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Berger reacts to controversy

READ MORE: Berger reacts to controversy

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY)-- New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger made headlines this week as reports surfaced that he may have tried to commit suicide. Berger has since denied those claims and accused police of wrongdoing.

New Hanover County Commissioners met Thursday for an agenda briefing at the New Hanover County Government Center. Following that meeting we got reaction from Berger about his controversial week.

County Commissioners will have another formal meeting Tuesday.

For our interview, please click on video icon.

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Brian Berger Video

I just watched your Thursday 6PM report on Brian Berger and was simply amazed by the conduct of the reporter who I believe was Cliff Pyron. I am not a Brian Berger fan, but at least he acted in a polite and courteous manner in answering the questions posed to him. The same cannot be said of Mr. Pyron's actions! First I do not think it was proper to go to County Commissioners meeting to interview someone about a personal matter. Mr Pyron seemed to lose it when Mr. Berger said he was owed an apology for the story that was reported about the incident at his home. For Mr. Pyron to say things like "are you calling me a liar", "why don't you man up" (several times), "you've always been a huge distraction this week" (which doesn't even make sense) and "you are the story this week (really?) is just beyond belief. How unprofessional and rude can you be in an attempt to getting a story? I think this reporter owes Mr. Berger and the whole WWAY TV3 viewing audience an apology on the air for his actions. WWAY should also reconsider whether Mr. Pyron is an asset or a liability if this is way he handles himself when someone questions a news story.

Good job WWAY, stay with it!

Berger is such a liar and unstable, he needs to be exposed because some folks are just so naive.

Even if he is a liar, no one

Even if he is a liar, no one deserves to be CHASED by a NEWS reporter. There is a time and a place for interviewing him. Attacking him after a meeting is going to a new low for a news station.

I don't think Mr. Berger is

I don't think Mr. Berger is a liar and I think for you to call him that is simply unfair. I do, however, think Mr. Berger does have some personal issues that he truly needs to deal with. I have mixed emotions about WWAY's reporter and how he was following Mr. Berger around like that. On the one hand I am empathetic towards Mr. Berger, he does have a valid point about his personal life being just that. However, I think his argument loses some of its merit when his personal life starts affecting how he performs his job as a commissioner. Whether he likes it or not he represents New Hanover County and how he conducts himself outside of his duties as a commissioner is a reflection on him and the county as well. That's simply part of being a politician. I did vote for Mr. Berger and I'm still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him the chance to be an effective leader. However, if his personal life continues to be such a distraction and he continues to seem a little off (my opinion, not meant to be insulting) then I won't be voting for him again. Come on Mr. Berger, you seem like a really nice guy, get it together and give me some really good reasons to vote for you again!

Wow it's naive folks as you two that give us Idiots like Berger!

Come on people, wake up! Berger and his cronies campaigned on transparency and truthfulness, we got neither. What we did get with Berger are lies, distractions and endless problems. The efficiency of our County Commission has no doubt been effected by this lunatic! Thank you again WWAY for helping to expose this issue so maybe something can be done to remedy it! Remember people, Berger was elected largely on hype, little was known about him until now....

I do believe that the county

I do believe that the county commission was pretty terrible before Mr. Berger came on board. Mr. Berger is not the one who made threats and offered to meet them out in the parking lot. Neither is he the one who said that you had no say-so in the Gravely expenditure unless you were a veteran. The fella obviously has issues that he needs to work out. As to how much his personal problems have affected his position as a commissioner, I don't know. I do know that the poor state of the county commission does not rest solely on his shoulders.

re: naive

This comment is comical.. I needed a good laugh. Sounds like a true democrat. You would think there has never been a democrat who has not been unethical or had personal problems. Unfortunately, all political parties have been a laughing stock at some point in time and to sound so "holier than thou" is laughable.

I do agree we need to be more informed about who we elect on both sides of the aisle. It's such as this that causes the public to lose faith in their elected officials, regardless of their party affiliation. I vote split ticket. Having said that, I don't have much faith in either party anymore. You don't have to be Republican to be a liar.


This man is obviously going through something. He is on antidepressants. WWAY should just leave him alone. It almost seems to me like you guys are harrassing him. Sometimes you can push someone just so far and with him being on the unstable side I would hate to hear that he actually does commit suicide or something stupid like that. I have lost someone close to me who committed suicide and Berger appears to show the signs of someone unstable enough. Why don't you just back off of him WWAY!


This man is a public official. If he is having these kinds of mental instability problems then WWAY is right to let the public know. There is no way this man should still be in office.


I agree with you but WWAY has let the public know. Now it is time to get him out of his position. That does not mean that WWAY should continue to harrass him. There is a difference between informing the public and harrassing an individual. (I am definitely not a Berger fan)

Brian Berger Video

You ought to be ashamed for harassing our county commissioner, Mr. Berger. Whatever his personal problems may be, they are none of your business. They are especially not for you to take advantage of just to get ratings. I am very disappointed with WWAY's tendency to go after sensationalism tactics. It is very unprofessional and in this case, very inhumane. That video was so nauseating, we had to change channels. How would you like to have a reporter and camera operator following you around at work and humiliating you while parading your personal problems for all the public to see and hear? How barbaric!

Brian Berger

I was watching your 6 pm news tonight and saw the way your reporter harassed Brian Berger. It was degrading watching the unprofessional conduct of one of your employees toward Brian Berger. I have never seen anything like this before and hope never to see it in the future. This is not reporting. This is pure harassment and I hope he sues you.

Too bad he's an ELECTED

Too bad he's an ELECTED OFFICIAL

You are correct. This just

You are correct. This just shows you WWAY can't report. How long must you beat a dead horse or in this case a dead story. I saw my neighbor the other day with a cut on his arm why don't you go see what was going on at his house too.