I am not sure if anyone really knows what is going on with this whole situation, but instinct tells me that all is not well. My conjectures come from watching, hearing and trying to assimilate the information sent out. It seems that Mr. Soles and his “boy toys” have been going at it for years. It also seems that maybe some of the parents knew what was going on, and looked the other, perhaps because money was involved. Now Mr. Soles is trying to stop the paying out and the boys are rebelling in different ways. It is time that someone come clean and fess up to everything. Perhaps the best way would be to put all of them, including Mr. Soles in a cell, let them fight it out, and the last one able to walk be let out. Then just maybe, the news media will leave these parasites alone and find something more worthy to report. I am like one of the others that responded to this story: time to move on and find other more important news to report.

    One more thing about ths subject: the law keeps locking up these morons and they get out and do something again. Where is the bail money coming from and why aren’t they prosecuted in put in jail where they belong? Perhaps the “good ole boy” network is still going strong in Columbus County – could it be because so many of them are in Mr. Soles’ back pocket? Worth thinking about!

  • Stratcatz

    You would think that the IRS and State Revenue people would want to know how an unemployed kid keeps getting this money and where it comes from!!!!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    He claimed that Soles grabbed his “genefalia,” then retracted it.

    Perhaps, like everyone else, he didn’t know exactly what a genefalia was?

    Just to cover all bases, in case we’re talking about that expensive coffee you can subscribe to, I’m sending R.C. an “I (heart) genefalia” T-shirt.

  • scottythegenetator

    He actually said “genetrailia” I believe.

    One of the other boys said RC was being investigated for “muligation”.

    He must have muligated his genetators…OUCH…

  • Guestais

    “pounded him with a pipe” – Are we supposed to read between the lines or take that at face value?

  • pipe fitter

    too funny!

  • Wade griffis

    This has all the elements of a tragedy looking for a place to happen. We can be pretty sure where that place will be.

  • Happy Days

    New soap opera title “As My Stomach Turns”

  • Guest Accountant

    There is no tax on the recipient of monetary gifts. RC would be responsible for reporting the gifts and paying any taxes owed to the federal gov’t. NC has no gift tax.


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