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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: DWI report shows Navassa mayor threatened cops who pulled him over; Willis says troopers made that up


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - More details today regarding the DWI arrest of Navassa Mayor Eulis Willis over the weekend.

The Highway Patrol's DWI report shows Willis was originally pulled over by Navassa police for speeding and swerving, who then called in troopers to avoid any perceived internal-town problems. He blew a .09. The state limit is .08.

The report says Willis had a flask with what he claimed was brandy in it.

He also told troopers statements such as, "Those police officers that stopped me, they are wanna be cops, now they're going to be used to be," and, "You've got yourself into some deep politics," and, "I used to sign their paychecks." He also told troopers, "Those officers better hope I don't blow a .07."

Willis told a local newspaper today that he emphatically denied making those comments.

The SHP report says Willis had red glassy eyes, was unsteady on his feet when getting out of his truck and had to hold onto the truck to keep his balance. He also had slow and slurred speech.

When troopers asked Willis where he was going, he said, "Circling the block. I should have kept my ass home."
He also told them he had had three drinks then said, "I didn't mean that."

Once at the jail, he told troopers he was calling a witness, then stated, "I'm just calling a person to pick me up." The report says he called his wife. Willis also reportedly said, "I'm worried about the wife and the trouble I'm in with her, not about the DWI."

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Angels in the "Outfield"

I am guessing that everyone who commented are without "sin" and can cast a stone. Noone is perfect, even police or state troopers. Get Real People!

police chief

did the police chief quit or was he fired. i see they have a job posting.

It doesn't matter

if a defendant is found "not guilty". I hear this all the time when it is about elected officials and cops when they get caught. Everyone says "Don't do anything until they have their day in court". I disagree!

There are too many ways that a appointed or elected official can get the case tossed. When they are arrested and the BAC is .08, immediately dismiss them. Don't wait for them to hire a high dollar lawyer to shield them with a plea to a reduced charge or a dismissal due to their position. Don't wait for the strings to be pulled behind the scenes. Mayors and other officials have "pull" and favors owed to them. Impeach or fire them as soon as the arrest is made. Don't wait until they have time to set their plans into motion.

There is no purpose in waiting to deal with this type matter. This guy has proven that he can get away with criminal acts. A preponderance of the evidence is enough to dismiss or impeach. Guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is a matter for the courts. The public needs to be shielded from political "pull". The guy drove a car after drinking too much. Period!! Enough said. If he can get away with this in court, it will be a normal day. It will cost a lot for attorney fees but I have seen people with pull get away with activity like this all my life. That doesn't mean that they are innocent. It means that they got away with it.

I applaud the town officer for doing his duty. Now, I hope a judge signs an impeachment order at the request of the citizens of Navassa.

My favorite Eulis quote is

My favorite Eulis quote is still:

" They're looking at spending two thousand million dollars on that skyway bridge, "


This man thinks he's above

This man thinks he's above the law.He broke it, and could have killed somebody. He abused the Law Enforcement Officer. He needs to go to prison.

He should have stayed home.

He should have stayed home. Just like he shouldn't have forged the easements that he was cleared on. Who else signed the easments, the property owners didn't per their admission. Bottom line, he is an elected official that represent the Town of Navassa. It's bad enough that the captain and chief of the police department had a DWI, now the Mayor. If you're wrong you have to pay the price whether it is a .09 or .16 he was driving drunk. Kids in the community look up to him so what message is he giving the kids. In addition, the citizens are upset with the police department because they closed down the block party because kids were smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. A concern citizen group want to get rid of Council because the police department up held the law. Where can you go in America and it is ok to smoke marijuana and drink illegal amoungs underage children? I guess Navassa; therfore they see no wrong in the DWI the Mayor received.

I guess you're an outsider

I guess you're an outsider looking in, or an insider agreeing with the wrong side. I didn't see any kids smoking or drinking that night. But in the mist of lies Taylor told that night smoking and drinking was the LAST one he told. He said they were shutting it down because people from Wilmington was there and shouldn't have been. If he being the "Chief" felt like what the kids were doing was wrong HE should have handled them and not stop the other kids from having fun.

"A concern citizen group want to get rid of Council because the police department up held the law."

That is NOT what the group is about. Guess you're definitely and outsider when it comes to that. Meetings were held prior to his arrest. Get your facts straight. Or attend the meetings. They are open TO ALL!

But its okay for a councilmen to drive around drunk? Or operate a liquor house? Hmmm yea okay!

I hope

that one day, the people who think this is no big deal, don't have to get a phone call that your child or spouse or family member or friend is now dead because of a drunk driver. Drinking and driving is a BIG deal, no matter who you are and no matter how many drinks you've had. Anyone in the public eye has the responsibility to set an example. Driving drunk is not the example I want my town "leader" to set! He drank, he drove, he got busted! Had he gotten into a car accident and killed one of your family members, you'd have a different opinion. Just be thankful he got caught before he hurt someone!

It definitely is a big deal.

It definitely is a big deal. I just feel like this whole thing was blown out. Arrest him and keep it moving. Not post 3 different stories 3 consecutive days in a row. It's over and done with for now, bring it up again when he goes to court. It's just that simple.

Good post

One of your best posts. Well said, and I heartily agree!

