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Armed robbery lands four men in jail



Saturday night around 11:00, Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to an Armed Robbery call at Fairhaven Mini Mart where masked subjects entered into the business with guns and demanded money. Witnesses were able to provide information on the suspects and vehicle that fled the scene. Brunswick County Sheriff Deputy Chad Scott with the assistance of Leland Police Officers initiated a vehicle stop.

Parish Kejuan McNeil, Darisus Howard, Michael Wienell Hasty and Marcus Coleman were detained and subsequently arrested. All suspects have been charged with the following charges with the exception of Coleman who was not charged with Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon. Bond is $250,000 on each subject.

1. Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon
2. Kidnapping
3. Conspiracy
4. Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon

Photos: (top left) Marcus Coleman, (top right) Darisus Howard, (bottom left) Michael Hasty, (bottom right) Parish McNeil

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Marcus Coleman is my cousin.

Marcus Coleman is my cousin. We grew up together in Pender County. Whatever the circumstances may apparently be, he is a good, honest, god fearing man. I have no knowledge of what cause things to happen the way the did that night, but i can unsure you that is not Marcus's character. Marcus can be released today and function just as any another taxpaying citizen without being any type of threat to society. God Bless him and may he stand strong in the name of Jesus Christ just as me, him, and our families where raised.

Marcus Coleman

Hey I saw your comment & you stated that Marcus was your counsin I use to date his brother Jay & have been tryn to get back in contact with them. We lost contact when they moved to nc from sc if this message does reach you can u please past the mess on to Jay or Marcus they cn search me on FB using my email or jus simply email me. I hope everything turned out ok for him and your fam are doin jus fine. Thanks Kindly Monique



" A good tree cannot bring

" A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them. "


You are known by who you hang around with.

To everyone out there who

To everyone out there who has something bad to say about Marcus Coleman I am his girlfriend/kids mother and I have known this man 6 years an we have been through our promblems but he has been good to me and our kids. Why this happened only God knows and I wish I could take it back but I will not turn my back on him and we love him through it all and we know his heart only God can judge him not you so keep your comments to yourself and don't worry about my kids they will be fine for those of you who support him God Bless You. We love you Marcus and I am praying everyday we will get through this.

Not only God will judge him

There will be twelve humans judging him soon.

This is the third time I'm asking this question, but I never get an answer to it. The first time I asked was when that young man was gunned down outside the Club 609. I asked why, if he was so different, going to college and working full time as he was, was he even in that swine-pit.

No answer.

Earlier on this board I asked why Marcus was running around with three convicted felons.

No answer.

I don't understand this odd behavior. When I was a child I was taught to stay away from trouble. There were places I was told to avoid. There were people I was told to avoid.

As I grew into an adult it became second nature. Years after my wedding, my best man (who was once a straight arrow Marine) was arrested and covicted of two counts of manufacturing and selling meth. That ended the friendship right there. I've never seen him since.

When the love of my life became addicted to crack and refused to admit it and enter rehab, she basically chose drugs over me and I walked away from her.

What is it that makes people NOT realize that it is best to avoid bad people who can only get you in trouble? What made Marcus hang out with those three bums?

What GOOD did he think could come out of that?

three bums? honestly people

three bums? honestly people you all are cold people. you. know. anything. about these. 4 guys.
.just. happy to voice. your. opinion because your not being heard at home or any where else, maybe it's the perocts.crack,or alcohol talking! just saying!

We stand corrected

It is 4 bums, not 3. We know all four were arrested for armed robbery. That. is. all. I. need. to. know.

Now I know

Common, now I know where you got your insight from. I admire your posts even more now that I know. Thanks for sharing painful parts of your life.


I bet it was the easiest choice the love of your life ever made.

Why, why, why....

...will no one answer that question?

You all go blind when a serious question is asked.

HOW convenient.

I am the Friend/god mother

I am the Friend/god mother to marcus colemans children. He is a good guy and everyone makes misteaks in life, no one is perfect expect the most high himself. I find intresting how we as people can judge someone when we dont even know them or the situation. The only man who's judgemnt really matters is God, he has the power to chnage any situation. So it would most appreciated if the negative comments were kept inside, bite your tounge or whatever because the devil is a liar and we will not give him glory. Marcus's family and children are going through enough so save the negative stuff for a rainy day. Please and thank you #likeIsaid

Yea, no.

