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Jon David taking Judge Jolly to appeals court


BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) - District Attorney Jon David filed a petition with the state court of appeals Thursday challenging Judge Jerry Jolly's decision to shut down traffic court in Brunswick County.

David is asking the court for a temporary stay against Jolly's order and has also asked the court to reverse it.

The argument stems from a program call StreetSafe, which helps teens and younger drivers realize how dangerous driving can be if they're not paying attention. The director of the program gave David $250 last year as a campaign contribution. Jolly contends that donation has resulted in the program being offered at traffic court as a kick-back. David adamantly denies that accusation.

Jolly had a number of mistakes in the original order, including calling StreetSmart a for-profit organization - it is not - and saying the campaign contribution was much larger than it actually was.

David asked Jolly to correct the mistakes as well as apologize for the personal attacks he perceived in the order. Jolly never responded to David's request.

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If you want to write a book...

....then do so off this forum. Learn to organize your thoughts and stop rambling on and on and on. The use of paragraphs would greatly assist us in at least partially understanding your rant without running out of breath. Gaaaaspaaaahhhh...

Jolly is the corrupt one!

Jon has been upstanding and law abiding in every way. Jolly on the other hand is part of the corrupt past. How did Jolly know a contribution was made? Because Jon David reported every dime of the $250 as he should. Of course, corrupt Jolly spun that in to a larger amount and then made false and slanderous claims. Folks, how much money do you think Jolly has received from defense lawyers in his elections? Jolly, you should do one honorable thing to come out from under the cloud of corruption you live under. Resign! Do it now! Show some semblance of honor.


Robert T. Willis
jolly is friends with some of our lawyers in these conties and will do just about what they ask him to. just with in the law, like signing an order to have someone arrested on a motion that was not right, the case had been settled in 2007 and no more money was owed but, a man was arrested and served a few days in jail falsely arrested. however, this is not the end of that case, jolly and the lawyer will face it again........soon! it time to stop the good ole boy system in brunswick co. i hope and pray this is a good start!

Good on Jon David

It is about time that someone stood up to these A--h--e judges. In do not know Jon David, I do not wish to know him.

It is obvious that there is a strong smell of corruption coming out of the court system.

Somebody sue me, PLEASE! I do not have the proverbial, "pot to piss in."

Never-the-less, our court system sucks.

Wade Griffis

Jolly is part of the Good Boys of Columbus County

This is all about the system that was recently destroyed by the voters of the counties. The public spoke when they voted Rex Gore out of office. Jolly is part of the old system of lawyers, DA, and of course, the powerful one, RC who recently has been shut down by the voters.
I spoke recently with one of the die hard members of the old democratic machine in Columbus County and his response was this: "If David is going to try you by the law, then WE are going to hold him to the law." He couldn't and wouldn't answer my question of "What is the difference of David acknowleging a campaign contribution and your democrats receiving gifts under the table at Christmas? Big gifts?" His response was "Can you prove it?"
The other part is because traffic court cuts out lawyer profits and and the lawyers are crying because they are not getting these $200-300 profits to handle little minor traffic offenses. It is all a scheme of the Columbus County crooks.
Jolly will lose this one.


I could careless about the politics but the remark about attorneys making huge profits out of traffic tickets is crazy. The average cost of an attorney in Columbus county for a ticket is 230.00 including court costs of 141.00. That means the attorney gets 89 dollars for his time and making sure the charge doesn't hurt your license and insurance. The streetcars program charges 150.00 and a cost of 141 and a fine of 25 and an appearance in court and a day at driving school ( both things saved with an attorney) and worst of all no one tells you if the reduction will help your insurance or not because the program does not care. Driving schools are fine and attorneys often use them to get better deals. Don't full yourself into thinking that this is about attorneys losing money because it isn't. Yes. I am a lawyer. Yes I provide a service. I also have three employees and pay my taxes. I also give my time to charity church and home. I shop locally and I have voted republican my entire voting career. Please do not presume to know what lawyers think untill you take the time to become one. And please don't forget. Jon David is a lawyer and a politician which most people on this site seem to hate

A Judge

A judge is a lawyer who is too lazy to work for a living.

Be careful there Wade. R.

Be careful there Wade. R. Mick's wife is a district court judge and he might send the goon squad after you!!