Wow. This idiot needs to

Wow. This idiot needs to resign. Why can't people just suck it up and take responsibility without taking it out on everyone else or lying? If he had just said "Yep, I screwed up and I take responsibility for it" I would have no problem with him staying on, but if he is going to threaten the officers that are sworn to enforce the law that he is violating, because they are being honorable and not corrupt-to he11 with him.

Time for the circus!

An accusation was leveled that a NC trooper lied and wrongly arrested someone. Where is Perdue to stick her nose in everything? Why weren't the troopers named so we can rake them through the mud? Did they text anyone about it? I thought that's how it works now, or is that just when a pompous rich guy complains?

wat leroy dun wat?

look fool and people that believe the fool the damm law is .08 stupid!!!


how can it be the NAACP is not on the scene to defend the poor buggar?

Neither he or the NAACP has pulled out the race card, Yet.

That's about all he can fall back on with a .08 and an open container in the vehicle.


Willis also reportedly said, "I'm worried about the wife and the trouble I'm in with her, not about the DWI."

Navassa Mayor

"Deep politics"??? In Navassa?? Yep, he was drunk.




Just like the long list of police officers, deputies, politians, etc in the past. If you hold a job of public authority and public trust and break the law . .......bye bye

Maybe...just maybe...

he ought to simply take his punishment if he's found guilty and be done with it instead of making threatening statements about the officers that pulled him over. Chances are, his case will be continued in court multiple times before it's ever settled.

OK, I dont reside in Navassa

OK, I dont reside in Navassa but I really think this is a lot of Cock-a-poo.....All of this behind a .09, if the legal limit is .08 he couldn't have been that drunk to cause this much attention. Makes me kind of question our police system....I mean this lil' ol story is getting so much attention and seems like the officers involved are putting a lot of effort in trying to make this incident ruin this man's life and career. Quite sad frankly.....I mean I know there are A Lot more issues going on in the community that should be address and receiving attention from 'Police' then Navassa's Mayor blowing a .09.

It is not the police making

It is not the police making the issue it is the media. Do not blame the police for doing there job and getting a drunk off the street. Apparently it was worth your time to read it. It is not a "lil' ol story" (sic) it is a story of a drunk who holds a public position and then threatens law enforcment, a knid of abuse of power, even if it is Navassa. Jerks like him need to be gone as well as those who feel pitty for him.

hey genius AZ

Did you ever consider that he may also had taken a medication that intensifies the affect of alcohol? He is an older man that more than likely is on some type of meds. That could explain the slurred speech. Now, I'm not making direct accusations. I am only suggesting that there are other factors in ones reaction to alcohol.

Impairment is impaiment

Impairment is impaiment regardless the reason


I am also on medication that would intensify the effects of alcohol. So guess what....I don't drink and drive - - ever. No exception.

My point exactly...

so we can't go by just a .09 bac.

The law

The law is still the same.....

.08 is drunk driving, no matter the circumstances. In my own personal opinion, if you take even one SIP, you shouldn't be driving. Call a friend or a taxi. It's not worth the risk.

"Makes me kinda question the

"Makes me kinda question the police syetem."? He was drunk enough to blow a .09, that's over the limit no matter what agency stops him. It's not the "system", it's his blood-alcohol content. Instead of questioning the law and those who risk their lives to enforce it for your protection, why don't you question the judgement of a mayor who is supposed to lead by example?
"there are A Lot more issues going on in the community that should be address and receiving attention from 'Police' then Navassa's Mayor blowing a .09", Really? If he wasn't arrested but was allowed to crash into you or your relatives, you'd be the first one protesting "Where were the police? Why weren't they out doing their jobs?"

Probably not!!

I would bet it safe to say that you have never seen first hand what damage an intoxicated driver can do. As a prior law enforcement officer, I have worked plenty of accidents involving intoxicated drivers from a .02 to a .35 bac. One of the worst one was a person that blew a .08. People have different tolerances to alcohol. Listen to the statements made. I wish there was audio. A safe bet would be that his speech was slurred. To be honest I could care a less what color he was as well. To me a drunk driver is a driver and any taken off the road is a good thing. The PD could have arrested him, but I guess they thought it was best for a different ageny to handle it. Would you think this story was "Cock-a-poo if he had hurt one of your loved ones driving drunk. I think not!!

Sure, just let the drunk off this time...

...because he IS the mayor, because he IS black and because he can't REALLY kill or injure another person while driving drunk and with open liquor in his possession like other human beings. That's all Hollywood stuff right? The cops have better things to do than harrass the mayor of Navassa? Brother, someone shorted you on a few billion cells of grey-matter!

Okay Kilroy, just in case you get the bright idea to bring the illustrious Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson into the action here, make sure they write a 10-page tirade to the lovely Gov about his racial mistreatment and wrongful profiling. It sure did the Tessners a lot of good!

WOW! the race card. Whatever

WOW! the race card. Whatever did I say that concluded that my opinion was about race??? I am black and not 1 time did I mention the race of the mayor. I DONT REALLY GIVE A HORSES BUTT IF HE WAS BLUE OR GREEN....I VOICED MY OPINION, I THOUGHT AND I STILL THINK THAT THERE ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES GOING ON IN TODAYS SOCIETY THAT SHOULD BE GETTING OUR ATTENTION...........