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Obama releases birth form, decries 'silliness'


WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama says the nation's leaders won't be able to solve big problems if they're distracted by what he calls "sideshows and carnival barkers."

He says that's why he made the decision to release a detailed Hawaii birth certificate -- hoping to quiet the continuing questions about whether he was, in fact, born there rather than in Kenya.

The certificate says Obama was born to an American mother and Kenyan father in Hawaii, which makes him eligible to hold the office of president.

In criticizing those who are keeping the issue alive, Obama and the White House didn't mention Donald Trump by name -- though he's been among the most prominent supporters of the "birther" movement in recent weeks.

Trump, a potential GOP presidential candidate, today took credit for getting Obama to release the certificate, and said Obama should have done so "a long time ago."

He said he'd want to make sure the certificate is real.

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Not A Black and White issue

Guest 1118 RIGHT YOU ARE!!!

Obama's failure to "produce", and I use that term literally, has nothing to do with race because Socialist Barack Hussein Obama is White. Of course he is African American too. (White American mother, Kenyan Father.)

Race? When race is blathered, and NEVER by White People, I have to remind our Black friends that White people showed up in droves and elected Barack Hussein Obama.


Sure your right. They are saying he was born in Kenya because he's a marxist.

They are saying he was born in Kenya because his FATHER is from Kenya. This is racist why? I believe he was born in the U.S. I also believe he is a sorry excuse for a president. Ooops I guess I am a redneck racist and member of the KKK. After all we are not allowed to dislike the current leader, if we do we are all must be members of the NAZI party. Play that card elsewhere, it ain't working anymore.

He's still a big doodie head.

Don't expect this to shut any of the children up. Every one knows it was never really about his birth certificate.


Agree with the comment here about Obama still being a socialist (Marxist/Progressive or whatever) as well as closet Muslim. And at this point he's made Jimmy Carter look like a decent president.

WWAY listed "birth form" instead of birth certificate..

Can yall be more obvious of your republican affiliation..your new slogan should be "Oh how I wish I was in Dixie"...

His Father's race is African?

I have never heard of an African race. There are many races in Africa.
Was his father black or white? This seems a little fishy.

Check the source

The story and headline both came from the Associated Press. I believe the use of the word "form" referred to the "long form" of the birth certificate. At any rate, there is no bias implied or real.

News Content Manager
WWAY NewsChannel 3

Funny, when I went to the AP website..

I got this link??

the story they ran said birth CERTIFICATE..Pick and choose WWAY..pick and choose!


It REALLY looks photo shopped...ONE day...sometime in the future this whole thing will go down as the BIGGEST scam in American history! However, our alternative is Biden...

how true-but at least biden

how true-but at least biden had the experience and maturity to be president not that i would have voted for a democrat. 


You people are so friggin paranoid its really pathetic.


take a look at the state of our country...the honesty of those who we elect....NOT being paranoid is what got us to this point...I think a little PARANOIA is in order!

Paranoia is one

Paranoia is one thing...stupidity is another. This whole thing about his birth certificate is just stupid.


bottom line is that he wasn't the FIRST individual forced to provide proof of birth...he won't be the last. Even lib Chris Matthews was screaming for wanna know one of the FIRST individuals to question his birth.....HILLARY CLINTON...guess shes a circus crony

Birth Cert.

This still wont shut the stupid "birthers" up or Donald Chump!

don't care where he was born

don't care where he was born but i can't wait till he's voted out of office:)


It's a copy of a piece of paper. Illegal aliens have access to the same thing. I don't care if he was born on Mars, he's still a Socialist and Closet Muslim IMO.

Get over it

He was born here. People are still afraid of having a black man in the presidency. This is terrible that people still think, live and act this way. The birther movement was a closet racism movement. It ranks right up there with Aliens at Area 51 and other rediculous conspiracy theories.

He is our president. He will be our president until the next election and maybe even after that. I'm not saying he's doing an excellent job, but he is a hell of a lot better then the predecessor.

You need to wake up

He was not born on american soil. That is a fact. His parents traveled to Hawaii after his birth in Kenya for the sole reason that you can obtain a certificate of birth for your child up to the first year of their life. Meaning citizenship. Any ways, about ur post mentions conspiracies regarding other intelligent life forms. I have to say you must be the dumbest person on earth to still believe what the government tells you? And you still believe that aliens don't exist and that we are alone in this universe? Open your eyes! You are asleep and brain washed and exactly where the gov't wants you. There are things in this world you could never comprehend with that mindset. If you believe in any way that I am some crazy myth chaser then i dare you to watch this.

