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Wilmington calls in Florida company to help with storm debris


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The City of Wilmington had additional crews out again today to pick up the large amounts of yard debris left in the wake of Hurricane Irene.

This past weekend, crews finished picking up more than 900,000 pounds of debris left from just last Monday's pick-up route. That is more than nine times the normal amount of debris for the Monday pick-up.

Because of the large volume of debris, the city has decided to activate its storm debris pick-up contract. That will result in additional crews from a Florida-based company being in wilmington by late this week to help with the clean-up.

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To see some outrageous

To see some outrageous pictures of just how much the City has left to clean up, go here:

Quit it

You should quit trying to further your own political agenda by posting your propoganda website on this forum.

The city was trying its best to pick up storm debris on normal trash days, trying to save taxpayers money. When they realized they were picking up 9 times more debris than expected, they decided it was time to call in the debris removal company.

Give credit where credit is due. At least they aren't like the county, still sitting there twiddling their thumbs and wondering what to do next.

If you think the pictures on your website are bad, you should take a ride around MY the COUNTY.

Debris Removal

So with FEMA authorizing the debris, when can we expect the county to see their debris removed.


When pigs fly.....apparently.

By the time the county actually gets around to it, most people will have become disgusted and burned it themselves anyway. That's what most of my neighbors are doing because they don't want dead grass underneath or snakes attracted to their yards.

Why not local

Why are we not hiring a contractor from the State of North Carolina? Would it not make sense to keep our citizens of North Carolina employed and give them the money rather than another state? Or does one of the county commissioners or city councilman own a debris removal firm outside the State of North Carolina.


I imagine the reason why the city is not hiring a contractor from NC is because when they asked for bids, this company came in lower than the ones in NC.