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ONLY ON 3: Commissioner Brian Berger renegs on interview, again; Says he's considering resigning

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Commissioner Brian Berger renegs on interview, again; Says he's considering resigning

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Twenty-five minutes before New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger was supposed to do a live interview here at the TV station, he called and pulled the plug. He called it a "postponement" not a "cancellation" even though he confirmed twice over the weekend that he would show up.

He did tell us on the phone, though, that he is considering resigning, but he needs to talk the other commissioners first.

New Hanover County Commission Chair Jonathan Barfield said over the phone that he hasn't talked to Berger yet but did leave him a message. He also said that he was a little surprised that Berger was considering a resignation but that "Brian needs to do what's best for Brian."

Berger also said Monday that he plans to go to the County Commission meeting Tuesday, and that he may talk about his future at that meeting.

Some think he just needs more time to sort out his personal life.

"If we're all asked to resign when we are a little bit unstable I don't think any of us would have jobs," said Anita Naughton, a New Hanover County resident. "Give him a chance. I don't see anything so critical in the county right now that he can't just take a little bit of time off to get himself together. If he can't then let him resign."

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Berger's eyes!

You can tell alot about a person by his eyes..check'em out!!

The Berger File:

That sure is the truth in this case.

Scott, how about a meaningful poll?

Instead of "Are you more scared of a snowstorm or a tornado," how about asking "Do you think that Commissioner Brian Berger should resign?"

I'd like to see how he handles the question, "Brain, our poll indicates that X percent of the respondents feel you should resign. What do you say to those people?"

All of you accusing WWAY of some heinous hounding or ulterior motive need to get a grasp on reality. Berger has made his own bed and WWAY is simply reporting facts. WWAY didn't carve up his arm. WWAY didn't send the police to his house for the third time this year. WWAY doesn't keep him from getting to meetings on time. WWAY didn't cut him off and force him to slam into that woman's car, and then not know if he was insured or not. WWAY didn't rip the handle off his girlfriend's car and throw it at her as she drove away.

Maybe you see nothing alarmingly wrong with a thirty-five year-old hacking at his arm with a razor and the quarterly visits by WPD, but the is no longer the man I want providing 20% of the leadership of this county's board. We need a RATIONAL, STABLE, MATURE individual in that seat.


Common, where in the world can we find a "RATIONAL, STABLE, MATURE" politician? From what I can see, all politicians are cast in the same mold. If it wasn't for giving up my priviledge to vote, I would have quit voting many years ago.

GuestLee, the answer to your question is...

Ricky Meeks. Yes, I know he ran for City Council not commissioner, but if you truly want one politician in this town who loves Wilmington and will always vote in her best interest, that's the guy. He will have my vote for anything he runs for in New Hanover County.
I will willingly admit that I watch and read all the Berger BS, with a mixture of amusement and shame, but only because I would never vote for a guy like that, and can't believe anyone else did. Someone else said it in their's all right there in his eyes.
I too am getting tired of a Berger diet, but he's serving himself up as the weekly special, and blaming the press for biting. The problem is, as appetizers go, there ain't enough cheese in the world to soak up all that whine!
Willing to go vegetarian in Wilmington ;)

No...they're all egotistical megalomaniacs, but....

...they're not all sitting around whittling on their arms with razor blades. They're not all involved in some puppy-love gone wild romance that involves the police on a regular basis.

Berger has destroyed his credibility, destroyed his standing in the community, and he needs to resign now. No one will ever vote for this man again, so he'll simply be marking time until the next election. Far better that he leave now and we get someone in there who can actually concentrate on the job rather than planning his next move in the game of "toxic-relationship chess"

Seems to be a common theme in politics

First RC Soles, and now this.

WWAY also didn't.....

WWAY also didn't send 140 text messages to an ex girlfriend with numerous claims of injuring himself, nor did they steal his notes and pass them to themselves, nor did they lie for him while claiming unemployment. This dude is a loose cannow. New Hanover County is about one more incident shy of making the national news and when that happens remember you heard it here first:)


Well said!

The Berger File:

A dollar, No, five dollars to a donut You won't see Mr. Berger for any live interview. Inevitably something is sure to come up. Maybe, just maybe He will show but if He does,it will be painful to watch. Interpretation will be needed. Rambling diatribe is hard to understand.

Good luck getting Berger to honor his agreement!

I hope the interview happens but he will probably chicken out!

Live interview?

You've got to be kidding!!! He will never make it there on time. If WWAY wants a live interview, I would suggest they go to Berger's house. Just make sure the guns and razors are secure.

Seriously stop being so

Seriously stop being so judgemental. You don't know what is going on in someone's life. And no this isn't Brian Berger. I don't even know who he is. I just got a link to his story on Facebook and decided to google him.

