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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Trooper investigation results released; Wyrick cleared, Smith will be disciplined

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Trooper investigation results released; Wyrick cleared, Smith will be disciplined

RALEIGH, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -- Today the North Carolina State Highway Patrol released the results of an internal investigation of Wilmington-based Troopers Edward S. Wyrick Jr. and Andrew M. Smith. The investigation was conducted in response to a complaint and was completed after a thorough, fair and impartial examination of the facts in the case.

Read the investigation reports

The investigation shows that all allegations against Trooper Wyrick were unsubstantiated and he is exonerated. The investigation confirmed that Trooper Wyrick was justified in making the traffic stop and had probable cause for a DWI arrest. No evidence exists that supports the allegations contained within the letter of complaint. Trooper Wyrick will return to full duty status immediately.

The investigation did reveal conduct by Trooper Smith that was unprofessional and in violation of Patrol policy. He is scheduled for a pre-suspension conference next week and will receive additional training on the Patrol Policy violations. At the conclusion of the imposed suspension, Trooper Smith will return to full duty status.

On Monday, June 27, the Highway Patrol received a letter of complaint from Mr. Hoyt Tessener, a Raleigh lawyer, alleging officer misconduct during a traffic stop of his wife that occurred on Tuesday, June 21. Mrs. Gina Tessener was stopped for a broken headlight and then refused to comply with Trooper Wyrick’s requests to conduct roadside tests for intoxication. Mr. Tessener, who followed Trooper Wyrick as he transported Mrs. Tessener to the magistrate’s office, was subsequently pulled over by Trooper Smith for speeding.

Upon receiving Mr. Tessener’s letter, Commander of the Highway Patrol Colonel Michael Gilchrist directed an immediate Internal Affairs investigation into the allegations. Troopers Edward S. Wyrick and Andrew M. Smith were placed on administrative duty pending the investigation’s outcome.

"During the course of the investigation, a number of discrepancies were discovered between what was alleged to have occurred and what we know occurred through witness accounts and other information. The information and evidence obtained during the investigation does not support Mr. Tessener's allegations. However, the investigation did show that Trooper Smith violated Patrol policy, and he will be disciplined accordingly," said Col. Gilchrist.

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The average human when

The average human when innocent and given the means to prove their innocence will take it. The guilty will not. Refusing intoxicalizers is the stuff of career DWI'ers and fools.

In addition, if you read the

In addition, if you read the investigation reports it states that when the Mrs. got out of her car to observe the headlight, Trooper Wyrick observed her as being a little unsteady on her feet. Also, the first breathalyzer test was administered more than one hour after the stop. I don't drink or really have anything to do with alcohol, so I don't know how much difference that time will make on the test.

Another thing in the investigative reports in addition to the drunk witness, was a Wrightsville Beach Police Officer, a Wilmington Police Officer and the magistrate who all say that Trooper Wyrick was never out of the way with the Mrs. They two of them that were at the Wrightsville Beach Police Department say that even when the Mr. got huffy, Trooper Wyrick acted with patience.

With some people you can spell out for them and make it as plain as the nose on their face and they will still believe what they want to believe.

Is it also true she refused

Is it also true she refused to allow herself to be given a simple Field Soberity Test, despite several requests from the trooper. He even pleaded with her a final time, telling her he would have to arrest her. Again she refused, and chose to be arrested.

another win for tyranny

Foxes watching the fox house. Probable cause my you know what. "I smell alcohol", one thing, the officers "word" is probable cause? Next will be thought police. Everyone that thinks this is a good thing deserve to be treated the way this woman was harassed. its false arrest, simple. Detained for 4 hours is bull.


Thank you Jesus! I hope all of you that were so quick to condemn the troopers have complete strangers tell a bunch of lies about you and put your career/reputation in jeopardy!

P.S. I hope the Tesseners get what is coming to them! Whoop, whoop!

To all those who believed the Salahis....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I'm pointing and laughing at you right now!

...and trooper smith is

...and trooper smith is pointing his crusier west for his disciplinary transfer or to Columbus County.

Thank goodness these fabrications did not end two careers...

