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ONLY ON 3: HOA threatens to fine military mom for tribute to troops

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: HOA threatens to fine military mom for tribute to troops

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The mother of a US soldier serving overseas says her homeowners association has threatened to fine her for her tribute to the troops.

Kelly Hill lives in the Willoughby Park subdivision off of Carolina Beach Road. Her son, Sgt. Zakary Faircloth, is in his second tour of duty in Afghanistan in three years.

To support her son and all of the troops, she hung a decorative flag from her door, but her homeowners association said no, even on Memorial Day.

"It's something you can't explain, the feeling that you have for your child being over there in danger and wondering why people can't support that," Hill said.

Hill and other neighbors are not happy about the situation.

"I'm disappointed," neighbor Dawn Schuffle said. "It's disturbing to me that they would ask someone to take something like that down."

Hill took down the flag, but still has her home as patriotic as the homeowners association will allow.

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I agree

Way to go, Guest 461...couldn't have said it better myself.

Not Leaving!

I'm not leaving! But, I am with you Guest 461 and hate stupid HOA's who think they are the gustapo and have too much time on their hands...and want to disrupt normal peoples lives, who are JUST LIVING LIFE, right?

I am a northerner, but have assimilated into a wonderful environment with friends from all over the country. I feel bad that the people who constantly tell the northerners to go back up north, do not seem to understand that is not how to have a LOGICAL argument.

So sorry, but the argument telling people to leave and go back north, is a worthless one, because not all people that we disagree with are "northerners". Sometimes, it is CLEAR as crystal, like the tightly wound loonybin cocobird who said, "I didn't come "down here" to look at blah, blah, blah...
Other times, it is not clear that the people are northerners...but when there are differing opinions, it is much. So, do southerners hate northerners really? I have heard this, but never experienced it until reading these blogs, which I will probably quit doing because I am getting sick of being told to leave...when I have a RIGHT TO BE ANYWHERE I WANT TO BE, and a right to voice an opinion.

People who post a different opinion on WWAY are always being told to leave and take XYZ something or other with them. Sheeeezzz!

I do not agree with the stifflers of our freedoms in the form of HOA's or people telling others to leave.

Unfamiliar with not being encouraged to voice an opinion and unfamiliar with these things called HOA's, we initially thought an HOA may be a 'good thing' when we moved (to wilmington from Il.) fifteen years ago.

We soon learned that we must have chosen to live in the worst of worst HOA neighborhoods in Wilmington near Miliary Cutoff Rd.
The HOA members were all "NATIVES" and all had that stupid license plate that staked their claim. * You don't see them around anymore...but in the mid 90's, they were prevalent.

These goofballs gathered every evening to discuss new birdhouses, birdfeeders,garden decorations or the most serious infraction, a flag of any type. Then, they contacted the HOA enforcer guy...with the clipboard. There was NO talking to these people, they were the biggest snobs of the universe...and we almost immediately put our house up for sale. We left the neighborhood as soon as possible, and have been flying Old Glory Proudly most of the time, but always on Holidays!
Just like this land being your land, it is my land too and I am staying, and staying away from tightly wound bug-eyed busy bodies, no matter where they are from. Let's be friends. I love you southerners. You're cool!


The name of the HOA is guess who.....CAMS MANAGEMENT off Military Cutoff in Wilmington...They have had another situation at Willoughby regarding the service dog and owner in a wheelchair. CAMS has to go.. they must not be Americans if they are against flying the American flag. I live in a community and have CAMS and we can't stand them. Our dues are quite high and only covers mowing, trash and a pool. That's it. And complaints, never taken care of. How can you get rid of this association? Please help, we would like to retain a attorney pro bono to take on CAMS, any volunteers?


CAMS is simply the management company that your HOA Board of Directors hired...they don't make the rules, they enforce them as they exist within the association's RR&C and Bylaws. The BOARD tells CAMS what to do. If your board won't look into other management companies you and your fellow homeowners can have a petition requesting a special meeting to replace the board if necessary and to replace CAMS. That doesn't require an attorney...simply concerned neighbors that are willing to do a little work.


Youy're support our troops over seas.I don't unstand how can homeowners associations put this lady child down when he out there,
fighting for us.Don't email me or call


the HOA sucks!!! what a

the HOA sucks!!! what a bunch of JERKS!!!


To whomever filed the complaint against Ms. Hill, please know that HER SON IS PROTECTING YOUR VERY FREEDOM to speak your opinion and file such a complaint. He will continue to protect your freedom even if you disapprove of the display of the American Flag! You need not support the war or idea of the war to support the men and women who serve us.

To Ms. Hill, we support our troops wholeheartedly, and appreciate the sacrifices your son and family have made for us. I wish that you could pack up and move, because no one should be forced to live under rules and regulations that disallow your display of the flag or other military support items in honor of your son's service.

Your son's service, your family's support and your love for your son make me proud to be an American, it's folks like the one (or more) who complained who throw me in the other direction. Keep your head high, shoulders back and full steam ahead....we'll keep your family in our prayers that your soldier will be home soon!





As a veteran, I am appalled that anyone living in the this country of freedom, would be denied the right to honor their son. It is my wish that HOA's in the U.S. get stripped of any power they have. I think it is a constitutional right of self expression that is being violated by the HOA. Maybe the "offender" could start an RHOA. That means Replace the Home Owner's Association. The the status lovers on the board can look for new ways to be controlling.


you should not be in a hoa if you want freedom,as for your son god bless,i also served in iraq!!!!!!!!

