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THE RANT: The GOP in New Hanover Co. is apparently VERY friendly and fun


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- When are people going to learn that social media can bite you in the butt?

Meet Kristy Daniels. According to the New Hanover County GOP website, she's the group's PR/Communications chair.

She and her group sent a letter to state lawmakers this week voicing their unhappiness about the new Congressional maps being drawn by fellow Republicans.

Her Facebook page says she also owns Ultimate Yacht Service at Wrightsville Beach and used to be a financial analyst at PPD up until May of this year.

Take a closer look at Daniels's Facebook page, and you'll see what she does when she lets her hair down, like doing shots, kissing another woman, "riding" another woman named Ashle, and letting another woman stick her face in her chest.

No doubt, those are fun to look at. But after cases like Weinergate, is this the person Republicans and the Republican Party in New Hanover County want to be their direct link to the public? It's understandable to post party pictures on Facebook and other sites, but do boob-shots and credibility ever go hand-in-hand?

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This girl could run for President and she would have my vote!

If you look at her fb page,

If you look at her fb page, and find these photos on there, those photos are dated from 2005! the photos after those show her getting married and kids in the photos (not sure if they are hers) she is young and i'm sure had her party days, those are tagged photos, not ones she put on there, she prolley didnt even know they were on there.

@ about get a

@ about get a brain. No, better yet you aren't allowed too because you're to stupid. She was posting and adding everyday to her FB account. She's the new "PR" person for the NHC GOP...and because you need help, that means Public Relations, which would mean that she would be responsible for "knowing" everything on the County GOP website and more. Kinda funny, you must be the past PR person, because the NHC GOP website's last video at the end of the election had the Chairman videoing himself and thanking people for being involved in the primary.

One last shot before I go though. You seemed to do so much research on her FB page, that it appears you missed this former "party" girls contact info link...!/PoliticalCandy...really, please oh wise one "get a life", tell all of us your wisdom and what would "PoliticalCandy means...please, oh please do for two reasons. One, so you can show your stupidity again, and two, so I can rail you again.


Wonder exactly what type of service she provides on those yachts? Its fine to have fun but posting photos like this online for the world too see is pretty stupid.

Are you really serious? Grow

Are you really serious? Grow up!


With these types of photos people can and will draw conclusions. Hence WHY WE DON'T PUBLISH THEM ON FACEBOOK. Looks like I am not the ONE who needs to grow up here. You can view my online photos and you will not see any that in any way make me look like a drunken hoochie mamma.


Really! You guys creeped on some girls Facebook to find photos of her. Where's Chris Hanson when you need him?

I am appalled that you would

I am appalled that you would post photos like this. It is outrageous to believe that someone sits around and bakes cookies every day ensuring that her every move is perfect because a camera could be around. This is the 21st century - where people have fun.

Social media allows us to share photos we have when we're having fun. Though people post them publicly, they are for friends and family. Ms. Daniels obviously was having fun in these photos.

And, by the way, what's wrong with posting a picture of kissing someone of the same sex? This is extremely homophobic and WWAY has NO right to post that in a demeaning manner. You are a pathetic excuse of a reporter and I hope you lose your job for this.

Finally, where is your attack toward liberals? Isn't this supposed to be politically neutral?


HOMOPHOBIC??? Are you kidding? How is it homophobic to show a compromising picture of a drunk chick burying her face between the breasts of another drunk chick? What is going to make you gay agenda supporters happy? Do all us normal people need to collectively apologize to you for being straight?

Wow! New low WWAY.

I'm not sure who's out finding stories like this but it looks like something out of a tabloid magazine. I don't really care what someone does in their private time as long as its not illegal and/or harming other people. I also thought that the media was supposed to be politically neutral much as Guest84 was. I'm not a Republican but some of the comments in the article are just a bit biased.

Lately the nature of the reporting has been a bit disappointing. While some of the things that have been brought to light are necessary a bit more tact or reserve in reporting them might go a long way with your audience. Especially the ones I see posting on here.

So she can't be political too?

Umm, TMZ, I mean WWAY, the tabloid voice of SE NC, what the heck is your point? So if you're under 30 and were a little wild during college you're not allowed to grow up, settle down, and be politically active? Have you vetted all your 18 year old "news reporters" who can't tell the difference between "lie" and "lay" and "you're" and "your"? He who is without sin, and all that...

Hope she and her girlfriend

Hope she and her girlfriend can get married in NC soon!!!!

Darn straight it makes her a great direct link with credibility!

Being a Republican and a conservative doesn't mean one doesn't enjoy life. Nothing is more wonderful than two beautiful young women engaging in a little Katy Perry style bar stool make out sessions. I'm not a Republican but after viewing those photos, I think I've found my new political party. I've visited the White House during four administrations and I can report that, without question, Republican administrations have far better looking women on the grounds. These ladies kissing and bumpin' and grindin' each makes me respect them more. The staff of WWAY can revere their, "hot" Democratic icons such as Rosie O'Donnell and Rachel Maddow - I'll support this Daniels chick and definitely want her as the direct link to my new party. When can she run for President? Giggity Giggity.

Who cares?

What is this, TMZ? How is this possibly newsworthy? I think it's time to go look for my local news elsewhere....I'm unimpressed with your inability to distinguish news from tabloid fodder.

You left out the most

You left out the most important part...where and when are those meetings? Thanks WWAY! (Scott...did you take those pictures?)

Nothing wrong with this.

I think the GOP needs more of this. Shows that it's members are actually human and not people that say one thing and do another. Just because she likes to have a good time and occasionally has a girlfriend? Perhaps posting this on facebook wasn't the best idea in the whole world but I don't quite think this is the same as the Weiner incident. I'm not sure if she is married or not, if she is, well then he is one lucky guy OR girl!

What is funny is that at the next NH County GOP meeting, she and another guy will be commenting on "using twitter" [according to the website they posted above]. Maybe she should speak more about facebook because I'm sure this will certainly get her a lot of attention. Its going to be real funny when her party tries to shun her from the spotlight or it's membership.

You are always welcome in the Democratic party if they kick you out. We seriously don't care what you do for fun. If not, and they choose to accept you its showing that the GOP is finally taking a progressive step in the right direction.


This sort of thing makes me just give up on politics and our society. I hope her parents are proud of her. She has so very much to learn about life.

I bet you had a lot to learn

I bet you had a lot to learn about life in your early 20's as well!!! I bet you partied a bit in your day, if not, shame on YOU!

Personally, I didn't know Republican's had this much fun, After seeing this I'm considering switching from "I" to "R"!!!

So what??????

She has a life. What's the big deal?

If this is the new face of

If this is the new face of the Republican party, you can count on there being a "R" by my name from here on out! Gives new meaning to political "party."

Now this is what I call a

Now this is what I call a real political party. Does she and her girlfriend show up to this? Count me in on the next one.

Party Time

I am really sorry that they did not invite me to their party.