This couple can now crawl back under their rock. A hit and run driver who injured a young man on S. College Rd over the 4th might have been caught by one of these two professionals had they been on road duty.

If Smith is so professional

If Smith is so professional why is he being disiplined and retrained?
Cops investigating cops I could have told you how this was being done before it ever started.

Cops investigating cops?

Yeah...we should have cops investigated by.....BAKERS, because they know so much about proper patrol procedure and policy.

No, wait! Dentists....or electricians....gee, I just can't decide.

Why don't you move to New York City or L.A.? They have civilian review boards that routinely (the word Smith used) cops for doing their jobs.

Also interesting to note that the two most serious findings on Smith are for **NOT** doing his job, one of which I mentioned the other day.

Civilian review boards would

Civilian review boards would give us a fair hearing and justice. Cops cannot investigate cops and be impartial, too much buddy buddy favoritism. That is a good idea Commonsense..

You mean moving?

Thank you. I thought it was a great idea too.

(I'm always suspicious of people who have soooooo many problems with law enforcement officers.)

It did not say Smith was

It did not say Smith was exonerated..

well, well

sure makes a blow hard attorney and his giddy headed wife look foolish. Will they have enough intelligence to avoid Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington in the future?

Here's hoping the State Bar looks into Mr. Tessener's professional standards and demeanor.

Things that make you go...Hummmm?

There is one thing that has puzzled me from the start. Why was this married woman out...after herself...and her husband was not with her. Why...when called to the jail...the first thing hubby says is I want a rape kit done....I think what has happened is that MRS T was out on the town...or with her lover..and hubby got his eyes opened to other save face...he conjures up this big facade about the troopers...all the while knowing his wifes infidelity....If he would punch a bar owner..maybe he beats her...notice in the videos...she never cries when he get to the jail and reaches for a hug...a caress...a calming touch. He in turn does not hold his wife close to him to calm her...they both have a blank expressionless they sit apart..even in the media interviews...there is much more space between them than people in love would normally have...

Ahhh but there can't

Ahhh but there can't POSSIBLY be a sleazy cop or trooper. Give it a rest, he was up to no good. And they just HAPPEN to pull over he husband in the same time frame and it just HAPPENED to be his neandertal friend. coincidence? Don't be naive.

Bless your heart Guest1234

Yeah, that Trooper sure showed him... with a verbal warning!!! Even though Mr. Tessener was clocked at 58 in a 45, he doesn't have to pay a fine, come to court, or do anything. That Trooper really stuck it to him!! Because everyone knows that there is no better way to harrass someone then to say, "Hey, could you please slow down?" Bless your heart, I'm glad I don't live in *your world* because it must be a really dark and scary place... (sigh)

For those of you that think

For those of you that think the smell of alcohol is not enough for probable cause, please do not hit me with it on your breath.I guarantee you that the four hours in the police station will be a whole lot beyer than the four minutes with me before they for the lying lawyer and his wife this whole investigation should be paid for out of their pockets and not the rest of us the way how many lawyers have any of you seen on the side of the road helping someone change a flat tire?I have seen the hp do it many times in all types of weatherfor all types of people.

What don't you understand Ms. Rose Colored Glasses

the arresting officer was exonerated.

The second officer was not exonerated. He will undergo disciplinary action & retraining, not for pulling over the Hot Shot Attorney, but for the profanity in his text messages.

The attorney had so many twists and turns in his story, and there were so many proven discrepancies, that he shot himself and his wife in the foot.

And as an Officer of the Court, which all attorneys are, he should know better. nd since he did not, the State Bar should have a chat with him about professional demeanor.

Cop profanity

Would we want anybody on the police force who would text his fellow officer and say something like this: "Oh he is a really bad man. I think we should take him to our next prayer meeting. Maybe God can put love in his soul."

I prefer the profane.


Surf City Tom,

Why did the Troopers have to submit their personal cellphones for the investigation? I can understand the state computers or phones but your own personal phone? That seems like an invasion of their personal life.

Some of these posts amaze me. I never enjoy being pulled over and I must admit the process always leaves me feeling like a criminal, but I realize LEO are doing their jobs. When they pull you over its not to share recipes and family

Glad this was resolved and the truth finally came out.