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FIRST ON 3: Murdered woman's fiance found body, neighbors stunned

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Murdered woman's fiance found body, neighbors stunned

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A woman found dead in her Wilmington home was discovered by her fiance, according to a 911 call. Police are investigating Carol Ann Johnson's death as a murder.

The man, who did not give his name and was sobbing as an operator answered, said he came home from work and found the 59-year-old on the floor of the kitchen at 338 Pine Valley Drive. The man said there was blood everywhere, she was not breathing and her body was "cold as ice." He also said the front door was unlocked and the outside lights were on, which he said was unusual.

Listen to the 911 call

The man said there was a towel around her ankles, and there was blood near her feet and head. He said Johnson planned to stay up until midnight and ring a bell at 12:01 a.m. for the 4th of July

The man said he had not been through the whole house, so the dispatcher told the man to leave for his safety and wait in his car.

The dispatcher asks him if he believes Johnson is "beyond any help."

"Yes," he answers choked by tears. "Please get an ambulance here."

The man says he left around 8:45 p.m. to get something to eat on the way to work. He says he said goodbye to Johnson as he left, and she gave him a kiss. Police responded to the call around 3:17 a.m.

"My God. Who would've done something like this?" the man says. "She's the love of my life."

Martha Soulen lives just a few houses down from Johnson. Soulen says she had spoken to Johnson and her fiancé a few weeks ago about improvements they wanted to make on their home.


“They seemed very excited,very happy about having the roof redone and getting their lives together and hopefully things would work out for both of them,” said Soulen.


Some neighbors WWAY spoke with did not go on camera for fear of their safety.  Police have not announced any suspects.

“It could have been any number of people who came around the house and knew them or somebody who didn't know them,” said Soulen. “It could be random or not.”

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Presumption of Guilt...

The presumption of guilt that people in this country cling to is sickening. How could you even assume that this man is guilty of a murder, from which no evidence has been released? I mean the autopsy hasn't even been completed yet. If you're interested in the case because you live in the neighborhood or for any other reason; the best thing to do is follow the news, and wait for more information to be released. It's the job of the police to investigate a murder, and then it is the job of a JURY to find someone innocent or guilty. What would this world be like if we went around convicting people of murder based solely off of a seven minute 911 call? That is absolutely illogical!

Sending prayers out to the family.

I know her fiance personally from work, He is the type of person who wouldn't harm a fly! He is a very kind and respectful, man and anyone who would think it, you have no idea what you are talking about.



tragic and senseless murder

this woman was a friend of mine, she would not have had an enemy in the world

The fiance does not sound as

The fiance does not sound as upset or shocked as most would be. He gets very calm and seems to have what he said planned. He even seems very emotionless and fake. He's talking about it so calmly. This is a weird one..

Her fiance is a WONDERFUL

Her fiance is a WONDERFUL man... probably one of the nicest men I've ever met. How dare you say something so horrible about someone who has just had his life ripped away from him. I hope that you never have to go through the pain he is and then have some random nobody accuse you of murder. God bless your helpless soul.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the families and friends. Such horrific events should never happen. Let us pray that the culprit is found and punished for their cruelty. I pray for you all each and every day.

I know him (the fiance)

He would never in a million year do something like this he is a kind remarkable person did his job the right way never complained talked high of his fiance

You never know how you are

You never know how you are going to act until something like this happens to you. People grieve in different ways.

I think he was trying to give Police as much information as he knew at the time. If he lost it, like he almost did at the beginning of the call, he would have been no help to the 911 operator.

Dick Tracy

Listen Dick Tracy, let the police handle this before you go jumping to any conclusions. I'm sure justice will be served. Your two cents is not needed. Go back to the Waffle House and flip some more hash. I am sure they have this one under control.

Maybe you shouldn't pass

Maybe you shouldn't pass judgement. That's a pretty harsh accusation to cast on someone.

Listen to tape

If you listen to the tape you can tell where this case is leading. I think there will be charges soon in this one.

I know this man personally!

I know this man personally! You have NO idea what you are talking about!


I hope I am wrong on this one and the guilty party charged, but I have 15 years prior experience that tells me different.

15 years of experience in

15 years of experience in law enforcement? Criminal psych? I'm curious, 15 years of experience doing what?

past murders in this neighborhood..

I'm curious as to how many murders there have been in this area that have gone unsolved. I remember one about 15 years ago. Kathy Schneider was killed and a killer was never found. Is it just a coincidence that there is another murder in this neighborhood, or is there a killer on the loose?

murder in neighborhood

I live in this neighborhood also, right around the corner from this tragedy. Where was the other murder? I was not aware of another one.

Kathy Schneider was murdered

Kathy Schneider was murdered in her home in Pine Vally extension. I knew her. The police had a suspect in jail for over a year, boyfriend of her daughter's. Case was never solved, but many think they know what happened, just handled very poorly.

The world

What is the world coming to? Whoever did this is a sick individual. 59 year old woman I mean really?

I like Dwayne and Raj, but Rerun was a hack.

I agree with "That Guy."

A 59 year old woman? Really?

29? Fine. 39? Sure! But 59? That one is just unacceptable.


Wait is it not unacceptable to kill anyone no matter what the age? You can understand someone killing another person as long as they are 29 or 39? that is fine?

I'm pretty damn sure this

I'm pretty damn sure this person was being sarcastic.