There is no possible way to deny the "FACTS" and conclusively large amount of evidence that supports every topic and accusation mentioned no matter how far fetched it sounds. If you do, by some divine miracle, brush this off as anything than what it is (THE COLD HARD TRUTH) then I feel sorry for you and anyone who might agree with your ignorant way of thinking. Our time is near and those who are still asleep(unaware of what's revealed in video) will be eradicated like sheep to slaughter. They are useless, expendable, followers who don't question. When you do realize I am right about everything, Tell everyone you know. This "dream" we are living will soon come to an end. (2012)

Being Black is not the issue

Obama's being Black has nothing to do with it. He's just simply the worst president we've had since Eisenhower. I'm white and I didn't vote for him, but my neice did. I don't think he'll be our president after the next election. And it's not because he's Black. Please!! Let's stop playing the race card.

Obama Birth Certificate

If you are better off now than you were under Obama's predecessor, you are certainly one of a minority. Most are worse off, and the numbers in our economy support that. Obama's policies have been failures.

Questioning your racist comment...

Challenge the WORLD,

You wrote this:
"People are still afraid of having a black man in the presidency." You continued with, "This is terrible that people still think, live and act this way."

What "PEOPLE" do you mean??? Why, White People, right???

News Flash:
HE could not have been elected if WHITES didn't overwhelmingly drink the Koolaid and vote for him.

BTW, I don't think of Obama as a "black man in the presidency"

Don't you realize that Barack Hussein Obama is White? HIS AMERICAN MOTHER WAS WHITE, HIS KENYAN FATHER WAS AFRICAN.

That makes Obama every bit as WHITE as he is BLACK.

HE IS A WHITE AFRICAN AMERICAN...or an African American White.

THAT is a fact, but who the HECK cares about his RACE! NO ONE!!! I only know because I WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT who apparently wants us to go bankrupt. Have you ever read any biography on him? PLEEEEZE educate yourself!

I challenge you and other defenders of this arrogant president...

Read and then .. TRY... to disprove the Facts in so many books, like "THE Roots of Obama's Rage" by Dinesh d' Sousa.

It's in the local NHC Library. THERE IS A WAITING LIST, but if you get free books on your Pell GRANT handouts, this is the book to actually read.


Your jokeing,right? The "facts" in that book has already been disproven.

When you've got nothing else

Play the ole' race card. Need I remind you that he is half white.

"he is a hell of a lot better then the predecessor". Oh really. Is that why the economy is so great right now under Obama and you taxes, fees and deficit are going up further after he's been in office for over 2 years now?

It's true. I said it

It's true. I said it because I hear people actually say it all the time. Respected people; People who should otherwise know better that in this country we have to be past all of this by now. The same goes for this rediculous birther movement.

I mean, come on. This whole topic was regenerated from Donald Trump. Of all people, Donald Trump. I'm from New Jersey, there is plenty about that man that needs to be brought to light.

Again, I don't think the President is making all the best decisions but its impossible to please everyone. As far as the deficit goes, well, if I ran several trillions in bad debt of your money up for 8 years, I'm sure it would take longer then two years to clean it up. Taxes are going to go up, because the price of doing anything will forever go up.

Having that said, I think the government really needs to take a long hard look at the spending and reign down on all of the entitlements and completely overhaul the welfare system. We have created a society where it is okay not to pay your bills and to ask Uncle Sam for everything. That must stop and I don't believe that its possbile to do in one or two presidential terms by either political party.

Finally, there is not and will never be a perfect president. Humans are flawed in too many ways for us to create someone who always makes the best decision. But, as in most political arenas selecting the man who will look out for the majority of society will help us to prevail the best. That is what happened given our last Presidential Election. The majority spoke. America is still trying to come to terms with what that majority makes up in the demographics of traditional old USA.

Perhaps the next group of candidates will be better then the last pool. Regardless, this is our President now and we can't do anything about that until 2012.

If you had run eight years of deficit spending...

...would you then go out and try to double it in two years?

Take a look at the deficit and national debt when Obama took office, then look at it two years later. You'll be shocked back into reality.


The reality is most of the higher debt and deficit of the last 2 years is because of what Bush done. You can try to spin it anyway you want but I'm sure you know it's true.


RACIST...just because you demand PROOF. The man has shown he is a liar, that he is manipulative and that he really doesn't care about freedom. He isn't the FIRST president to be asked to provide documentation..heck McCain had to go to CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS! I don't care if he is a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater...all he had to do is provide the flipping document! The fact that he is black...means nothing to me...the fact that he is a MARXIST COMMUNIST LYING MUSLIM PIECE OF DOG DOO is what I care about!

Of all the idiotic things to

Of all the idiotic things to demand proof of, you morons pick his birth certificate. As if the federal government will just let anyone run the country without ever looking at their background.