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Republican Pantano voices unhappiness with Republican lawmakers' new Congressional maps



Dear Members of the North Carolina State House and State Senate:

We, the people of Coastal Southeastern North Carolina, are dismayed and disappointed by the newly proposed Congressional district maps, Rucho-Lewis 2A.

I speak for thousands of concerned friends and neighbors of all political stripes that object to the same kind of gerrymandering and backroom deal making that we had believed ended with the 2010 election.

In the memo that accompanied the first proposed Congressional districts, Senator Rucho and Representative Lewis stressed that one of their top priorities was to respect "communities of interest" and keep them intact. The demand for compact districts with communities of interest is a historic Republican position going back at least fifty years. .

These newly drawn maps do nothing to respect "communities of interest" in Coastal Southeastern North Carolina and I suspect elsewhere. Instead, they cut, slice, dice, and divide the communities and the people that make up the southeastern coast with its unique history, opportunities and challenges.

This new map takes all of Brunswick County, most of New Hanover County, and coastal Pender County and sticks it in a district that snakes its way north to the Raleigh suburbs while reaching west all the way into Hoke County. Then it takes Downtown Wilmington, the economic and business center of Coastal Southeastern North Carolina, and the remaining two-thirds of Pender County and sticks it in a district that runs all the way to the Virginia state line, in Gates County, well over 5 hours away.

Cutting, slicing, dicing, and dividing the southeastern coast like this does a great disservice to these communities and the people that live here. Coastal Southeastern North Carolina deserves and needs to be in one Congressional district. Our region is a proud and important foundation of our state with strong historical and economic ties that bind together our communities and the people that live in them. The first shots of the American Revolution were fired here at Moore's Creek battlefield, and a citizen-led political movement that helped "sweep the bums out" of Raleigh reached an apex here. Doubt it? Ask all the new freshman that come from the Southeast.

The southeastern coast has been one of the fastest growing dynamic areas of the state but it's also been hit strongly by the sharp economic downturn with high unemployment rates, closing businesses, plummeting real estate markets, and a sharp decline in tourism. How will dividing this community and parsing it together with far flung interests improve the quality of life for its residents, create jobs or protect the coast?

I understand that by advocating for the return of Downtown Wilmington and Western Pender County to our coastal district, I am hurting the GOP's electoral advantage and even my own. By adding back the Democrat voters that rightfully belong here I am making my own hill climb steeper, but I do it of clear conscience. After fighting two wars for this country and burying a lot of young men, I expect more from our leadership then self-dealing. I expect you to do the right thing, even when it is hard.

I am fully aware that the courts make your redistricting job much harder than it otherwise would be, but I also know that a fair and legal map could be drawn without destroying the community of interest that Southeastern North Carolina forms. I know that because you did it in an earlier version.

I urge you to redraw the proposed new Congressional redistricting maps in a manner that respects "communities of interest" and keeps coastal Southeastern North Carolina intact in one, compact Congressional district. And if the map is not redrawn, I respectfully ask you and your colleagues to vote against Rucho-Lewis 2A.

I remain Semper Fidelis,

Ilario Pantano

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The guy is so completely fake and out for himself that it is practically tattooed on his forehead. I know him. I have talked to him and I even told him how I felt about how he conducts himself. He is a patriot and conservative when it will garner him the most votes. He was quite happy being a democrat and Sid Causey supporter when it suited him.

The incident in Iraq will always be up for contention. I served over there in combat. I am in law enforcement now. I do not cower from telling Pantano anything. The way the shooting went down, at least the way he described it, is wrong. What I mean is that it cannot be justified. Shooting two unarmed men in the back with over 30 rounds is just a tad bit excessive. Had they been carrying rifles or screaming "DOWN WITH AMERICA!!!"...I could at least see why he was on the offensive.

Pantano the politician is a sleazy character. He will say anything and do anything and is doing nothing more than playing to the Tea Party people in this area. He knows if he plays a certain role with these folks then he will get their votes.

Also, his former "campaign manager", Ed Gibson, is now a magistrate in New Hanover County. Wonder how ol' Eddie got that job? I am sure no strings got pulled for him. He and Pantano are a perfect match! Gibson is as sleazy as Pantano!