None of them are good guys and committing armed robbery isn't a mistake. It is a choice they all made. Your friend is common garbage, criminal, thug and an inmate.

This is a news comment area.

This is a news comment area. If you don't want to see negative comments, you shouldn't visit here, and neither should his children.

Friends, family, etc., all turn blind eyes (and deaf ears) when people they love get into trouble, and they always make excuses for their behavior. He may be a "good guy" to you, but he's a "bad guy" to the people he intimidated and stole from.

If he's a good guy, he should be hanging around with other good guys, not bad guys. That's why the Bible says to not cast your pearls to swine. If you lay down with dogs, you're gonna get fleas. In other words, you tend to become like those you hang around with.

Like I Said

Like I said I could care less what any of you have to say that is your opinion an good for but I don't have to justify anything to a bunch of people bored so they wana bash someone an I picked a verse already but thanks only God can judge him what he did is between him and God an hopefully he will see him through if not I will still support him as much as I can. Thank you have a nice day public forum:)

Good for you to be standing

Good for you to be standing behind your baby-daddy. However, this is a public forum and we can comment all we like. WWAY provides the space for us to excercise our freedom of speech. You, of course, are free to ignore us.

Please exercise that speech

Please exercise that speech an yes I am ignoring you.:)Have a nice one public forum.

I can see

I can see why Marcus is in trouble. Either he rubbed off on you, or you rubbed off on him. Either way, none of you will ever amount to a hill of beans and you will, unfortunately, pass that along to your kids. That's how it gets multiplied.

Wow. As if going in on him

Wow. As if going in on him wasn't enough you had to degrade his girlfriend and his kids. That's horrible what did they have to do with it. Ok of course she's going to care its her love one so what. These aren't comments on the situation anymore this is just racist an pure hate. Some of the stuff up here is just ridiculous.

Pick your verse

"only God can judge him"

"He was a good boy"

"He is a family man"

It's really sad that people can try to justify bad behavior by quoting scripture.

Even Satan knows the Bible and can quote to serve his purpose.

So here it is in a nutshell.

He's not a good boy.
He's not a role model for his kids.
If I'm not mistaken, a judge will judge him and sentence him.

I hope he will change his ways, I don't think he had a gun during his crime, there may be "hope".

However, to the other three felons packing heat, take notice.

More and more people are legally carrying a weapon, or two.
People are allowed to defend themselves within the law.

In court, a law abiding citizen trumps (has a higher standing) than a convicted felon with multiple felonies.

Straighten up and fly right.

Your current profession has serious pitfalls.

And to Baby Mama, if you've known him for six years, and have two or more kids, the chances of you getting married are slim to none.
That makes you a booty call.

Wise up, don't be a "sucka".


They don't get married so they can keep getting a welfare check, food stamps, and that huge tax return every year. Come on, you know this is true. Its the reason I pay $30K plus taxes a year. It's the American way...well for certain people.

Wow that's horrible that

Wow that's horrible that people get up here an have a good time making jokes and racist comments about a situation that is not even funny. I don't even understand why WWAY even allows anyone to comment on these situations like it even matters what someone else feels. Its just a way for people to judge, degrade and bring someone down I pray for all these families up here especially the ones who are hurt by what these people are saying. I know you didn't ask for what your loved ones did but u are just trying to deal with it the best you know how and theres absolutely nothing wrong with that God bless.

To the booty call comment

To the booty call comment nothing about me is a booty call thanks an I will get married when I am good and ready to these are the comments that are not nessacary a opinion fine but going out your way to disrespect me ridiculous. It doesn't matter anyway to argue on the internet with people who I don't even know or care to know. People are going to feel how they want I just felt like putting my 2 cents in like everyone else did so now I'm done continue with your bashing God bless sucka isn't that how you put it.:)


You might want to spend a little more time getting an education and not producing children. It hurt my head to try to make sense of your rambling statements.

You don't know her from a

You don't know her from a can of beans to say something ignorant like that. This whole page is racist. Get a life.

You are a Single Black Mother



I don't know any Married Black mothers, do you? I have heard it said, "there are no good men anymore, my momma told me that"

Check the statistics and before you comment about white single moms, compare the population numbers.

...And you don't always have to believe your momma.


Your project mentality is showing.

.In my prayers ... only God

.In my prayers ... only God can judge you

And others

I'm pretty sure a jury can judge him. And will. Unless he finally steps up and acts like a man and pleads guilty.