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FIRST ON 3: 64-year-old Kure Beach commissioner arrested for having weed

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: 64-year-old Kure Beach commissioner arrested for having weed

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- A Kure Beach Town Commissioner has been charged with multiple narcotics charges, according to Kure Beach Police.

A Kure Beach police report says 64-year-old commissioner Barry Nelder had almost one gram of marijuana on him when an officer arrested him around 8 a.m. at Raleigh Avenue and Lake Park in Carolina Beach. He was also charged with posession of drug paraphernalia.

Mayor Dean Lambeth says Nelder is in his first term as a town commissioner and filed last month to run for re-election.

“Why in the world,” said Lambeth. “64 years old, why would you do something like that? it's a little distressing, because all of us took an oath to uphold the laws in North Carolina. No elected official in the state of North Carolina should be above the law.”

Kure Beach residents say it's ridiculous that an elected official would be involved in something like this at his age.

“A representative of the community should be upstanding and not a law breaker,” said Bill Bryan, a Kure Beach resident. "I am very surprised because Barry, who I’ve talked to several times and always respected his positions, but doing something this childish is uncalled for.”

“To me I think as you grow up, you put up childish things,” said Hugh Cannon, another resident of Kure Beach. “We should know better by that time. I’m 77 and I’ve never engaged in any of that.”

WWAY went to Nelder's house to see if he wanted to give his side of the story. He was in the residence but did not come to the door.

Mayor Lambeth says he spoke to Nelder after the arrest. He says Nelder apologized and wanted the other commissioners to be aware of his mistake.

“He has some explaining to do, especially to the citizens of Kure Beach,” said Lambeth.

Lambeth says the other commissioners will discuss what to do about the situation during a closed session at their next meeting on August 16th.

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Jim - we've been updating

Jim - we've been updating the story - which changes the time online.

We were definitely the first news outlet to break this story.

Everyone else learned about it from our website.

Thanks for checking in!


Scott Pickey
WWAY News Director

Check your facts


Congrats on getting the story in before everyone else. I suppose that's the name of the game in your business. Oh wait, I thought getting a story accurate was also part of your job. Too bad that wasn't a concern of your station. Do you realize Mr. Nelder drove himself to the police station? And that he was the one that pointed out to the officer that his tag was expired? The motive in this case is obvious from the tone of the comments of the mayor; it's political.


It doesn't take much to ruffle your feathers does it? I personally think you should not be allowed to post on here. If you guys can decide which persons post goes through and whos doesn't, but you are allowed to post what you want it isn't fair. I think it is a injustice that you get to make people feel stupid. I have read a lot of your posts on different stories and when someone disagrees with a reporters story here you come to defend them. But, When someone writes a response to a story that makes perfect sense on here it doesn't get through. You are allowed to put your personal option on here but not others. UNFAIR WWAY.

If I had to work with Dean Lambeth I would hit the pipe too

and then some!

Million dollar police budget.They got to have something to do!

The 1 Million Dollar police budget was probably on grandpa's list to cut. Then we have the big property tax snafu with the county sending out the wrong property tax bills.

this guy? smokes weed?

WHAT!? did his grandkids drop a pipe in the driveway from their car while they were here on vacation? Election season I guess.

HOW old is this guy?????

Nothing sillier than a geezer who still uses dope.


can'nt be. He likely thought it was some exotic plant for his yard.

Maybe he has glaucoma?

Maybe he has glaucoma?


Maybe it was for medicinal reasons?

Maybe it was for getting

Maybe it was for getting high "reasons"!!


it was..SO WHAT...our country would save BILLIONS stopping this stupid war on pot! ITS JUST POT...I don't smoke it and NEVER have...don't care if others light up though!

I guess our elected leaders

I guess our elected leaders get to choose which laws they follow. You stoners keep whining about pot being illegal but guess what, it is illegal.

fire it up

everyone would be a little more mellow yellow if they did