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Brunswick Co. Bar Association adopts resolution blowing smoke up Judge Jolly's robe

READ MORE: Brunswick Co. Bar Association adopts resolution blowing smoke up Judge Jolly's robe

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) - The Brunswick County Bar Association had a secret meeting Monday at the courthouse to discuss District Attorney Jon David's desire to use the StreetSafe program, and Judge Jerry Jolly's concern that David is using the program to repay a campaign contributor.

After the secret meeting, which the media was banned from, it made public a proclamation that doesn't take either side, but definitely gives a pat on the back to Judge Jolly. Here's the text of the resolution...

WHEREAS, the Honorable Judge Jerry A. Jolly has served the District Courts with distinction and honor since December, 1984; and

WHEREAS, the Honorable Jerry A. Jolly was appointed by the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, Burley Mitchell, Jr., to serve as Chief District Court Judge for the 13th Judicial District in April 1993; and

WHEREAS, the Honorable Chief District Court Judge Jerry A. Jolly has demonstrated astute leadership, excellent service, the fair administration of Justice, integrity, fairness and prudent judgment for the citizens of the 13th Judicial District and the State of North Carolina; and

WHEREAS, we the collective body of the Bar, stand in full support of the Honorable Chief District Court Judge Jerry A. Jolly for his many years of decisive leadership;

WHEREAS, it is with considerable respect for his personal and professional dedication to our district, our State and its legal structure that we honor and salute Chief District Court Judge Jerry A. Jolly for his service;

WHEREAS, the Honorable Chief District Court Judge Jerry A. Jolly has instituted the Mediation program for the District Courts, the Arbitration program for the District Courts, has required to be trained Certified Juvenile District Court Judges and has ensured a full court schedule for the fair administrative of all Civil, Criminal, Juvenile and Family court issues pending in the district; and

It is RESOLVED that the Brunswick County Bar Association HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGES AND LAUDS the Honorable Chief District Court Judge Jerry A. Jolly for his distinguished public service and his many valuable contributions to our local Judicial System, and extend to him our full support for his continued good works with the Court System.

Adopted and issued on this 2nd day of May, 2011 by Pauline Hankins, Esq., President of the Brunswick Bar Association and attested by Huey Marshall, the Secretary / Treasurer of the Brunswick Bar Association and the Brunswick County Attorney.

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I hold no doubt the Jon

I hold no doubt the Jon David is without question the most honorable and selfless judicial public servant in Southeastern NC. I believe that there are corruptable and corrupt elements of the judiciary of Brunswick county who wish to discredit him for political purposes as he will undoubtly uphold the law regardless of circumstances. Jon David is nothing short of a God send and we are indeed fortunate and blessed to have him as the Peoples' Attorney.


Mr. Pickey,

If you are going to run a story on the text of a Bar Association proclamation, I believe it is your job to report what the proclomation says, not to opine that it is "blowing smoke" up the judge's robe. If this is how you choose to report this story, I suggest you put it in an "editorial" section of your website rather than the "news" section. Otherwise, you lose all pretenses of being an objective news source.

Absolutely. That kind of

Absolutely. That kind of wording is tacky and sensationalist. It belongs on the op-ed page, not news.

Judge Jolly

This policy works in New Hanover County and is needed in Brunswick. I wonder why the current Brunswick County judges and district attorneys want it to remain status quo. It does not make a bit of sense. I pray that D.A. David does not back down and let this system bully him.


WWAY, please try to have a little more dignity and professionalism when choosing how to title your articles. I would expect this title on the front of the National Enquirer versus on a websits of a PROFESSIONAL news station.

this article didn't even mention that these 6 lawyers

and several judges barred the media, claiming it was a PRIVATE meeting being held in a PUBLIC building. They used PUBLIC services (sheriff) to enforce it.
What I want to know is, do the sheriffs work for lawyers or the Chief of Police? Why was a public employee I.E. a sheriff, agreeing to do something illegal? What is the chain of command in the seemingly lawless county of Brunswick?

More info

The WWAY representative first was asked to leave b/c it was a meeting of a private organization. The WWAY representative came back in and stated that his boss, Mr. Pickney, told him NOT to leave unless removed by law enforcement. When somebody is trespassing, you are then allowed to call for law enforcement assistance. It seems that Mr. Pickney created a story and then wrote about.

Cut the disrespect towards public employees

I was first struck by an inane headline. In regard to a judge, I find it especially disrespectful. The proclamation explained nothing about the controversy to readers who are unfamiliar with this subject. The disrespect the press continues to promote towards public employees, especially those in authority, needs to stop. Learn to report news properly and impartially.

Judge Jolly

Keep up the good fight D.A. David. This organized band of the "good ole boys" and girls needs to come to an end. Don't let them intimidate you. You are doing the right things.

A simple case of timid

A simple case of timid lawyers sucking up to an abusive judge. Jolly apparently must have supported David's opponent in the recent election, given the idiocy of his unwarranted accusation against Mr. David. Anyone who thinks that he would prostitute himself for a $250 campaign contribution is suffering from dementia. Seems to me Jolly has served his usefulness and should just save everybody a lot of trouble and resign.


What an embarrassment - Trail lawyers are obviously afraid of an honest and independent District Attorney

Bar Association

So what! It's well known that 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

Blowing smoke up Judge

Blowing smoke up Judge Jolly's robe??? Are you serious? . I can honestly say the language and title's WWAY is choosing to use is a complete disgrace. I will no longer be using WWAY as a source of new's . When you get your act together maybe you will have more people following . Until then goodbye. I know Im not the only one who has quit watching because of this . Sounds like a bunch of Elementary scgool children trying to publish the news

Coming from...

Sounds like a bunch of Elementary scgool children

Yet YOU just took your toys and went home?

Wow I hit the wrong key when

Wow I hit the wrong key when typing. That's all you had to add??

WHEREAS We Love sucking up

WHEREAS We Love sucking up to the Honerable...Blah-Blah-Blah, Spineless comes to mind, I do believe one thing in this story, The Bar was open and you all had to many for lunch.

All present

This resolution was passed by the Brunswick County Bar and 6 members of that bar are assistant district attorneys for Jon David. Truth is the truth not matter which side you are on.

Assistant DA's

I was not in the meeting and have not heard any direct report other than what has been shown on the news but a resolution typically only has to pass by a bare majority. The fact that there were assistant DA's in the meeting does not meen that they supported the resolution.

All present

Its my understanding that there were many assistant district attorneys present at the meeting to pass the resolution. It was a resolution from ALL Brunswick County attorneys, including assistant district attorneys that work for Mr. David.

DA workers against Jon David

It shows me that David could have but chose not to get rid of Gore supporters and former workers. Apparently politics did not guide his choices or he would have gotten rid of all of them before he took office. Who appears to be the better person?

Secret Meeting

They are are private association of attorneys, not a public organization. They have no obligation to allow anyone except for their members into their meetings. Pretty much by definition, all of their meetings are "secret." Once again, WWAY attacks someone for not giving them access they feel they deserve.

However, it does seem the Brunswick County Bar Association is giving a quiet nod saying they support Jolly rather than David.

Judge Jolly

Pantano needs to keep his nose out of Brunswick County business !!Didn't he learn from the election hes not wanted here ?


Isn't he too busy with Judge Wapner in the puppy court battling some wack jobs in NJ?