My HOA is up my behind too.

I have my RV parked in my driveway and have been getting nasty letters from my HOA. I tried to tell them it was a RV in honor of the military, law enforcement, firefighters, and most importantly the children. They are still not backing off.

The HOA president even had the nerve to ask me if I read the covenants before I signed on the dotted line at the closing. Of course I didn't waste my time reading it, and I'm not really sure what he was getting at with that question anyway.

You can't win with these folks. I realize the flag may not be as big of a deal as my RV, but I share in the frustration.

HOA's are un-American. Probably made up of a bunch of Obama supporters.

Thank you to all the military personnel who have served this country.

From a fellow patriot.

Dumbest..satire.. ever.

And you no doubt are an Obama supporter.

fellow patriot my...behind.

To: H.O.Yay

Nice try with your sarcasm & witless banter.

Say what you will, but being the liberal socialist that you probably are, you wouldnt understand why a HOA could possibly let things go for a day/weekend, could you? Not when its not your beliefs. Ill bet if it was Mao/Stalin or any other "peaceful" dictators holiday, youd be all for it then huh?

Seems youre the only nobama supporter on this article. Why is that? No community organizing for you to do this weekend? No lies to go spread? No thespian schooling to go to learn how to speak well? No speech therapy?

Yea, thats what I thought.

Your RV is an empty suit, like your point and your leader.

The HOA is CAMS....

The HOA is CAMS community Management. They are a money making scam. They prey on people to violate trival rules. They have ties to Century 21 and I think other associations. Write, call and persue them because this is an outrage. I have a friend who moved from this neighborhood because of the torture CAMS put them through.

This is over the line, there is no question that this is completely unacceptable in any enviornment. This is the USA, this is a proud mother and these f*&^% property mongers are doing nothing but hating good old fashioned American patriotism.

Find their claim to be a "professional" organization here:

Please write to these people; they have really crossed the line here. They are nothing but con-artists. They are promoting a community atmosphere with communistic type ideals.

Be heard!

MS HILL - FLY THAT FLAG HIGH! I'll pay your damn fine!


CAMS is a MANAGEMENT company. Their role is to enforce the rules and regulations that the HOA that hired them set in place. CAMS can do nothing without the approval and say-so of the HOA Board of Directors. Oh, no...I don't work for CAMS.

I wish people would be more informed.

since when is there a rule

since when is there a rule to hang the flag? that board should go to IRAN.

displaying old glorly is

displaying old glorly is above homa rules this is a right that has NO rules attached

CAMS has the descretion

They made the wrong decision here. They are a horrible management company. I am a reluctant customer and I'm going to do all I can to get them out of my neighborhood.

They made the wrong decision here.


Publish the names of the people who denied her the right to fly the flag. I'm 70 and would like to deck the misfits before I croak.

Flag to Honor Soldiers

I find this very troublesome. Were it not for our soldiers and all the soldiers that have fought in every war, we would not be here now to celebrate Memorial Day.

I think the Homeowners Association has gone too far.

This is unacceptable.

HOAs. Frustrated Nazis with little..... what's little.

Of course, when you purchased a home covered by an HOA, you invited this kind of tyranny and agreed to accept it.

The simple fact that there are so many subdivisions that have HOAs now (which people willingly buy into) simply stands as tribute to the fact that liberty and freedom are no longer valued in America. You'll give up the right to hang a flag in return for insuring your neighbor doesn't work on his classic car restoration in his driveway or let his grass grow too long.

HOAs are for and headed up by busybodies and bureaucrats. Anyone with a love of freedom will walk away from any home covered by an HOA in a heartbeat.

Morons!! My son used to

Morons!! My son used to live here and, thankfully, moved to a much better environment. Get a clue Willoughby Park before you lose more tenants.

These HOA's are just power

These HOA's are just power hungry losers who have nothing better to do! An American flag in Memorial day...are you serious..are country is GONE..pathetic...they should be ashamed..then sued


Ok While HOAs serve some purpose this is just insane. A flag on your door for Memorial Day is wrong?? What the hell is wrong with her HOA?? I hope they do fine her and then she takes them to court to fight it. This is an example of out of line idiotic behavior on the part of HOA's its one thing to come down on a homeowner for painting their house like a weird purple color or something gawdy this though is just wrong!!!

Sorry! No difference at all

If an HOA can tell you what color you can paint your house, they can tell you that flags aren't allowed. Look at some of the idiocy that goes on around this county. "You muzd haff you trash bin in by zunzet or you vill be punished zeverely. Unt iff you park zat pickup truck in zee drifeway, you vill be punished zeverely. Unt you muzd get approval to add shutters or you vill be punished zeverely.....unt iff you hang a flag it muzd haff a svatstikka in zee center or you vill be punished zeverely....""

When you buy a home and agree to abide by HOA rules, you just said, "I don't value liberty. I don't want the freedom that most Americans enjoy. I want to trade my right to individual choice away in hopes of making a few more bucks when I sell it to the next sucker who values ansolute total uniformity and bureaucratic, structured discipline a la Orwell's 1984."

Avoid HOAs at any and all costs. If it's YOUR house, paint it any color you'd like to.


The people on the Homeowners board must not be Americans.. Hope that she puts her home up for sale and finds a better place to live.. Livingin a gated place is not all that great... Having a home and yard that U can decorate for your pleasure can be a beautiful thing,, Hang the American Flag in your yard is one of the greatest things U can do to show how proud that U R living in the U S A