SBI investigation of Sen. R.C. Soles – Day 687

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Submitted: Tue, 06/28/2011 - 12:33pm
Updated: Wed, 06/29/2011 - 9:43pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s been 687 days since the SBI began investigating former State Sen. R.C. Soles for sexual misconduct. The investigation began in August 2009 when Stacey Scott alleged that Soles had molested him. This past weekend, a local newspaper published an in-depth report that claims Soles has molested at least five men.

After not returning phone messages this week seeking an update about the investigation, a spokeswoman for the SBI and NC Department of Justice returned an e-mail asking for an update saying, “We’re not able to comment on this at this time.”

District Attorney Jon David says his office can’t move forward until the SBI concludes its investigation.


  • Patricia says:

    You don’t know R.C.’s father for sure. He was cunning and a tyrant. If a farmer needed something from his store and that “thing” was the only one in town at the time, he would raise the price. My father told him, “Rob, I don’t need it that bad”. The surface is only scratched with this story. Of course, the majority of CC folks just want it to go away and stay in the closet. For sure if R.C. goes down for the land deals, the insurance frauds, the sex with underage boys, payoffs, county corruption, etc. they know many of them will also be exposed.

  • stratcatz says:

    I wonder if you would have tried to justified what Hitler did if he was from Tabor City ( I bet a lot of folks benefited from Hitler, but not everyone!)
    By the way, can you watch my kids this weekend?

  • IN THE KNOW says:

    having sex with anyone under the age of 16 is not consentual. read the law, no matter if they wanted to or not, it is not allowed by law and RC knows that being a lawyer and law maker. think!!

  • Miss Priss says:

    An adult, having sex with an under age boy is NEVER consentual.

  • Patricia says:

    Do you think that R.C. could possibly have some control over some of the SBI as he has been a Senator for over 40 years? He probably knows all those running this investigation personally; some, maybe since they were teenagers. This man is a beast!

  • Miss Priss says:

    WWAY, you have done a great job keeping this investigation in the news and keeping the pressure on those whose job it is to obtain justice for these boys.

    This delay in any results of the SBI investigation makes me wonder if R.C.Sole’s power extends to that organization too.

    Maybe it’s time for an outside organization, such as the FBI to be handling this investigation?

  • Off the Cuff says:

    Justice for these boys. Surely you are kidding. They hound this man to death because they want the money he has. At best, even if he has relationships with them, they are “prostitutes”. They get paid and get paid well from appearances if that is what is happening. They follow him all over Columbus County. Just watch RC in travel. Pretty soon some of those guys will be following him and trying to talk to him and do whatever they do. It isn’t the other way around. RC surely is not seen following them around.

    I don’t feel sorry for any of those “boys” as they know what they are doing and are just little criminals themselves for the most part.

  • Patricia says:

    You must have no feelings in you. Would you forgive him for “using and abusing” a son of yours at the age of 13? These boys did not have family that took care of them when they were growing up. Count the ones who continued in school, graduated and moved on. These “boys” of R.C’s learned at an early age that being used paid. You clearly see a love/hate relationship with this man. You have issues yourself if you feel any thing other than disgust for R. C. Soles!

  • trwatts says:

    These young men willingly had relationships with RC, and then they hounded him into giving them more money, more money, more money.

    RC was foolish to get invovled in the first place with these young men, but, obviously, they–the young men–are the ones who deserve to go to jail, not RC.

    Did RC have sex with underage men? I don’t think so. These young men have made up these stories about him to extort more money from him. RC, though reckless, has more sense than to invovle himself with an underage boy.

    I went to highschool with RC, have known him all my life, and I know he is a good man regardless of what has been written about him.

    And if you lived in Tabor City, you would know these young men are lyers, have criminal pasts, troublemakers, and they will have little credibility on the stand.

  • NinjaTurtle says:

    If I was on the jury, I would not believe one word these young men say. Why? because I know them. Them boys have alsays been trouble around here. They are not tobe trusted.

  • Guest3293 says:

    You are sick! Willing or not R.C. was the adult in these situations and should have never let this happen. “Foolish” is an understatement for him getting involved with the young men…maybe you should try “pervert”, “child molestor”, “prostitute”, just to name a few. If you think those titles fit a good man you have known all your life, you have been living under a rock too long. All these boys including ones from out of the county (in Raleigh) are NOT making these stories up. It is time to wake up from your sweet dreams, and get into the real world.

  • Guest461 says:

    …because you know them boys and you know them boys have alsays been in troubel! The judge juss won’t allow that because you can’t possibly be an impartial juror.

  • Elaine says:

    Keep up the count of days it takes … keep the heat on this old man who was seen having naked young men fall out of his car in Raleigh at least 20 years ago.

  • Smokey the Bear says:

    The bigger question is who is investigating the Wilmington Newspaper? For decades they ran interference for this rascal, endorsed him, shielded him from critics and help him up as a model politician and pillar of the community. They decided to run few negative articles when it became obvious there is some damning evidence behind the curtain. Why were they so intent on protecting this monster?

  • Guest3293 says:

    It does make you wonder if the newspaper was getting paid under the table too. How many more people and businesses will he be able to support?

  • 71128 says:

    maybe day 700 an investigation of sbi should be started. At the rate they are going there will never be an answer, at least not in my lifetime, longer it takes, the more details are forgotten.

  • sickofit says:

    If R.C. Soles didn’t have Senator if front of his name at the time and was plain Ole R.C. Citizen, he would have been in prison a long time ago, IMO.

    COLCOR or “Operation Gateway” couldn’t get him so why does anyone think this one will. Were did R.C. get all this money he’s been giving away for all these years just by being a lawyer in little ole’ Tabor City? R.C has hung around with some pretty sleezy people for many years and birds of a feather flock togeather.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    need to take a deep breath and let reality set in. Some of your posts are ludicrous.

    Does anyone really think the Star News could be bought off? It’s owned by the same firm that owns The New York Times and a whole gaggle of other newspapers.

    Where did Senator Soles get his money? If you’re from the area you know. His parents worked like dogs building businesses and acquiring property throughout the county. Senator Soles expanded on that; he invested wisely in the stock market. Coupled with that he represented a number of injured parties in lawsuits from which he received fees.

    He’s a wiley old dog. He’ll have the best legal representation money can buy. That’s his right.

    The DA has to weight the costs of a trial versus the potential outcome. In the absence of an overwhelming body of evidence which will lead to a guilty verdict, he has to consider that cost versus the outcome.

    And those boys are hardly credible witnesses. Save one; and will he want to have all the sordid details brought forth for his family and friends to view? A lot of soul searching there to be done.

    And of course neither the DA or the SBI can speak concerning an ongoing investigation.

    Find something new to entertain yourselves with in Columbus County. This won’t be over any time soon. And if you’re anticipating a trial in Whiteville, you need to watch the air quality with all the smoke floating overhead. That won’t happen. The Senator and his legal team are not that dumb.

  • TaborTim says:

    Surfing Tom, you are right. Colcor and the FBI couldn’t bring “THEE GODFATHER” down, and I don’t think David has the horsepower too either!

  • Guest771/2 says:

    The sex was consentual. RC did not force himself on any of these young men (not boys), and the young men kept returning for more “experiences” and then for more money.

    Even one of the young men admits that the “boys” knew exactly what they were doing, and returned for more.

    We here in Tabor City love RC, and we will support him through this trial by media.

    RC was reckless, that’s for sure. But he has a good side also, and whether you believe it or not, he honestly tried to help some of these young men. And . . . he helped old men, old women, and young women. He and his father are known for helping out poor people.

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