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UPDATE: Kids admit hitting cars with rocks


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Two kids are in trouble after a bit of a scare for some drivers during their morning commute in Brunswick County.

The Sheriff's Office says between 4 and 7 a.m. four drivers say their cars were hit by something as they drove on NC 87 south of US 17.

This afternoon, two juveniles came forward admitting they caused the damage with rocks and not guns as some of the victims first thought.

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Not only the kids, but who mistakes a rock for a gunshot? Even a low caliber firearm would leave a mark that would obviously be different from one caused by a rock.

Any word on exactly what it

Any word on exactly what it was? Where on NC 87...close to where you turn to go to Elizabethtown or the other end of 87 close to Handy Hugo's?

It was on hwy 87 past Old

It was on hwy 87 past Old Mill Creek Farm and Garden and before Handee Hugos... If your coming from southport towards 17 on 87.. a large cornfield on the left past the Feed store is where all the cops seemed to be searching today. They should make the brats parents pay for all the law enforcement that was out today searching that field. KUDOS to the Sherriff Dept who worked to ensure our comunity was safe!Hope the people press charges on the kids they do need a lesson learned!

Isn't this just what we

Isn't this just what we need??? Our county has suffered enough with the economy as it is....all we need now is some lunatic shooting at cars, just as the summer tourist season has started, to send their vacation dollars down or up the road!! Come on people!

Read the headline again RH.


RH commented before the update...

when they said it was possible gunshots.