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UPDATE: Police release name of man who drowned in Waterford pond


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- Leland police have released the name of the man who drowned in a retention pond behind his house in the Waterford subdivision. His name was Bobby Braxton Pierce, Jr.

Around noon on Tuesday, an officer doing a welfare check found Pierce in the pond.

This is the second drowning in a week. On Friday, a homeless man was found dead in a retention pond behind the Lowe's Home Improvement store on College Road.

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And ultimately those costs will be passed from the homeowner's association to the homeowners in the form of "fees".

You gave an excellent example of why small fences are needed around retention ponds...which is what I stated after the 1st drowning and the 2nd. The homeowners may not like "the view" of the fence, but it will save a life AND save them from having to pay extra "fees" to the HOA's when they lose these lawsuits.


and you just gave a great example of why if you aren't willing to take some personal responsibility on your need to be dropped off into the state of California along with all liberals, a 100 foot electrified fence erected on its boarders, we could also erect one on the Pacific side so you don't drown....then the US would TRULY be a better place!


I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.


What a ridiculous thing to say! There are lakes, ponds and waterways all over Wilmington, not to mention the Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean. Are you going to sue God because he didn't set them up so you couldn't fall in?


He is not suggesting fencing in lakes, ponds, waterways, the Intracoastal and the Atlantic. That's YOUR interpretation.

He is saying that a small fence around a retention pond may save a life. This has happened twice now; it could happen again.

My goodness, if it can save even one life, why not? Accidents happen.

Retention Pond

Try this one. Perhaps this isn't a "retention" pond...rather it's a plain ol' pond (just because WWAY calls this a "retention pond doesn't make it so). Many of the water features found in Waterford as well as Magnolia Greens (and Brunswick Forest, and...) were created or enlarged as an enhancement to the area as well as a selling feature. People move to these areas because they want to be near water. I'm failry certain that if all of the ponds were fenced in, there would be plenty of those little "For Sale" signs hanging from below mailboxes.

I have a feeling

I have a feeling that if you wrote down every single thought you ever had, you would get an award for the shortest story ever.


Because we need Darwin to help us move some folks along. Like the guy that couldn't swim but went out on a float at Carolina Beach.


True.....but whatever it takes to save a life (however stupid they may be). It's still a life; although I realize that in today's world that doesn't mean much anymore.

Can't protect everybody

As many safety devices that have been put into place by manufactures, government and society, stupid people will try their hardest to defeat them. That is why we have warning labels on irons telling people to remove the article of clothing before attempting to iron it. Never underestimate the power of stupid.


"but whatever it takes to save a life" INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY HAS to come in's up to YOU not to do stupid things to put your life in danger to begin with!! If what you say is might as well kill yourself...people die getting out of bed...PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!! Burn yourself with HOT coffee...STUPID, go slap your mamma....drown because you went into the water and KNEW you couldn't swim...nature thinning out the gene pool! Getting plastered KNOWING you make stupid decisions...then make a stupid decision and get hurt...STUPID...SLAP YOURSELF!


Is it time for your medication or mine? I hear voices and even THEY don’t like you!


Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak.

I agree with you

I'm with you. That is my statement exactly. How many warning labels do we already have to warn stupid people not to do stupid things? The government is in the business of protecting stupid people from themselves. The heard is needing some thinning.

I suppose he gave people

I suppose he gave people credit for having enough sense to stay far enough away as not to fall in.

retention pond

Has anybody fallen into the retention pond at Eaton school on Gordon Road. I often wonder how long it will be before someone (the school children)fall into that pond.

Hi Jeri

Yes, we already have a protection plan in place. It's called the children's parents and common sense. Seriously? I often wonder how people like you survive in life.