Ed Gibson

Ed Gibson is a man of integrity and upon applying for the position he now holds withdrew himself from Pantano's campaign to prevent any sense of impropriety. I consider Ed and Ilario friends and honestly ask you all to take facts on issues that will affect our area and nation and concentrate upon where each candidate stands. One thin g left out is that there is a third candidate for the Republican party- Tim Wilkes(myself)- and if I win the primary it should not be because of sleazy tactics, smearing another's name or back room deals. It should be because the voters feel I would represent them best.
Choose however you wish but remember our state and our nation may very well depend on your choices in 2012.
Tim Wilkes
Facebook page (!/profile.php?id=100002502388400 )

I would be happy if...

I would be happy if you knew how to spell. It should read "You're unhappy" Democrats out you really want this guy as the voice of your party in North Carolina?

Grand Ole Bullsh**

Grand Ole Bullsh**:

Stay home, vote "no" as much as possible, cash your social security check, enjoy AARP and do me and society a favor and vote with your head not with our history.

Vote no

I intend to vote no, NO more democrats. No more BS.

Its not about Republicans or Democrats

This isn't about Democrats or Republicans. It's just about too many people in little pink dresses having these little "tea parties" wishing they were really more important than they actually are. I'm sure you would all love to build walls around your property, declare it Grand Ole County and hope that everyone stays away, including the government.
However, the days of militias and confederate flags are drawing to a close. You can hold on as long as you want and keep thinking that you will find another so called "war hero" to fight your battles but you are wrong. Times have changed and this fight to manipulate the constitution has gone on long enough.
Thankfully, there are not enough of you to ever make a difference. I know that even as dramatically as the political fields have shifted, there are more than fifty-percent of Americans who feel that the "Grand Old Party" isn't anything really grand at all. Even your base Republicans find it hard to grasp these outlandish Tea Party ideals that really paint a picture of living in some mythical hole.
Sarah Palin? Pantano? Christine O'Donnell?
I wouldn't allow these people in my own home! To think of anyone even remotely like this inside of any sort of power, even managing a Wal-Mart, is pretty concerning. It’s pretty comical; these tea party minded will not even listen to any other side. They fail to realize when it even agrees with their own messages. They are so close minded they don’t even want to agree; they just want to be around other people like them and hope to change the country back in a negative direction. Truly, they aren’t even Republicans, they are radicals. They are so radical that I think I find more alike with the tea party and religious extremists than a true base to an actual political party.
“Canada needs to dismantle its public health care system and allow private enterprise to get involved and turn a profit”. – Sarah Palin Dec 19, 2009
Yes, these are DEFINITLEY not the people I want making any decisions.

I'm sorry...

Why did this discussion turn to the Tea Party and Sarah Palin? Why are you liberals so afraid of Palin? At no point do I recall saying I supported either. However I would prefer either to a liberal. Please don't be such a damn hypocrite, do you really think liberals listen to the other side? You name a few repulicans that you think we should be ashamed of, do you need me to rattle of a few democrats for ya? As far as people turning away from the Republican party goes....Maybe you forgot the midterm elections. It was kinda nasty for the dems.

It turned to Sarah Palin...

The discussion turned to Palin beacause she endorsed Pantano and I feel like the three of them, Pantano, Palin & O'Donnell are always explaining themselves out of some horrible corner. Not that all politicans aren't usually scrambling to explain something, it just seems that the three of them are usually trying to back peddle faster then they can think.

I feel what really irked me about this whole situation, to finally try to put a end to this discussion is this statement:

"We, the people of Coastal Southeastern North Carolina, are dismayed and disappointed by the newly proposed Congressional district maps, Rucho-Lewis 2A." - taken from Mr. Pantano's letter.

First, he does not represent ANYTHING. HE was not ELECTED and he definitley should not speak for "the people". If some strange amazing twist of fate were to happen and not enough common-sense minded individuals vote against him - he still will not represent the majority. Pantano - you do not speak for me, my family or anyone I personally know. You are speaking for yourself.

Second, and back to why Ms. Palin, abandoner of her post, is just like him is because she does the exact same thing. Comment after comment without any true basis - same with Mr. Pantano. They speak directly without prior knowledge, experience or education on the subject matter.

Finally, calling all candidates of all Parties....please run, please campaign and please do your homework. Mr. Pantano should stay out of the public limelight forever. For the sake of the nation, for the sake of our failing state and for people who may still care about integrity.