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Valuables stolen from Trask football players during game


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Football players from Heide Trask High School in Pender County lost the game against Ashley High School Friday night but also lost their goods.

According to the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office, they are investigating the theft that took place at Ashley High School during the football game.

Trask football players returned to their locker room to find many of their valuables; like shoes, wallets and iPods; missing.

New Hanover County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate. Stick with WWAY for developments to this story.

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Wonder why the locker rooms

Wonder why the locker rooms aren't LOCKED during the game time? They should be the only people who should be allowed in there are the ones playing on the field. This would have prevented this from happening in the first place. I know during training and our games the locker rooms are locked. I think our coaches tell the young men not to bring anything of value with them. The come straight from the the school to the field. Not that that matters but locking the doors would make sense. Have a custodian on hand to unlock them when needed. As for the police, they do have their hands full with kids who are NOT there to watch the game but to get their groove on with others and cause drama in fighting and just hanging out walking around the whole field and causing drama for the other team. I hope the young men this happened to at least get an apology from the school administrators and there should be some rule changes so this doesn't happen again.

This was a sad event that

This was a sad event that occured to the trask team, but it does not reflect the game whatsoever..if i am correct i believe that Penders field was recently destroyed by some beleived to be Trask people, so theyre not "saints" as being claimed to be


PHS field is believed to have been damaged by a PHS student. Then HTHS offered PHS the chance to play their home game at HTHS.

I agree that the police

I agree that the police should have been more aware, and obviously they weren't if the other team's valuables were stolen. However, you have absolutely no right to call Ashley High School rich stuck up punks.. Just because maybe one or two kids screwed up doesn't mean you put the whole school down. Ashley High is a pretty good school if you ask me. Sure, it was wrong. And yes, the sheriffs and school staff should have been more involved. But you don't have to trash talk our school just because its fairly new, we have money, and because we're "stuck up". Grow up.

so you DO agree?

:o) Check out ur last sentence..."we have money and because WE'RE "stuck up"" u DO agree...ur STUCK UP!!! I so agree with the post about u guys being arrogant...and per ur post, you do too!!! The school may b fine...but what about the people who attend???
A bunch of spoiled rich brats...if u want it...steal it! Right?

complain complain complain.....

I thought this was about "larceny"... not the football game! Give it a rest ppl, football is a ROUGH sport... There may have been unecessary things that happen, but if you kids cant take a few bumps and bruises then FORGET college ball. You want to complain about the sportsmanship of the game. GET OVER IT! This incident could have been done by kids that dont even go to Ashley high school. Why is society so quick to judge?! so sad these days! blame everyone else instead of realizing that maybe football isnt your childs sport! The deputies have a job to walk around the entire game, and stadium NOT necessarily just hte school. Before you ppl judge, why not get the facts? Im sure the Sheriffs dept is doing everything they can to find who has done this, and as for the game... Gesh ppl, get over it.. its football!!

There's a line between rough

There's a line between rough and dirty. The last two minutes of the game proved that. I'm sure the stats on penalty yards by Ashley, especially the number of personal fouls, prove that. Football is a rough game. The roughness is let go, its a part of the game. Playing dirty is against the rules, hence, the flags.

It is about the

It is about the larceny...but it also shows the CHARACTER of the school. I can't wait to hear what the video surveillance of the school shows. I was there this night and immediately I felt the arrogance in the air. We were not greeted nor welcomed, not even a smile. I do know for a fact that Ashley football players made inappropriate comments to Trask before the game. Hey, I LOVE football and understand that it is a tough sport...when u see "late" hits kinda ask yourself "what's their problem?"...One may tend to think it is POOR SPORTSMANSHIP!! I call it like I see it!!
And generally speaking...who else would go to a high school football game to raid the locker rooms??? More likely than not, it was a student or past student from one of the schools...and who else knows the layout of the "new school" better than one their OWN students??? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure WHO the sheriff's department needs to investigate...WHERE would you BEGIN to look...@ ASHLEY!!!


This is so sad! The young men from Heide Trask didn't deserve this! Especially after being treated so badly by a bunch of spoiled "city punks!" Some of these kids struggle to have what little bit they had taken from them. Ashley HS should be ashamed they couldn't be a better host school than that!

Insult to Injury

It was bad enough to witness these boys take cheap shots and late hits in the game from Coach Eanes' boys. Shame on Ashley officials and NHCSO for not ensuring the safety of the team's stuff on an away trip. And parents of AHS football players should be ashamed of how their sons were taught to play last night.

Kudos to Coach Sellers and his staff for what he's the character and hard work he's putting in at Trask.

"Coach" Eanes' boys....say

"Coach" Eanes' boys....say no more!! His reputation proceeds him, huh?

SHAME SHAME SHAME on the "screaming eagles"!!!!

New Hanover Sheriff's Office...SHAME on you, too!!

You are exactly right! Where

You are exactly right! Where were the officers when this crime was taking place? Once the first young man came out of the "locker room" stating their items were stolen, there were at least 4 deputies "on the scene" (maybe more)...I assume they were already there...WHAT were they doing prior? Watching the game? Chit chatting? They SHOULD'VE been doing their jobs!! They SHOULD be ashamed of themselves!!
It won't surprise me if nothing happens to anyone for this crime...The Titans should be able to file a claim against the "screaming eagles" and the NHC Sheriff's Office TO ENSURE this NEVER happens again!!

This was not surprising

This was not surprising considering all the personal fouls & unnecessary roughness penalties against the "screaming eagles" during the game. I was VERY disturbed as to how Ashley "played" the game. I commend the referee's for calling all they saw. There was lots they didn't see...that's NO WAY to play football. Another example, the Titans actually helped the Eagles up and the Eagles just walked over the Titans as opposed to helping them up. Not to mention all the "low blows"!! HOW CONCEITED AND POOR SPORTSMANSHIP?!?!
Tons of arrogance at this school!! Not PRIDE...which is what the TITANS have...way to go HTHS for an outstanding game...Hold your heads high!
I hope this investigation continues UNTIL those involved are identified and hopefully charged. This seems to be the character of the "screaming eagles"...Remember...this behavior shows the poor character of those involved... not only undisciplined, but THIEVES too!!