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Michael Jordan risks fine to play golf


By Rick Bonnell
Charlotte Observer

Don't expect Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan to yell "fore!" if an errant tee shot heads Deron Williams' way... And MJ won't be hugging Jason Kidd after making a long putt.

Jordan has been cleared by the NBA to play in the American Century charity golf tournament this weekend (and that's him above, in Wednesday's practice round). But under NBA lockout policy, Jordan can have no interaction with the four current NBA players also participating in the event. The NBA has threatened stiff fines in these situations, and Jordan would be no exception.

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Michael, if you will not pay off the national deficit, will you at least invest in Wilmington and bring jobs and pride back to NC by investing ports of the future in the neighboring counties.



so you just steal news from

so you just steal news from other sources...shame on you, you should do you're own work

Not Stealing

Very common with all news organizations to use other reporters stories. It was not stolen if it was credited. Its common for local news to use others reports when not in the local area.

Even major networks do this. Watch CNN or Fox News and you can see the reports from the Associated Press scrolling across the bottom on TV, and you see links on their websites.

Also there is reporting on what other news organizations have reported.

All very common.

Steve - it's not stealing if

Steve - it's not stealing if we give credit to the source. Actually, we're helping the Charlotte Observer a little bit by posting it on our website and then linking the story back to theirs. In that way, they may get a few extra hits that they wouldn't get otherwise.

Now - if we had pawned it off as our own story - THAT would be stealing. News organizations, especially those out of town and not in direct competition, do it regularly.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website today!


Scott Pickey
WWAY News Director

Yea But,

yea just take other peoples articles then give them credit and call it cool.. Its working for the Huffington post (hahah)...

At least get an article that doesn't mislead the reader. I knew what it was going to be about (lockout), but i didnt expect to get into the aricle only to find out there is no fine..

Keep up the solid work.. Your career is on the way to no where. Hope your not older then 21 b/c you don't have a chance if you are.


Hey boney, did you finish cooking my fries yet?