Brian Beger

If I were the Manager of WWAY I'd have the "Live" interview on a 3 second delay in case of a "tongue malfunction".... just sayin....

We know

We know you are saying because you took the time to post. No need to post you are just saying.


...just sayin' is a current figure of speach. Eveyone uses it


It's funny how Columbus County has RC and a Frog and they make up most all the news for there. They are a joke, but then New Hanover has Berger and he's an even bigger joke, but the scary part of it is that 31,846 people voted for this clown in New Hanover County, that's the total I found on your web pages, 31,846 people in your county voted for this clown, and most likely he didn't even vote for himself because he isn't smart enough to.
Well, as long as he doesn't kill himself and the state doesn't let RC marry Frog, no one can say that Bladen County is the joke of southeastern North Carolina, now can they?
Remember, if you think Berger is crazy, just think 31,846 other fools around you wanted him to run things in your county SCARY!!!!!!


Lets see...BCC you apparently weren't around when Berger first ran for office or you are a friend of an incumbent that lost his seat to him. No. You are just another late addition to the band wagon ride. When Mr. Berger ran for office he wasn't displaying mental instability. If every one were honest and look back they might be able to pinpoint when changes became very apparent. These instabilities are a recent manifest over the course of the few year or so. It is apparent that Mr. Berger is spiraling down a path that requires intervention and a diagnosis from DSM-IV. He does need to step down.

It is apparent you think your county is above lounging in a septic pool.

I am familiar with your good ole' boy (girl) club there in Bladen. Spent a lot of time out there in E-Town and lovely hunting grounds with the local locos, and attending church. You all do an outstanding job hiding each others skeletons. You have to. Because each of you have something you want to stay hidden isn't that right? Bubba? Or is it Bubbette? God forbid the Church finds out, or your spouse, or even your constituents.

To the Good Folks of Bladen I am sorry that you have to contend with less than admirable kin folk. To you BCC if you are not guilty of the above then don't take it personal. But, don't be trashing my county.

Uhmmmm ????

No I wasn't around your county when Berger first ran, been right here in good old Bladen for over 20 years, and while we have had some ups and downs, never have we had a joke pulled on us as a whole county like Berger did to NHC. It's hard to believe that someone like him, or the people behind him, could fool as many people as he (they) did in the election.
All I had to do was hear him talk, on the news of course, one time and I knew that he was a toy short of a happy meal and yet thousands of NHC people, most likely including you, voted for him.
After doing that you have to nerve to talk about skeletons, and call the people in Bladen that you spent time with "locos" and say that we "have to contend with less than admirable kin folk". If they were loco, then why were you up here with them, you are judged by the company that you keep.
Know this Uhmmm, I have voted in every election since 1975 and I mean every single one, 100% voting record, and never have I wasted my time voting for someone as bad as all of you did, I get my info before voting and study it hard and make the right decision when I vote, the biggest mistake most people make is always voting for someone new because they are upset with what they already have, but often that bites you in the butt.
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence only when it's got more BS in it.
What you all need to do is start a recall vote and replace this sick man so that you can move forward and not waste most of every meeting on him and his problems, I am sure your county has enough problems that need attention more so than him. Good Luck with getting him out of office. I like NHC and come shopping there several times a year, son is a grad of UNCW, and love PT's Grill. Good Luck.

Great Post, embarrassing but true!

I posted many times, before the election, that we should know more about Berger and his background but nobody seemed to care. He was elected via hype and lies from some of our local tea party folks.

Many of us simply voted against Ol' Rubber Stamp Bill

I would have voted for Daffy Duck if he was running against Caster....oh wait.....I obviously DID vote for Daffy Duck!

I apologized to the citizens of New Hanover County for my vote on the radio this morning. I don't screw up very often but this one is beyond embarrassing. I feel like Bush Senior when he's asked about the Souter nightmare.

That's OK

That's OK....I voted for I cancelled out your vote!

Don't insult Daffy

It wasn't Daffy running, it was Goofy!

He needs to go now!!!!

He needs to go now!!!! County has enough problems without this clown.

Two tragedies

We have had two really sad events in our town in the last few days. First, a young man jumped off the Second Street parking deck and killed himself. It is always sad to see a loss of life like that.

What is sadder still, is that few of us will ever know what this young man's demons were. Some of us have struggled with our own demons. If we knew him and had the chance, we would have told him this: "Problems are temporary, but death is final."

The other sad thing is that we have a local politician whose mind is obviously off the rails.

Both of these situations are attempts to get attention. We do non know how the second one is going to end up. It will probably not be good.

Some of his coharts down there on Council should have a serious heart to heart with this man.