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Audit: NC loses millions in uncollected fines


Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- An audit says North Carolina loses millions of dollars every year because it doesn't have adequate resources or policies to collect fines from traffic cases and criminal offenses.

The report from the state auditor estimates that in 2008, the state lost more than $40 million by failing to collect fees, fines and restitution in court cases.

The auditors say the state Judicial Department has antiquated computers and doesn't use all the tools at its disposal to collect the money. The report says the department can't even say how much money is owed in total by offenders.

Agency director Judge John Smith rejects the audit's conclusions. He says the department should be complimented for performing well with limited resources.

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Typical government response

From the story: "Agency director Judge John Smith rejects the audit's conclusions. He says the department should be complimented for performing well with limited resources."

I bet if they were paid by their performance the collections would go up. Otherwise, asking a government employee to do the job they are paid to do is like asking a penguin to fly because it is a bird.

Let's not fix this....

Who cares if a good portion of this money goes to schools - let's just raise taxes instead, right DIM-ocrats?

Watch what you say

the fix may cost $44 Million. Got to replace all those antiquated abaccuses with hand held calculators. No doubt, we'll need a new government complex. Probably need to hire a bunch of over paid, underperforming individuals. Let's not forget a gaggle of staff attorneys. And, let's not forget 2 or 3 of her Majesty's fundraisers who need high paying positions which will require no more than 6 to 8 days per month of work.

Heck, $44 Million might not cover the tab to fix.

Based on Judge John Smith's comments....

...I would say he should be the first to be investigated!

"...the department should be complimented for performing well.." For what??? LOSING 40 MILLION DOLLARS? Now that's the kind of performance that would make anyone proud, right? Don't lower your expectations Judge because getting lower than snake crap in a wagon wheel track is about as low as you can get. When is YOUR performance appraisal due?

And we wonder why our state has no money? This is only one little, tiny cubbyhole! I can't fathom what else lies out there undiscovered due to overexuberant government managers and employees that "deserve compliments" for a severely incompetent level of basic book keeping.

Absolutely incredible!