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Perdue vetoes budget, says it moves NC backward


RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) -- Gov. Bev Perdue has vetoed the state budget proposal. It makes her the first North Carolina governor ever to veto a spending plan passed by the General Assembly.

The Democrat rejected the nearly $20 billion budget plan Sunday. She said it moves North Carolina backward, particularly in public education. She also said the plan will hurt the environment and cut health care for the needy.

The bill can still become law. Republicans in the House and Senate say they have enough votes to override her veto. Five House Democrats joined GOP lawmakers when the budget bill got final approval last weekend.

"The same governor who claims to champion job creation and public education has vetoed a bipartisan budget that does more for both causes than her own proposal," Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) said in a statement. "The only explanation for this veto and her statewide media campaign is that the governor believes it is more important to energize her liberal base than to govern responsibly. By placing politics ahead of the public interest, she engages in obstruction of the worst kind, and we will act quickly to move North Carolina forward."

North Carolina governors have vetoed 15 bills since receiving the power in 1997, but one has never rejected the budget plan.

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NC Budget

You people kill me - all about Rep vs Dem - who cares!
You want us to be 49th in the COUNTRY in educational spending (K-12)? Find somewhere else to cut from and stop messing with education. You are making the whole state look like a bunch of idiots!
You go lady and help try to stop the insanity.

And just where would you

And just where would you suggest those cuts come from? Education in this state has been riding a high funding road for many decades while Democrats were in power, and teachers have been enjoying salary increases hand over fist all that time. Even with that, you see where our educational level is, near the bottom of the barrel.

I am intersted though, where would you cut? What group of state employees would you fire? Which agency's budget would you reduce? Keep in mind there are almost no areas in state government that are not currently suffering under reduced budgets. The legislature spread the hurt around pretty good. Education is just one of the biggest areas of the budget, so it got a bigger chop. And of course Perdue is making sure her NCAE buddies are taken care of, so all you hear about is how bad teachers are being hurt.

Maybe she forgot

the Democrats are not in the majority in either house.

She could have shown some leadership by working to reduce the drain on the state's resources through reining in Medicaid. NAH, she's a democrat.

She could have shown some business sense by realizing you do not spend more than you take in. NAH, she's a democrat.

She could have put the best interests of all the state employees and taxpayers by allowing the budget to go through. NAH, she's an egotistical Democrat.

Let's hope the House and Senate stand firm with the budget. The balanced budget has to work for all North Carolinians -- not just entitlement seekers and educators.

Any chance she can be choppered out to the sailboat on its way to Portugal?

Are you kidding me? What has

Are you kidding me? What has moved NC backwards has been 100 years of Democrat budgets. Less government spurs economic development, this is a fact and not debatable. You may find it personally more pleasing to receive a welfare check, but that doesn't mean it spurs growth. Growth comes from savings and investment, not pillaging productive people. Liberals can try to argue otherwise until they turn blue in the face, but the fact of the matter is that the data does not support liberal economics.

She's the reason NC is going

She's the reason NC is going backwards

Perdue Veto

Gov. Perdue is behaving irresponsibly, and is putting her own interests ahead of state needs. If she cannot accept a bi-partisan budget, she needs to seriously consider whether she belongs in the office.

It does not matter she

It does not matter she vetoed the bill. It will get passed anyway. If all these government institutions did accountability and not worry about dead pet projects, there might be alot of them that still have a job. Its private enterprise, and the people that work for a living that pays for all the deadbeats. If you run a business how the government runs everything, the business would be out of business in a short time. There philosophy is use the money up cause they will not get it for next years budget. What a waste!

The idiot is out of her mind

The idiot is out of her mind and out of touch with reality. Thank God she's gone next election. Her only legacy will be how she bedded down with the "good ole boys."

Thank goodness somebody

Thank goodness somebody finally sees the "handwriting on the wall" and stopped "Whispering BEV"...